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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Let’s be clear here: I’m not talking of game irritation, where you’re irritated but you’ll still want another go.

No, I’m talking about those times when you get seriously hacked off and end up in a bad way. This is the kind of state where stupid things can happen, damaging things and I’ve at least gotten to the point where I can recognise them and stop things dead before it gets worse and the chances of bad things happening goes up quite a bit. I’ve pretty much decided that these should not happen, that once one turns up, it gets shut down.

(Compared to previously? Well, let’s see, it has, on a few times, years ago, probably a decade ago, before I mellowed a bit, ended with pieces of a game disc in a bin after being stabbed a few times with a steak knife!)

Once I’ve averted one of these, I would frankly have to be an idiot to even contemplate going back to that particular section. Trying it first time to see how I get on? That’s fine. Going back a second time after a really bad disaster? No. Not a good idea, not ever a good idea. If I know a section is going to have this kind of effect, I am going to avoid it once known.

On a lighter note though, I have definitely found that I’m better at 2D thinking versus 3D on games, now what or who does that render me as? :wink:




Think more sci-fi… :wink:


… Paper Mario?


While I think your ability to self-reflect and know your limits is really admirable, what you describe seems to be more of a personal occurrence then a universal one.

Games can be frusttating but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to the point where I feel like breaking something or punching a walk and so forth - I know people do though.

I think, maybe, this may be more anger management then anything else. It’s good you know how to identify your triggers and so forth BUT I have noticed sometimes you describe frustrating events in ways that others didn’t experience because they were using some mechanic you didn’t cotton on to? Is it possible that when you start to get frustrated your judgment is clouded and you miss things you may not have otherwise? This still also mean you may remember something as more vexatious then it is because your memory isolated only the frustrating parts.

I say this because, by all accounts it’s a great game that people love and I’d hate for you to miss things. I also think you should give some meditation a try!


Not from Venom Snake. :disappointed:
And besides, most of that was cassette tapes, you didn’t even see the faces.


Yeah but the motion capture stuff applies to any of the models - that’s why you see videos of people replacing Quiet dancing with Ocelot and all the facial stuff is still the same. It’s also why you can go as any Mother Base staff (including Venom) and all their movements and facial stuff is the same in all cut-scenes and on the helicopter.

We’ve talked before about how impressive an engine it is, and it really is - evidently it was ahead of it’s time by a long way.

I think the truth about Mass Effect is that modern AAA games use some of their budget to motion-capture EVERYTHING including random NPC interactions -that’s what Horizon Zero Dawn, MGSV and Witcher 3 did - it’s like filming a movie I guess - and it’s why the list of actors are so huge in the credits.

Games like Fallout 4, and I’m assuming Andromeda, still rely on a coded animation system, which I think is the real issue.


In the first several hours of the game, sure, but unless you’re specifically using rare ammo, you should be moving away from that by now. The perk for finding more ammo is useful, and you can basically turn sanctuary into an ammo farm by mass producing water and selling it to merchants you set up there, or trading for ammo. In my game I was making about 300 bottles of water per day in sanctuary, and it ended up feeling like a cheat.


Made a start on Arkham Knight a couple nights ago after 100%ing the main story in Arkham City and giving the Harley Quinn DLC a quick once over.

Initial AK thoughts: Looks nice. Map seems big. Batmobile bits aren’t anywhere as bad as had been previously made out.

My main complaint is how the story progresses. There’s a been few long cut scenes so far which have taken me out of gameplay for a shade longer than I’d like which is a bit of a nuisance. Main issue is with the radio dialogue. In the previous games this would happen in Batman’s earpiece leaving you free to swoop around the map but now you have to watch a silly little hologram video on his glove which 1) prevents you from said swooping and 2) doesn’t really make sense in-game either (it’s hardly stealthy and broadcasting Oracle’s face to everyone round about you doesn’t really do much for the whole secret identity thing).

It feels like the game is showing off a bit too much rather than just letting you get stuck in and play it. No sign of the Riddler trophies/puzzles yet which would offer a wee distraction. I might duck out of the main story for a bit to do the first Riddler side mission to see if that reveals his he map).


I will preface by saying that, contrary to some others, I loved Arkham Knight. It and Arkham City remain 2 of my favourite games. However even i will admit some of the batmobile combat stuff was, for lack of a better word, cheap. In particular there is a boss fight later on in the game that depends on it.

You do need to start the Riddler missions to see the trophies from what i remember. They are there though.


I just picked up the remastered Arkham games as Grainger Games was selling copies off cheap. At just over a tenner it’s hard to refuse, even if I did already play through both on PS3.


What a sorry bunch of nerds, the clue was ‘not a good 3D thinker’, clearly the answer was:


Oh definitely, can’t claim it to be otherwise - my default assumption is people will read my posts as opinion, well, in this area anyway. If we’re talking politics then it depends what mode I’m in - serious or mick-taker or combination of the two.

Easily. And in all likelihood, the game is probably acting more as catalyst rather than instigator.

