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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Quick, someone get me the picture of the curly haired man aggressively pointing at the viewer with his mouth open.


Is good but not exactly a vital, must play game. Same mechanics as The New Order but doesn’t have the same emotional backbone to it in terms of story. Short in terms of playthorough time. It was good in that respect as I used it as a wee “palate cleanser” between a couple big, open world games.


I actually loved the first Demons Souls but those games have the steepest learning curve I’ve seen.

The trick, as with all RPGs, is to overlevel.

This is also the way to go with HZD.


There’s something about HZD that’s keeping me from buying it. I don’t know how appealing it is to fight those mecha beasts with a bow and arrow. Plus, from the reviews I saw it seems more weighted to action than RPGs such as Witcher 3, which are more about the story and he characters.


It definitely is, but there’s a lot of Witcher DNA in there.

There’s actually tons of different weaponry and ammo types - which are mostly all available from early on - and you end up using them all in your encounters as you learn what works best.

I’ve been enjoying over-riding and corrupting beasts lately to make them fight each other.

I said earlier that the characterization is the weakest part. There’s no one here as nuanced as Yennifer for example. It’s such a glaring shame because the world otherwise is a triumph of imagination.


I made a start on Arkham City thus evening after completing Arkham Asylum last night. The combat definitely flows much better and there’s plenty of goons wandering the streets begging to be beaten up so that’s and win-win in my book! Completed Asylum in 12 hours. Reckon I’ll be spending a decent bit longer than that on City.


Yeah, I agree it’d be a good one for him.

Just done more Zelda - decked two more Yiga Clan gits. Went and got revenge on a Bokoblin nest that had killed me before.

More importantly, I now have two new sidequests, including the Hylian Homeowner one.


Witcher 3 is really only an RPG if you want it to be.


Yeah - it’s also a virtual dating game.


And a card game without a narrative. Like Yu-Gi-Oh, but for older teens.


I really ended up liking Gwent, and was so confident I went into the Tourney in Blood and Wine only to lose to the final dude.

Bastard dwarf.


People frequently do runs of those games with no leveling. It’s all about learning the opponent you’re fighting and not button mashing, but being strategic and patient. The combat is really incredible.


Yeah - I don’t think you can play those games without having good dexterity and knowing what the enemies are like. I couldn’t imagine button mashing your way through. With that said, having an over-levelled character does mean you can put away enemies much quicker, and so the game becomes less of a threat.


Oh yeah, definitely. Not as much patience is needed if you’re chucking the health a lot more. Some people will spend 20 hours trying to solo a boss and will summon help way before that.


I do like that there’s a community of die-hard masters out there - you see the same thing popping up with things like Street Fighter, and to a lesser extent Call of Duty.

There are people who live and breathe the souls games and know the mechanics and timing of things so well.

It’d be sad, but it’s actually very impressive.


I guess it depends how you define RPG I guess. I bought it yesterday and had a quick first hour on it last night and it feels pretty RPG-y to me.

Looks lovely though, and is slightly more accessible than I expected, so we’ll see how it goes for now.


What is it about RPGs you don’t like? I think the leveling in Witcher 3 is fairly organic and unobtrusive and buying gear isn’t that finicky or complicated. I don’t think it’s that much more RPG-y than a GTA game in that sense.

(Though there is talking. Lots and lots of talking)


Witcher 3 is definitely an RPG.

It’s probably leaning into the realm of “Action-RPG” but it’s definitely an RPG.

That said, even Doom had some RPG elements to it, so, that “improve your character” thing is pretty pervasive these days.


I guess I just find a lot of the trappings boring. Conversation trees, juggling a large inventory of items, trading, crafting, levelling up… It all feels like stuff that gets in the way of a game for me, rather than being stuff that’s enjoyable in its own right. Managing it all isn’t a satisfying challenge to me, and doesn’t give me a great sense of depth either, it just feels like a hassle.

Some of those elements have certainly found their way into other games that I’ve enjoyed (GTA, Doom, The Last of Us etc.) but they’re usually pretty basic and you can more or less ignore them for the most part without it affecting the game too much.

I’m not 100% set against RPGs in general or those individual elements specifically, it just doesn’t tend to be stuff that gets me excited about a game.

Anyway, I’m staying open-minded about Witcher 3 so far as there’s a fair amount to enjoy: it looks beautiful, the story is relatively interesting (at this early stage) and the combat system seems like it’ll be pretty decent once I’ve mastered it (and maybe reassigned some of the controls!).


Crafting in Witcher is quite a bit smarter than most in terms of the oils, potions, bombs in that once you create it, you don’t have to re-do it to restock.

Recommended potions to create are: White Raffard and Golden Oriole.

Bombs? Well, everyone wants bombs don’t they?