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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Go try it out, once you’ve done it once, it’ll make more sense.


geez Ben - speak English!!!


Go give it a go!

Is that Auzzie enough for ya?


Caw blimey cool ya jets cobber you don’t haveta tell me twice…


Aussie, not Dick Van Dyke.




Wouldn’t that be cobbles?

I don’t care what it is. I like the sound of it. :slight_smile:


Cobber is Dick-Van-Dyke speak for this:


Cobber is old Australian slang for “acquaintence”


(I know, I was making a joke.)


That’s a peeler.

Can I be your cobber?


I will have no more of these jokes.

This isn’t a “comedy” service dispensery.


I’m certain whenever a game has “optional” stuff the quality control goes out the window.

I have not the words for how shit the Mt Lanaryu dragon fight was. In the end I just loaded an old save and didn’t bother with it. Yes, they took what should have been an epic fight with a dragon and completely fucked it up.

How? I had 52 arrows, by the time I decided it was too shit to complete I was down to 30 and only had 2 hits out of over 20. Why? Because it fucks with your sense of distance, you’d think you have a good shot - nope, out of range. This one? No, dragon moves too fast. The first hit is easy because its not flying around but after that? And every damn time it flies off somewhere else and you can’t get to it.

Whatever fuckwit came up with this ought to hang their head in shame forever.

Combined with a hidden shrine that renders your shrine sensor completely fucking useless, tonight’s go has been utter crap from start to finish.

Well, not quite, did get Gerudo Tower and completed the Hyrule map but after that it was all down to shitedom.

Also blocks any means of upgrading some armour as it requires you shooting pieces off dragons and I’m unlikely to be doing that now. Fucking idiots.


Clocked a couple more hours on Andromeda today. I’m still rather lamenting the loss of the power wheel.
I understand why they did it, in order to make combat more flowing and action oriented, but it is just crippling having access to only 3 powers, and the profiles system is not a substitute. Clunky to set up and switching between profiles mid battle is far more jarring than the old power wheel.

What is a big bonus to combat is the new vertical dimension the game has. Rather than poking out my head I can now jet straight up and hover for a few seconds, allowing me to see over enemy cover and chuck out my awesome biotics.


Sounds like that might be a benefit for me, as I found that clunky and hard to use in the ME trilogy. More often than not I just went back to shooting everyone.


I did that dragon fight yesterday and loved it. Did you not notice the updrafts and winds? They’ll carry you to where the dragon goes and let you shoot from the air.


Nothing worked, nothing was fun, it was absolutely fucking horrible to play. I don’t see any way I’ll enjoy this section - sure, maybe those drafts will work, if I gave it another go - highly unlikely, as what I expect is I’ll try to shoot it, the distance will be fucked, it’ll erase my stamina instantly and smack me into the ground instead.

I’ve sold games that did the kind of crap Zelda pulled tonight, which isn’t good.

Fortunately I like the rest of the gameworld and everything else enough that this doesn’t matter too much.


The game didn’t really pull any crap though, you just didn’t get/understand the puzzle properly. It’s incredibly generous with keeping you aloft so you can hit the dragon.


It pulled all kinds of crap on the perception of distance, arrow trajectory and speed, but in any case, this is academic as I’m not doing it, I’m not going back to that - I did not end up in a good way and I will not repeat that kind of experience.

(You might as well try to convince me to give another go to the Riddler tracks of Arkham Knight - also shite.)

The big games having entire sections I don’t do isn’t new, these’ll just be the Zelda version of it, along with the various combat trials. Even Witcher 3? Yep, screw the races and Gwent.


Classic Ben!