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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


It’s also resolution too, the old games weren’t designed for HDTV.


Right you are.


Thanks Tim
Your write up makes me think Horizon may actually be worth a look.
There are a few games ahead of it on the list to play, but i may look it up later in the year.

I have Andromeda coming Thursday. Some of the media around the animation has been pretty grim, but we’ll see.

Fingers crossed.


Two goes on Zelda today:

  • The first had an irritating shrine where I did exactly what I was supposed to but still got killed because the game decided to vanish my metal boulder after first making it insubstantial. Bastard. On the next attempt it actually stuck to its own rules and that was that.

  • Managed to get Eldin Tower, which involved traversing a canyon path, dodging boulders while exploding Red ChuChus. Then had to get high enough to get onto the tower - hell of a view, as it gives you the Death Mountain region and, in this game, it lives up to its name all right. Also, as part of that route I took out two 240HP Bokoblins, which was a first.

  • Second go was surprisingly good - got to a shrine and did it, was actually a logical and fun one for once. Got to another shrine that was on the top, no joke, this massive fucking pillar. Link just pulled off the climb part as I glided onto it. Got inside the shrine to be told I’d done well just getting in - cue freebie Spirit Orb! So I’m up to 9 hearts, you need 4 for a heart / stamina upgrade, got 2 orbs right now and have done 26 shrines, far better than I thought I’d do.

  • Took out two sidequests too while progressing another - do need to find a way of restocking the arrow supply, but that’ll wait until tomorrow.

Overall? I’ve got a third of the map unlocked, it looks amazing and is absolutely massive, just the pieces I’ve got so far. There’s still more to go. I figure I’ve racked up over 20 hours and I’ve barely touched the main quest!


I really enjoyed it and wasn’t expecting to like it so much.

It’s hard to put my finger on exactly why but I think all the different machines and tools at your disposal are pretty neat.

Like, for example you can use pneumatic air to blow off a machines big cannon and pick it up and use it on them, or you can tie them down with a certain weapon, and poison them so they go crazy and attack everything, or you can sneak up and reprogram them to be your buddy. And so on and so forth.


The description of the multiplayer system ultimately sold me. I won’t go into detail, but am disappointed in how the romance subplots are handled, it’s one of the reasons I buy Bioware games, but the multiplayer sounds like great fun and with the goodies from the pre-order, I look forward to having some of the premium toons to subdue the galaxy with.


Played a little bit of Fallout 4 - it looks quite nice with the resolution and texture boost on the PS4 Pro but it’s still a huuuuuge graphical step-down from Horizon Zero Dawn.

Played through the intro (made my character look just like me which was nice, although my kid ended up black because I chose a black-persons facial type - that, or Nora has been sleeping with the mailman).

Got stuck with the Deathclaw outside the museum because I’d run out of ammo and had to use a boatload of strategy to take it down - god that was chore. This is the downside of the persistent autosave function,

Loaded a few Mods like “simplegreen” to see what they’d look like - it’s okay, I guess, but all that foliage doesn’t work in a post-apocalypse.

Anyway - I found it pretty dull to be honest - I devoured Fallout 3 and New Vegas and they were giant time-sucks for me, but I’m just not really that interested in spending time in this world anymore - so we’ll see.


I lasted just a few hours on Fallout 4 before realising it wasn’t for me. I just found it very dull as you say. I appreciate the sophistication of a game like that, and I found some of the humour amusing, but it just wasn’t enjoyable to play.


Oh, the Mods have gone active? Will have to take a look.

Yep, I can’t see it ever beating HZD on the graphics front. Although, did you have a rad storm turn up? Because that does let the game show off some smart graphics.

I wouldn’t say the main fun in F4 is the gameworld, whch is a depressing, nuked hell, but rather VATS killing enemies - shooting a Raider’s leg off in slow-motion or the never going out fashion shotgun decapitation / head explosion. Of course, all of that’s easier to do with a modded to the max weapon.


Yeah, @RonnieM has activated fully and assumed his final form. Not only does he pass the turing test, I’m told he’s also spent the last three day writing every critic who left a negative review of Batman V Superman, urging them to reconsider.


I’ve decided to axe the ME:A pre-order.

Doesn’t mean I won’t get to it at some point, just not now and not for £42.

The overall sense I get from the reviews is it might not be for me, but that also Witcher 3 remains top dog.


ME:A, I’ve been watching some videos on the youtube and I don’t get the feeling it’s nearly as good as the first two games in the series, on any level. :confused:


Despite what was said about the last, last section - ME3 really had some killer monents and pay-offs.


I agree, but I don’t think that the game was as immersive as the other two. They are a tier above, in my book. :wink:


It’s getting, on average, scores of 7.

General consensus seems to be its basically the same game from ten years ago but with some bugs and a handful of new features.

That probably wouldn’t be a problem with most other franchises - but “more of the same” shouldn’t really be something you hear in the context of Mass Effect.


It also sounds like rather than do what they did on the bulk of DA:I and render the planets interesting, they’ve instead gone for big voids of expanse. Now DA:I has one of those and, compared to other zones, it was crap, certainly not the example to follow.

Worse is that in a world where we now have W3: WH (+DLC), Z:HD and TLoZ:BotW is that kind of lackng design will only detract more from the game. People are going to look at this and not unreasonably go: They had five years and did this? It sounds like Bioware’s competitors have gotten ahead but they’re not that interested in catching up.


I never played Dragon’s Age 2 or 3. It was always my intention, but I never got around to it - and given the benefit of hindsight I probably never will.

I’ve thought long and hard about buying a Switch just for Zelda - or alternatively getting a Wii U just for Zelda. I just can’t justify that much money for one game - even one so highly rated as this. I may change my mind, but I doubt it.

I’ve still got my eye on a couple of up-coming releases: Dark Souls GOTY edition, Prey, Tekken 7, Farpoint. - perhaps Bloodborne will be my next purchase.


There was a major jump from 2 to 3 in terms of the areas you explored. DA2 really got a kicking for re-using game assets so for 3 they really tried not to do that and succeeded.

One of the things that was impressive in 3 is you attack a castle, kill all the bandits then take it over! Often you get these massive forts as a reward. (Now if you could do something with them, that’d be cooler, but maybe DA4 will do that.)

One thing to consider - Wii U is 100% backwards compatible with Wii and the duo has the Virtual Console access to loads of older games too. Combine that with the fact old tech ends up going far cheaper once new tech is out and that the Wii U wasn’t a success and they might be going very cheap in a few months, sufficiently so to justify getting one + Zelda, Bayonetta 2, Zelda: Wind Waker HD and XCX (plus XC digitally).


Yeah - I thought about that. It’s actually pretty hard to buy a Wii U these days - I had a look, and there are a couple going pre-owned on Amazon and Ebay for cheap.

Even still, I’m not entirely sure it’s worth it - by the time I finish Fallout 4 I can probably pick up something else to keep me going and before long Zelda may be forgotten.

I’m not sure though … a game this well-reviewed probably comes along once every couple of years. I just find it so hard to justify buying an entirely new console for.


The only factor I can see with waiting on the Wii U is that with the GameCube disc of Zelda: Twilight Princess, it disappeared quick!

Not surprising, as Nintendo were focused on the Wii. No way to know if that’ll happen on the Wii U copy of the new Zelda, depends how many discs are made befre it ceases.

Wouldn’t blame Nintendo for assuming less interest in the Wii U now Switch is out too.