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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Yes they are.
The worst by far is the one from the top of the crane down through the joker mouth. Took me forever.


Another fun session - I’m playing this far too much:

  • Got another tower, the map is now looking quite something.
  • Did another shrine, so now up to 7 hearts.
  • Been using enemies for dodge technique practice, still not quite got the hang of targeting due to it having to be maintained manually
  • Yoga Clan are good practice but rely too much on camera feckery and breaking any target lock.
  • New enemies - walking rocks that are immune to most weapons, running, placing a remote bomb and detonating when close is very effective.
  • Took out my first Wizzrobe, got an Ice Rod.
  • Also decked quite a few Lizalfos.
  • Game remains quite beautiful at times.
  • Met Prince Sidon, got the quest to Zora's Domain.


This is the one that caused me grief first time around. I was hopeful I’d nail it quicker this time around.

“Augmented reality training started.”

“Augmented reality training failed.”

“Augmented reality training started.”

“Augmented reality training failed.”

“Augmented reality training started.”

“Augmented reality training failed.”




20 min later "Right, that’s enough just walk away… "

“Augmented reality training started.”

“Augmented reality training failed.”

turns console off and sulks


Yup. Sounds familiar.
I think there must be pretty much one trajectory that works as you pull up from the drop.
Fortunately the ones in knight were much easier, though knight had other frustrations.


Commie Calamity Ganon hate Bourgeois Link.

Bourgeois Link is now homeowner, Ganon hates that.


So I’m basically near the end-game of Zero Dawn, or at least in the final third.

The story starts to get surprisingly inventive around this point as more and more history of the world is revealed.

It’s the type of thing you don’t want spoiled - but the post-apocalyptic narrative isn’t cliched at all, and although it’s a bit tropey with robots and tribes and cults, but the way that history is handled is surprising ingenious - the developers seem to have been pretty aware that there would be people trying to predict the twist and there are lots of red-herrings along the way, so when the curtani is mostly pulled back it’s sort of genuinely pleasing to know it’s not the type of thing that’s easily predicted.

It’s not like a Shymalan twist or anything, but it’s quite clever - the history of the world is given to you in stages which are a little info-dumpy, but the ones closer to the end of the story which reveal more and more about what happened are pretty good, to be honest.


One of the things that’s quite clever with Zelda is that you have this stunningly beautiful game world, but at the same time? It is grim.

In a way, though it have doesn’t corpse-strewn battlefields, littered with the wreckage of war or corrupt maniac rulers, that Ganon is in the position he is in in the new Zelda matches Witcher 3 easily. Even if you take out Ganon in this game, he’ll be back again, you can’t even permanently kill the fucker - in contrast Geralt’s enemies when dead mostly stay dead.

It’s a quite fascinating combination.


Me and my son did the scooby doo level in Lego dimensions this morning. The graphical switch to cell shared cartoon style is really very well done.


A real mixed bag today on Zelda:

  • Went and tried to get Woodland Tower, took on a Wizzrobe and the bastard went called on an infinite fire storm - that move ought to be goddamn finite, but no - then hid beneath a platform where I couldn’t get him in mid-air. Cheating fucker. Went and found another to get the tower, but still want to do that fucker over.
  • The big irritation today was the amount of times I’d be climbing and it starts raining. Worse, storms, the amount of thunderstorms the weather system spawned was beyond a joke, storms are supposed to be rare not fucking sequential.
  • The game has a quite brutal method of hemming you in - it simply slings up enemies that can kill in 1-2 hits while having enough HP to take out most of your weapons. Up to 150-200 you might be OK, after that you’ll probably be screwed.
  • Did a combat trial, doubt I’ll be doing many more, never mind the harder ones.
  • Managed to do a load of puzzle ones, including those of total arse that involve motion control and really bad physics. The bulk of the puzzle came across as things that would only be fun to those who enjoy cryptic crosswords, a shrine with an actual logic you could work out and then execute was rare.
  • Akkala Tower. Akkala fucking Tower. Died about 5 times due to flying bastard Guardians, until I worked out I could climb it instead after getting past the first one. At the top, more game feckery, eventually got past and got the bastard tower.
  • Still when it wasn’t doing its best impression of Wales (rain, lots of it), the game did look very pretty - the approach to the Akkala Tech Lab being a case in point.


Ill finish Horizon Zero Dawn tonight.

The game would be quite easy to platinum at this point if I were so inclined - I’ve maxed out my level and acquired all skills and finished all the hunting lodges and side quests. At this point all I need to do is to get all the collectibles (which you can buy maps for) and finish the game - there’s no trophy for difficulty levels.

Oddlly, though, one of the things that you don’t get a trophy for is maxing out your ammo pouches. I can see why though, because the final upgrade for one of the weapons is to get “Goose Skin” - there’s a small hunting mechanic which means you can hunt a handful of live animals like Fish, Rats, Boar, Turkey, Foxes and Racoons which all drop bones as rare items and skin as very rare items. You see Geese like once every ten hours so it’s a little bit of a “lol” at the player by the developers to make “Goose Skin” a collectible, I guess. I’ve seen online people going on Goose Skin hunts for hours and coming up empty.

