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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Just the ones I found more involving.

I don’t like the N64/PS1 generation as much as some people do.


Best gens:

  1. PS2/GameCube
  2. SNES/Genesis
  3. PS3/Wii
  4. PS1/N64

Although this gen has a chance to rise to #3 with another year of games. Jury is still out though.


Tried the Toukiden 2 demo, 'twas a mixed experience.

The first bit with the Brutebeast wasn’t great: WHAM! “Use Destroyer attack!” And that is? Oh, now you tell me huh?

Once I was in the village it got a lot better, though a killer difficulty spike in the Otherworld, coupled with its tendency to throw in tutorial boxes right in the middle of a damn boss fight near killed it.

Still, after that started playing around with armour and different weapons. The weapons training really irritated because it wasn’t really a chance to practice the feel, instead it was button combos for this and that and if you quit, it then throws in the insult of mission failed - the hell? It’s supposed to be a practice session you dumbnuts.

Where it got smarter was I was exploring the field, found a joint operation, joined it and the other Slayer hung around, that was smart.

Then worked my way through the missions and finally started to get a better grasp of the combat, though the Demon Hand stuff eludes me - seems pointless, pretty but that’s all. Taking all the limbs off a Manhunter as I killed it was fun.

One of the big surprises was that the companion AI seemed quite smart, I’m not used to that at all.

I don’t know, I wouldn’t pay full price for it but as a cheap buy in a few months? Maybe.


More Lego Dimensions this afternoon! Finally managed to complete Sonic Dimensions (the Sonic the Hedgehog add-on pack) with the kids - it has been one of our best gaming experiences together, very exciting and challenging for the children, and packed full of nostalgic and comedic touches designed to appeal to gamers of my generation. I loved it.

But I do feel like these things are starting to take over the living room…


We have had loads of fun with it.
We finished up the main story last week and are now doing the lego batman story pack.
I have a few other characters I would love to get, but storage is becoming an issue.


I know what you mean. I still have three Level Packs in boxes unopened, but I want to try and get through the main game a bit further rather than keep adding to the figures.

It is taking a lot of willpower to not open the Doctor Who one. :slight_smile:


Zelda probably hit 75% irritation, 25% satisfaction.

The 75%? Combination of enemies that can kill you in 1-2 hits, which was a stupid given a Hinox was doing a third of the damage, though in those fights I had far better armour, but even so, Talus and Hinox should be woussier than a normal Moblin. Managed to get scales off of Farosh, but the game went and erased one after I warped out of the pond, as it had slung the item to the far side of it.

It’d be hilarious to stick someone like Brian Cox on this game because there’s times when it’s physics are completely messed up.

On the other hand, despite all that kind of crap - Gerudo town being a case in point - I changed Link from veil to earrings, cue instant ‘bloke alert’. Also, they tell if you don’t wear the trousers, which makes no sense either, bunch of fascists - did about 5-6 shrines, a good few of those were Shrine Quests - one involving a vertiginous ascent in the Gerudo highlands using a bridge network. Have the lightning set armour and have 3 great fairies, not that I’ll be getting to the 4th any time soon. Killed a Talus and 2 Hinoxs, which was a surprise and did another of the labyrinths.


I am incredibly surprised and thrilled at the moment.

I’ve been looking for a copy of Chrono Trigger on the DS for a couple of months. The going rate is £25-30+, which is a bit more than I’d like to pay (£20 tops). The other day, I happened to spot that Momox had a copy on Amazon Marketplace for what worked out to less than a fiver including postage. Listed as “Used - Good” with no condition description. I’ve not had good experiences with Momox (ordered a two disc DVD once where one of the discs turned out to be something completely and obviously different), but I figured it was worth a punt. Worst case scenario, it’s a bootleg copy and I get my money back, or it’s a loose copy (maybe of the American version) and I have to do up a case for it.

It arrived today and, amazingly, it’s a legit, fully cased European copy of Chrono Trigger DS. With the manual even. I’m thrilled with it, obviously, but can’t understand why they would have listed it at a fraction of the going rate.


This weekend I finished a solo run of Bloodborne where I don’t summon help for bosses. I almost gave in on the last DLC boss, but once I beat him the last two bosses in the vanilla were an absolute cake walk.


Don’t overthink it - on stuff like this, sometimes you just get lucky.



Still playing Arkham Knight.

I just did this (assuming you mean the Cloudburst tank boss). It’s was a little bit frustrating but once I started paying attention to the radar HUD I got by it with little effort, just a rinse and repeat of hit and run tactics.

I have to admit the Batmobile driving was starting to fuck me right off. The fact is skittered all over the road and handled like a nightmare at high speeds was really getting to me. Then I had a sudden realisation - it makes perfect sense for that to be the case! You’re essentially driving a tank with a rocket strapped to the roof. Off course it’s going to handle like an utter pig!!! Once I kept that in mind I started having a lot more fun with it.


SimplyGames made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, so I’m trying this again.


It should be impossible for a Batman game to end up with me hating the Batmobile but that happened here.

Also hated the ‘radar’.

Albert should have been honest when asked what he thought of it: It’s shit, sir.

Now back to Zelda

Huh, how about that? 66 shrines done, a good few more found but not done, oh and I killed about 5 Hinox for 1 more set of Hinox Guts. Gits, oh well, got 2 of 3 of the soldier armour upgraded, will get the other eventually.

Just climbed a mountain, found a new and done the shrine that took me to 66 and looking out over a stunning vista.


To be honest I’m not sure what there is to hate. I only really used it during the boss mentioned above to check the enemy’s cone of vision. I gave it a quick glance during the “defend the bomb” sections but to used the incoming rocket paths to find the drones instead.


I tended to use the radar a fair bit during the street sections where you have to sneak up on the tanks and/or follow them round to get a shot at them. It worked ok for me, but I remember there being a few frustrations, especially when you were on a different elevation to the vehicles you were tracking.


I’m already getting on with Bioshock a lot better this time than I did on PS3. It’s very nicely designed and simple enough to appeal to my sensibilities. The remaster is very nicely done - it looks great for a last-gen game.


I didn’t hate the batmobile - I had much more fun with it once I realised that you never have to take your finger of accelerate, you can just brake and drift just about any corner.
As you say, the cloudburst was fine once I figured out the strategy - but I would not say it was enjoyable - it was a pretty cheap boss.

Have you done any of the AR challenges. The untouchable batmobile combat challenge is hilariously difficult to 3 star - it took me some serious effort, but once done I was basically a batmobile combat guru.


That. Also that Batman doesn’t a have Goddamn Bat-Street Map.


I don’t know if it’s a case of they patched it since it came out but the radar uses arrows to indicate enemies on different levels.

I’ve done a couple but found them pretty tough. I’ve two starred most of the ones I’ve done but only three starred one of them (the first Riddler race). I might try the Untouchable one because I don’t quite have enough misery in my life as it is already!