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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Interested to read what you think Dave.

My experience on Bioshock was mixed.

I thought it was really atmospheric, darkly beautiful and unique and a really immersive, fully realised world. On the other hand I felt it was quite repetitive because of the setting, it was frustrating at times and there was a lot of backtracking along routes I’d been thru which I always feel is a bit of a gaming cheat to create a longer game.

I was glad when it was finished, but I did enjoy a lot of it. I found it very tense and I don’t know if that made me too anxious when I played it.

It’s definitely one of the tougher games I’ve played, it can be outright frantic at times - but it’s no Bloodbourne.


From memory, I think that was the case from the start, but they weren’t very reliable! Maybe they have been improved in the meantime.


That tension is something that actively attracts me to these kinds of games. :slight_smile:

The first time I played it I found it a bit needlessly grim, and the controls a bit clunky, especially when switching between your powers and your more conventional weapons. I don’t know if that’s been tweaked for the remaster but it doesn’t seem as much of an issue for me this time.

As for the grimness, I’m finding it a bit more darkly comedic and tongue-in-cheek this time around. Maybe I just had a sense-of-humour failure the first time!


Or you played it as a machine and this time have chosen to do something different.


Likely my next purchase when I decide to purchase a game again instead of borrowing it from the library. Bioshock Infinite is one of my favorite games. One of the few I enjoyed playing so much I went back and completed it on the hardest difficulty. I actually never played the second half of the DLC though. I didn’t feel that extension of the story was necessary, but appreciated the nostalgia factor it provided.


My copy of Zelda has apparently been delayed in the Easter postal-fuck.

This is annoying, and I could have probably just bought it from a shop by now, but I was assured by the online store that I would receive a copy in no less than 4 days. That was one week ago.

Now I won’t receive it til after Easter.

What this means is I will now have to throw a tantrum.


I’m sorry. No fair.

You don’t have to throw a tantrum but you can if it makes you feel better.

If it helps I have the perfect cure for tantrums.




I don’t want to disturb her. She’s finally sleeping. She’d send you pupsy cuddles otherwise.

Cuddles from me instead? Or should I sing you a lullaby? :slight_smile:





Best I can do from this side of the world:








We’ll all have had a rant at at least one of these:


I think you may have mentioned more than one. :slight_smile:


So I’ve made some good progress on Andromeda. Cleared out all the missions on the first and second planets. One of the bigger missions on Eos (the first planet) once it opens up is clearing a big Kett stronghold. Lots of fun.
The story advanced a big chunk in my last mission as well, the Kett are super wierd. They all should die. I have resolved to kill them all.

Up to now i am still not seeing the reason for all the hate. If you enjoyed previous mass effect games i see no reason you won’t enjoy this.

Biggest change is the combat, which is now pretty frantic and far more action oriented. The cover system is not great but the fact that the AI for the bad guys is fairly good, they will walk around the side of shit you hide behind and shoot you, and that many bad guys take advantage of the third dimension (up and down via jet packs) means you can’t just hunker down and pick them off. The up shot is that you need to be in near continuous motion to survive any serious encounter, moving from cover to cover while picking them off.

Most of the time it works, other times it is pretty harsh. I’ve walked into a couple of what should have been trivial skirmishes, made some initial bad decisions about positioning and movement through the field and as a result got totally nuked. Some people are going to find that annoying.


I just killed my first purple maned Lynel (the second tier strength ones) on Zelda and will definitely kill again. With my flamebreaker armour equipped, his fire breath barely touched me, so I was able to mostly dodge and hack. It dropped a “savage Lynel bow” which deals about 30 odd damage straight off, but fires five arrows simultaneously (while only using one). Definitely want to harvest a few of those and hopefully take down a white maned Lynel with one.


I had a rather excellent session on Zelda too, though not taking on Lynels - did kill a Molduga last night.

No, this go started off as a kill session for armour upgrades, with Electric Lizalfos as enemy no. 1. Got enough so decided to follow the road out of Gerudo Desert.

That led me to a new stables and a sidequest to save some guy’s friends, which turns out to be on this quite mad but equally brilliant high bridge structure that spans an entire canyon. Now high-level fighting can be a pain so the better solution? Bombs. Blow them off, let them go splat, pick up the spoils - yes, this works very well and is very funny. The design of the bridges was a masterpiece while being, due to the graphic effects, hellishly vertiginous.

Got the lot, got the reward - 300 rupees, a very fun quest indeed.

Got the armour upgrades I was after and noticed I now have Unshockable set bonus on the electric armour and Unfreezable on the cold armour, which is very cool. At some point I’m going to have to get into Goron territory but haven’t got the food prepared for flame resist.



Contrary to previous statements, I ended up nabbing the Fallout 4 DLC season pass because it was on special (75% off). Seemed like a good opportunity too, considering it’ll be at least a couple of days until Zelda arrives.


At that price, I don’t blame you!

I recommend having a fully tooled up Sentry Bot companion.