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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I barely crafted a thing in the 100 hours I played the game and the DLCs. One or two potions for particularly tough enemies, that was it.


White Raffard gives you a 33% instant health refill, Golden Oriole is poison immunity. I didn’t use many, but those two? Oh yeah.


It depends how you play it. If you focus on Alchemy you can pretty much make yourself invincible as long as you keep your potions stocked.

In other news HZD is awesmazigreatgoodtastic.

It’s sort of the type of game that impressed you with its impressive development every moment that its sort of hard to review - it’d take a thesis.

Lance Reddick appears as a main character (Remember him?) and I’m sort of delving into the story now - i’m going to reserve judgment 'til the end because it’s the kind of thing which could subvert expectations, so we’ll see.


Get Lorcan to play it.


Lorcan play this game please.


Yeah I barely did any crafting either and frankly don’t get the fascination with crafting in games in general.

Witches feels very much like an RPG at first, but once you get the lay of the land it’s basically as much or as little of an RPG as you want it to be.


It’s the ultimate Role Playing Game then!


That’s good to hear. I definitely plan to give it a decent chunk of time before deciding whether it’s for me.


Big tip: When you get a new quest, always check the log for the recommended level.


In all fairness, I struggle to see how it’s anything but an RPG (serious, I’m not just being contrary) - it seemed like it’d got all the trappings of an RPG and plays like one.

That said, it’s more action oriented then the RPGs of old, but that’s standard in the post Mass Effect world.


It’s also important to decide whether you prefer redheads or brunettes.


And blondes.

Back to genre classifications, I think we’re going to see some of these collapse with the new tech enabling far more in terms of what games can be. Turn-based combat systems, which tends to be part of what a RPG is seen as, were in part due to tech restrictions that are no longer in place. It used to be developers had to choose between developing an action system or charcter development, now they don’t, which makes development far more complex but the final output far dee[er and satisfying.

At the same time there’ll always be a place for a dedicated, well done genre game e.g Doom / Bulletstorm, Burnout, but games are no longer restricted to being just one.


I think it depends on the principle design mechanic - you can have an RPG with hacknslash combat or a stealth game in FPS or a Gta game with racing but the dedicated genre games will always do those principal mechanics better


I’ll second the somewhat dislike of RPG’s but for me is more the size of them. I particularly dislike open world games. Fall out, GTA, ugh. Hold my hand and tell me where to go! Linear baby!


There’s an element of that, definitely. Fallout was not for me at all, but there’s enough structure to the GTA games that the large maps don’t intimidate me. Plus, exploring them is just so much fun in a way that isn’t true of many games.


Today’s Zelda accomplishments:

  • I killed my first Guardian! Yeah, yeah, of course it was a fixed position one, with a wall between me and it and I pot-shotted it to death by arrows, but a win is a win where those bastards are concerned.

  • Ah, but why try and take it out at all? To climb Central Tower! I got 3/4 of the way, gone thruogh a stamina boost, avoided two other Guardian lasers and it started raining, Link just made it to the top!

  • Did a Shrine of Total Arse - 75% was logical and smart, the other 25% involved a GamePad motion control that was rubbish because its physics simply didn’t work and the other puzzle required using Stasis, but in a way it had never been indicated to operate so previously. So yeah, that was irritating.

  • Then did some random fights, saved some travelers from monster attacks and it sounds like I’m getting a reputation for doing this, got some free food!


Well, Witcher 3 probably has the best realised world of any game I’ve played.

Horizon Zero Dawn might just pip it but probably not.


I’m some days behind your recaps, but it was great reading your RE7 experiences. I love the game so much, I considered going the VR route just for that game alone. But I’m also really frugal and I talked myself out of it. I’ve heard your thoughts echoed by others who tried to play RE7 regularly after playing the VR version. I can say that without the VR experience, the game is still horrifying, pulse pounding, and lots of cursing outbursts will still be had, lol. But yeah… you have to pick your experience version and stick with it all the way through.


It’s probably evident this was one of the best video-gaming experiences I’ve had - I really tried not to spoil things, but doing stuff like Running from Jack in the main house or dealing with Eveline’s creepy halucination on the ship was really powerful stuff in VR. I think Margueritte got the most jump-scares but also presented the least challenging part, and Lucas section was by far the weakest in the game.

One good thing about VR was aiming was a little easier, considering it was basically where you looked.


Batman: Arkham City… Christ, these augmented reality checkpoint missions are still a right pain in the tits.