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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Gosh, that doesn’t sound S&M at all!


Logged a few more hours in Andromeda. Encountered the other new alien race and a new planet.
Overall I’m really quite enjoying it. Still miss the team.based combat, this is really a third person shooter now from a combat perspective not a tactical RPG.
The characters, story and universe are still very engaging though.
The collecting and harvesting has been dialled down from DA:I, thank the lord, and is now reasonable in the context of an RPG that is heavy on exploration.

Apparently an update dropped today with improved eye renders and lip sync

To be honest I have not been that bothered by it, but the new eye renders do look better based on the images. Will see what it looks like in game when the update downloads tomorrow.


So, I finished Fallout 4.

All my initial assessments still stand. It itsn’t leaps and bounds different from Fallout 3 in terms of gameplay but, clearly despite Bethesda’s best efforts, the Commonwealth isn’t nearly as compelling as the Capital Wasteland or New Vegas.

The storyline is pretty ambitious, but ultimately empty ( Does anyone playing this game actually even care if they have a son? ) and the elevation through any and all of the factions is super-duper forced. You can pretty much become the boss of any of them by doing a handful of missions over a couple of days.

The central philosophies of the different factions that ultimately put them in conflict, is interesting, but it isn’t taken nearly as far as it could have been, and I ended up Destroying the institute but leaving the other three factions to continue on. That ending seems to be pretty buggy though - as certain quests for the Brotherhood seem frozen and dialogue from the Railroad doesn’t match with what happened.

That’s probably the games biggest problem really - it’s almost two years on from release and this game is buggy as all hell. Shit gets frozen, quests don’t mesh-up and items and characters are easily knocked from their pathfinding routines. It’s annoying, and did I mention it’s almost two years from release? How does this stuff not get addressed at all?

It’s old code, and the interface is super clunky. Bethesda need to spend lest time creating assets for their world and more time actually making the experience of visiting that world seamless and intuitive. The game is fine, and there’s fun to be had here improving your character and using the VATS system - but it’s a game that plays like an artifact of old-school thinking, rather than something new and interesting.


So now that you’ve finished Fallout 4, are you heading to Hyrule next?


It hasn’t arrived yet as I had to order it online - the nearest stock being about 50kms from me.

I expect it will arrive sometime next week, which is fine, because I have things to get done between now and then and I can still mess about on Fallout 4 for a bit.


Well, good. That also leaves you more time to chat to us. :slight_smile:

50km is roughly there and back again to the nearest town that sells games. They call it a city, but it has delusions of grandeur.

I’ve been revisiting Majora’s Mask on 3DS. You can warp to specific hours now, and the save points are more forgiving which takes away some of the tension. First time around I remember it made me terribly anxious at certain points. It’s a gorgeously bonkers, quite melancholic game.


Im actually not well-versed in Zelda lore.

The only game I have played properly is Ocarina of Time, which, I of course, loved.

I’ve played a little bit of A Link to the Past and, I think, Link’s Awakening but that was a very long time ago.




No, probably not.

If I had unlimited time, maybe.

But I think realistically I can probably only manage 1 game per month.


You don’t need to be well-versed in Zelda lore although there are some fun Easter eggs to look out for. There is a lovely homage to Saturo Iwata in Breath of the Wild.

I loved Ocarina too much when I played it. I forgot to sleep for a day or so. I was very fond of my horsey who had a very original name which I have retained for any horse-related transport in videogames ever since.

I’ve played most of the instalments since Ocarina of Time. They’re all great. I’m looking forward to Breath of the Wild when I eventually get to play it.

Next week is Yooka-Laylee time.

I agree with Ben. I’d be surprised if you didn’t enjoy Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


Bet they make Xenoblade Chronicles digitally available on the Switch sooner or later.

Will have to try to find that homage.


Neither am I. BotW still works very well, which is part of the genius of it.

As for Fallout 4, I hated the way the main plot played out, the way you were basically railroaded into a big, less-than-well-written punch-up.

What I enjoyed far more was weapons and armour tinkering and building. So I can be walking through an irradiated hell or a blasted woodland and then suddenly there’s fully furnished house with power and heat that someone just plonked there.

Similarly, going to defend a well-armed settlement can be hilarious because you end up following the turret fire to find enemies, assuming they aren’t swiss cheesed to death by said turrets. I’ve a tower in one settlements with a 360 degree ring of 8 machine gun turrets. Attacks there are funny, unless it’s a load of bazooka-wielding Super Mutant Warlords…

The main plot was easily the weakest part of the it all in comparison. And really didn’t like the grenades mechanism, never got that to work.


Yeah - I just couldn’t get into that aspect of it - I ended up getting my Gun Nut, Science and Armorer perks up to rank 3, but I need to get to around level 40 before I raise them any further, and I’ve pretty much modded the weapons I’m using to the best that they can be.

The building settlement stuff just isn’t something I’m into. Kiel and I talked a bit about it upthread but, if I wanted to play a building sim, I would have bought a building sim.



IGN compiled a list of the top must own games on PS4.

Bloodborne was #2 ahead of Dark Souls 3 and Nioh.

Also just ahead of MGSV (#3) and Zero Dawn (#4).

No. #1 should be obvious to most people here.

Consequently Andromeda did not make the list.


When they’re right, they’re right!

HZD is the only game from that top 6 that I haven’t played yet; it’s on my list (partly also because of your recommendation). I just bought Dishonored 2 for $30, though, so that’s next.


Out of the 25 I’ve only played 10.

However, most are from the top 10 anyway.


Yeah, you definitely don’t need to know Zelda lore for this. In fact there isn’t really a Zelda lore to speak of, just a few recurring motifs.

I’m not as sold on Breath of the Wind as some. I feel like it tried to be both a Zelda game and an open world game, and didn’t quite succeed at being great at either. (Zelda games have always been fairly “open world” anyway). But I have played it a fair bit and enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ve progressed the main mission much but I love the degree to which it introduces verticality to Hyrule (really better than most open world games, thanks to how easy it is to traverse, and Link’s paraglider), and I love just poking around and finding different puzzles, terrain, and mysteries.

As Zelda games go, it’s fairly far down the list and somewhere in the middle of the pack, for me. Which still means it’s very good.


Where is Ocarina on your list?


Above Breath of the Wind but I think in the second tier, near the top. I don’t love it as much as some people do, but it is undeniably very good. I think it’s a generational thing: if you were born in the mid to late 70s then Link to the Past, SMB3 (or World), and FF4/5 are your iconic ones. If you were born in the early to mid 80s then Ocinara, Mario64 (or World), and FF7 are your iconic ones. But they are all pretty awesome.

I think the top top tier is Link to the Past, Skyward Sword and Wind Waker. And the original game, for what it is.

The next tier is Ocinara, Breath of the Wild, and Twilight Princess, for me.

These are all truly great games though. I don’t rate Zelda II or Majora’s Mask much, although everyone would agree they are very much the series outliers (and Majora has its fans).

For handheld, the top 3 is Minish Cap, Link Between Worlds, and Link’s Awakening.


Well - what makes too tier the top tier?