It’s worth noting that the game becomes much easy if you dedicate yourself to getting the best equipment at the start, and overlevelling - it seems to be almost designed that way - playing the quests at the recommended level is quite challenging but, the game is also super generous with it’s experience upgrades so I found myself ten or so levels above the main quest recommendations just by doing some sidequests and stuff. The final quest in the game recommends level 35 (and I’m at level 50 which is the max) so I suspect this is something the developers had in mind - the recommended level is like the “base” level you would be expected to complete a quest at.


How many hours went in to your run?


I’m going to pre-order Mass Effect Andromeda later today and get it downloading for the 21st. I wasn’t exactly sold on the pre-game buzz, but I’ve still been playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and I wished that I had gotten in early on that for some of the achievements.

So I’m going to buy the uber pre-order with all of the multiplayer goodies and probably not play the story immediately and play the multiplayer missions which will hopefully be kinetic and fun like ME3 multiplayer and not dragging and tedious like Dragon Age: Inquisition 's multiplayer.


I just finished it then - but the game-clock last I looked was at around 50 hours. This seems to be more than what most people played it, but I really enjoyed it and feel like I could have explored a lot more. I played this game ALOT over the last two weeks - at least a couple of hours everyday. It didn’t really click with me until about 10-15 hours in, and that has nothing to do with the story, it’s just at that point the world really opens up and you get access to a lot of the higher end equipment which allows you to do some of the cooler stuff. I also didn’t want it to end so I made sure I did basically everything I could, save for the collectibles, before I took on the last mission.

If it has videogame parents it’s Tomb Raider and Witcher 3 - I would say it’s a must have for a PS4 owner.

Storywise it’s actually really good - but for at least the first half you think it’s all world-design and no story, but then pieces start to fall into place and the whole world’s history becomes really compelling.

It’s not without it’s faults, but it ranks highly as a PS4 game for me - I enjoyed it more than Uncharted 4.

EDIT: I’ll also say this for my experience. I feel the game is designed to hook you in with the gameplay mechanics in the first out and slowly tease out all the things you can do. For the second half what keeps you going is the main questline reveals. It probably didn’t play like this for everyone, but as soon as the best equipment appeared at the merchants I made sure I could afford it, and as soon as I could clear all the Longnecks and Cauldrons I did that.

By the end of the game you pretty much have a set strategy for dealing with the bigger (huger) machines which involve using different stages of ammo and attacks - that probably is the game’s biggest downside: that you can formulate a basically unstoppable strategy for anything with your arsenal, as long as you have enough health and resources. That’s probably fair enough if you’ve maxed out everything, though, I guess.


Honestly, buying a PS4 has been a mixed bag for me. It’s disappointing as a multimedia player, which I guess was a price-lowering tactic on the part Sony, since they shall never forget the initial backlash to the PS3 and its extortionate price tag at launch. But this thing doesn’t even play CD’s!
The next issue is something I’m interested to see if anyone else has encountered, which is the Internet connection (or lack thereof). My PS4 is sat exactly where my PS3 used to (and was always fine), but it barely connects to the Internet. I understand that downloads slow it down significantly, but I haven’t been able to load up YouTube this past week, which is a major problem considering I used my PS3 to watch Netflix. The Playstation Store is often quite unresponsive too (if it manages to load), which doesn’t help. Have any of you noticed this?
What about the games then? Well, what I’ve played I have enjoyed but I just haven’t put enough time into them. It’s probably a “it’s me, not you” situation because I love the Uncharted games but I got halfway through 4 and haven’t touched it in over a month. I’ve only played FFXV once since I got it, which I really need to get into. Battlefront has been fun playing online with friends but I bought a faulty headset and that’s a game which is really elevated by that sort of chat function. The same goes for Worms.
Honestly, the game that I’ve enjoyed the most has been Gravity Rush (funny, considering it’s a Vita port), which really won me over with its charming characters and fun mechanics. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’ll definitely get the sequel.
So I’m not entirely disappointed, but considering I waited so long to jump into this generation, I am a bit surprised by some of the problems I’ve found.

Tl, dr - PS4 problems, go buy Gravity Rush. :wink:


I haven’t experienced either the internet or the download issues you describe - though, on downloads, if it’s trying to download a pile of data across multiple files simultaneously, choose one and pause the rest, it’ll go much faster.

Yeah, the lack of CD does irritate but that’s what the PS3 is in part for, so not a deal breaker for me.

The big difference in games, from what I can tell, in going from PS3 to PS4 is those big limitations that used to block most games - size of areas and verticality, along with the intricacy of towns and dungeons - are gone and it has far more impact than you’d think.


Kind of in the same boat here. Did I need a ps4? No. Was it a cheap black Friday deal? Yes. Has my gaming experience been better than the ps3? Nope.

I only really bought it to play star wars battlefront online with my buddies but recently it’s been unplayable due to Internet issues. Oh well. I went feel too bad if it just ends up gathering dust. My megadrive provides a much better gaming experience anyway.


So, Mass Effect Andromeda hits next week, right? Great.

Chances of my actually playing it and dropping Zelda? Errrrr…

Well, so long as you’ve a suitable TV to play it on, one that say still takes a SCART lead for instance…


No worries there!


Surely you’d be able to get a SCART to HDMI converter cable no bother. I’d be very surprised if you couldn’t.


I was all set to pre order it, but the last few days I’ve seen a lot of rather negative articles. And the fact the review embargo dosent lift until the day before the American release dosent fill me with positivity.

If the reviews aren’t good, I’ll probably just pick up Horizon instead.