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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


This is what happens when you’ve played the new Zelda for too long:

  • I take out the lookout with arrows and get up onto his perch, roll a bomb to the group and blow it out, that takes probably 2 of them or renders them so weak as to be one hit kills, get spoils and open the chest.
  • See, I’m now looking at those skull Bokoblin hide-outs figuring that I just need to sneak climb up onto one of them, drop a bomb, get to cover and then detonate. It’s good odds there’s an explosive barrel or two, only need one to go up to set off the others… It’s not even fighting them, it’s total explosive extermination and then I just walk in and grab all the stuff!
  • Shrines vary from being irritating to ingeniously clever, generally more the latter than the former - a shrine was surrounded by spikes, so I iced a pillar and jumped over them, then instead was a water based puzzle that I did with a combination of ice/bombs.
  • Oh yeah, the new Great Fairy? It’s fair to say Link got an eyeful!

The audio-visual aspects remain very impressive, it’s one thing to have a massive game world, quite another to have a massive and well-designed one. The ‘getting distracted by the so very pretty scenery’ factor comes into play a lot, even in driving rain.


When I come up to these hideouts I shoot the rope holding the lantern in the eye socket. It falls and sets off the explosives.


I tried that first, got it but no boom, perhaps not accurate enough? So went for explosives as plan B.

It is quite nuts setting off a flame holocaust, either in a hideout or on a plateau.


I have a bit of store credit after getting rid of a few games recently, so I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? I haven’t got a huge amount, but enough to pick up one or two slightly older games.

I’m particularly looking at the following:

Witcher 3 - RPGs aren’t usually my thing, but this has been so widely praised that I feel like I should at least check it out.

The Order: 1886 - I know this was slated when it came out, but the short campaign isn’t really a problem for me, and I quite like the idea of a decent narrative adventure in a fantastical steampunk world.

Dishonored - I never played this on PS3 but (similarly to The Order) the world of the game seems interesting and it looks like it offers something a bit different.

Battlefield: Hardline - I haven’t played any of the Battlefield games but this is cheap in my local shop and I wondered whether it was worth a shot.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - Still haven’t finished the first game, but again this is on offer so I might grab it for completeness.

With the amount of credit I have, I can probably get two of the list (except Witcher which would probably require it all). I’d be looking at the solo campaigns only as I don’t really do multiplayer. Any opinions on these (or any other recommendations)?


Witcher 3, no contest.

(There’s only one downside, it’ll wreck a lot of other games for you.)


I thought you might say that. :slight_smile:



What, again? :smiley:


Oh, snap! I didn’t realize that you’d already played it. I got shit mixed up. It’s my thing. :wink:


I’m totally addicted to Zero Dawn.

Everyone would love it

I just tied down a Godzilla sized robot and then reprogrammed it to fight another Godzilla sized robot

It was awesome.


Did you shoot the lantern itself, or the rope?


Lantern I think, so it has to be the rope?


Yeah, hitting the rope drops the lantern and sets off the kaboom.


Am I really the only person on the forum to play Hearthstone? I dare not believe it!


Did that tonight - very satisfying. Also, got some fire arrows, sneaked up behind a couple of enemies, shot the explosive barrel, that was that!

Also took out a load on a platform then realised you get up there by shooting the drawbridge down.

Those, however, are by the by, the big lesson of today’s playing?

Today’s lesson - This game has the scariest thunderstorms you will ever see in a game, they are goddamn scary - a masterpiece of graphics and sound in every respect.


I started playing Bloodborne again. I platinumed vanilla, but I never finished the DLC. I’ve also always wanted to do a proper play through where I don’t summon help for bosses. I’m having a great time playing it again. It continues to be one of my all time favorites.


Nice one. I can’t believe more people don’t try Bloodborne given how good it is (@TMasters cough)


Well, for some us, its reputation really does precede it!


Bloodborne is on the dial - but I’ve already got a backlog.


It’s very hard, no question, and not for everyone. But Doom was hard, too! Plus, Tim especially seems to be pretty good at gaming and I doubt it’d be as much of a challenge for him as others.

My solution was to grind away and over level. Even after playing games for 30 years, I’m not great at it, so I remorselessly level up until I’m comfortable. It can get a bit repetitive while I’m doing it, but BB (and Dark Souls in general) is such a great experience that it’s worth it.

But some games just flummox me – I couldn’t make it through the first Bayonetta on normal! But then on easy it was far too simple and no challenge at all. And I played Doom on easy after about halfway but mostly because I was bored.