Was considering this earlier as was reading Metro and there’s the gambling ads with the line ‘when the fun stops, stop’ - is kind of applicable to games.

And I would still say it deserves the praise, it did take a good bit of nerve for Nintendo to depart so much from the way Zelda games have been. I’m sort of wondering if they did, in the end, rush it a bit to get it out because there’s been times when sections like this seem to be at odds with the more open-ended nature of the game. In most cases, there’s more than one way to get somewhere but there’s times when the game clearly wants you to do it this one way.

Then again, I’ve probably racked up over 40 hours on this thing in less than a month, that’s a form of testimony to it being very good. But equally, spend that long on a game and some of the shine does come off. It is quite smart too at directing you away from the flaws or weaknesses - it can’t match PS4 in sheer graphics, so the graphic style is used to level that up combined with smart world design and it really works.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I now think flight is one of those mechanics, like swimming, that games try, but find difficult to nail completely. Nintendo managed to crack it for 3D platforming, but you can’t have the shadow point of reference for where you are in flight. XCX had a bit of success with this, but it fell apart on a big boss fight due to the distances involved - nearer the ground it was fine, only at high altitude did it hit its limit. For Zelda, using it for straight trips is great, anything more than tends to fall apart for me.

Games are trying to do more and more, so it’s probably not always going to work out. Going to be interesting to see how ME:A’s jet pack mechanic works in this respect.




Belated thanks for this - not that I was in the right state of mind to appreciate it last night - just over 24 hours later, as, feeling quite a lot calmer and deciding to adopt a different tack of treating it as training level rather bastard boss battle, I gave it another go.

The updraft effect is quite weird, it’s been described as infinite stamina which isn’t quite accurate - I can see why the term is used but it doesn’t quite fit. Nonetheless, I did get my head around it and restore the dragon, which was quite cool. It was quite odd that a huge bastard dragon can disappear on you, but once I found it for the last hit was actually able to do it.

Did a handful more shrines and both were actually quite smart, one being electricity based and the other wind based - no, not Blazing Saddles style! One was also one I tried to find the other day but couldn’t due to a sandstorm so nailing that one was quite satisfying.

Got an expanded inventory due to finding Hestu again and got Climbing Boots upgraded.

So, as the Daily Log informs me that in under a month I’ve racked up 49 hours 10 minutes - yeah, I’ve got my money’s worth here all right, overall?

Overall, it’s very good indeed. Negatives? I’d class them as eclipses, why? Well, consider the nature of an eclipse - the Moon blocks the Sun, a body many, many times its size, but in an eclipse all you see is the Moon. They are, in comparative terms, very small but seem far bigger at the time.

In terms of world design, it’s quite superb because they actually made the regions distinct, the woods and forests of one part of Hyrule will be distinctly different from another, while possessing a measure of design consistency. The soundtrack remains wonderfully subtle too.

The strangest thing about it is that it’s easily the hardest game I’ve played in ages, with more deaths than I can count, yet I’m still playing it. (Although playing it when tired and stressed is not a good idea!)


I had an awesome few hours on Zelda today.

It started out with the intent of dragon-hunting, but turns out when you want them, you can’t find them them! Yes indeed, a big bastard dragon is a no-show. Oh well, another time for that then.

First, did a number of shrines and every single one was actually a smart puzzle where you could observe and work out the solution.

Second, I got into Gerudo Town! I’m surprised it hasn’t been slagged by the anti-SJW brigade for it requires Link be cross-dresser! Oh yes. Quite funny, utterly useless as armour, but for getting into and out of town it works.

Third, got some new gear and upgraded some clothing.

Finally and best of all - I killed a Guardian. A real one, one that has legs and chases you while intent on barbecuing you to death by laser. Got targeted, saw it was mobile, well shit, then remembered I was in a forest. So went for it. I used a couple of trees to block its laser hits while taking out its legs one by one! Once it was immobilised, a tree acted as shield for me to pepper it to death.

A short while later - another one turned up, so legged it for some nearby trees, started on ripping its legs off. Got it immobilised and it still has about 50% health so: Hey, what happens if I hit it with an Ancient Arrow? In a word: BOOM. Quite, quite excellent.

They’re still absolute bastards, they still can kill me in 2-3 hits if I’m not careful, but they can now die too.


So, I’ve been waiting for a sale on Civilization VI for a long time, and finally just gave it in and bought it at the full price.

So far, I’m really not enjoying it. Maybe the inevitable huge expansion packs will change some of what I don’t like, but it seems more complex, with less info, and less excitement.


I’m at the point now where, sufficiently tooled up, I can confidently hunt Guardians for parts, which is quite pleasing. I found a nest of about a dozen of them earlier though, which did tax me. I didn’t die, but did have to go off to restock halfway in, desperately hoping I wouldn’t fall foul of a blood moon.


I really expected to lose that first fight, then I found I’d hacked off one of the legs and it suddenly dawns on: Hey, I might actually kill this bastard - so back to dismemberment it was!