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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Don’t insult Alan Moore by associating him with that! :wink:


Interesting article about what goes into animation in games, and why expecting facial animations like Uncharted in a game like Andromeda is unrealistic.


Play Horizon: Zero Dawn. The facial animations are better than Uncharted and it’s a goddamned huge open world!


Had a very mixed go on Zelda tonight.

Started off with irritating shrines, ones that started off OK and then did dumb crap at the end or even from the start in one where it turns out Stasis suddenly had this massive range that I’ve pretty certain it didn’t have before.

Did Tabantha Tower, after it let me shoot the Ganon eye goop, that opened the door there. Ridgeland Tower was irritating as whichever direction you go, the wind is against which seems a total cheat. Turns out you can blow up a pillar and use that to climb the tower combined with ice block bridges. What irks on some of these is its not always clear as to what you can and cannot change in the game environment - most times bombs do not change rocks, so its only in specific instances.

Things improved due to getting Yellow ChuChu jelly to upgrade some clothing, but turns out Gerudo desert has a section that screws your map completely, up to and including blocking fast travel - so legged it out of there. Did do a quite cool (and scary as fuck) bridge section up a cliffside on the way to Ridgeland Tower, it was quite brilliant but also vertigo-inducing.

Also managed to get Hebra Tower, which is in a cold environment and then found the Rito Village, which meant I could get cold armour, which has been upgraded to Level 1. Next will be Level 2. Also have Stasis upgraded and am up to 13 hearts, which opens the door to the Master Sword quest, if I can but get to it.

So, it ended very positively despite less than great beginnings. (One shrine towards the end was actually logical, that was a big shock.) Think I’ve one tower left to get, if I can.


It’s not really.about the size of the world, it’s about the number of lines of dialogue and also the difference between a pretty rendered and customizable character.
Apparently Andromeda has the same number of dialogue lines as ME2 and 3 combined. That’s a lot of talking heads.



All I’m saying is Witcher 3 had a lot of dialogue and looked pretty goid. So does HZD and it looks even better. Even MGSV had tons of dialogue and the facial animations were great - and that was almost 3 years ago.

There are new standards now.


None of those have customizable faces though.

In skimming through YouTube yesterday I saw a video about how MEA clearly made all the women ugly because SJW think everyone is beautiful, even ugly women. That seems like it’s the most likely answer.


MGSV definitely does - it’s an entire plot point.



Fine, none of them have player customizable faces.


Yes they do.


Fine, I’ll customize your face… with my fist!


Why are you so mean to me Rory!

I only want to help :cry:


You like it when I’m mean. :kissing_heart:


In other news I had a pretty meaty Fallout 4 session.

I don’t know.

Its okay - it just feels dated. It keeps a lot of the flaws of Fallout 3 like loading times etc.


Weapon modding and scrapping is your friend in terms of firepower and resources for building.


I haven’t modded a weapon yet.

Anything to do with benches hasn’t become my friend yet.

I did a fairly lengthy quest which ended with an appearance of the Brotherhood of Steels airship. That’s how far I’m at.

edit: just out of interest. I’m finding myself running out of ammo and switching to different weapons all the time. Is that normal?


You really should - if you’ve the resources it sends the firepower and other attributes way up, the same is true for armour.

At the start, when you’ve got bugger all? Yep and it’s a pain, but it gets better, especially when your ammo hits harder due to better weaponry.


I actually don’t know how. Ditto with how the power armory works. Are these things I should be dealing with at this stage? (Just killed Kellogg )


It isn’t really that clear, nor does the game give much indications of the benefits:

  • Go to Weapons/Armour workbench, select Craft.
  • Choose item to mod.
  • Those mods you have the resources for will be highlighted
  • Choose to tinker with various aspects, with stats changing as you do.

I’ve a Blue Suit max modded up to armour of about 110 by this method, along with a shotgun that does 182 damage.

You can also mod Legendary weapons/armour too.


I understood 50% of that post.