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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Open world Tomb Raider is the most accurate depiction I can think of - it doesn’t really deal with how she takes on enemies - but it pretty much covers how she moves around the world, collects and makes shit - also it looks like TR.


It’s probably closer to a 1080 degree flip by now! Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever played the GCN version properly.

Did you ever play Killzone 2 or 3 on PS3? They can give a good indicator of how Guerilla works.


Yeah - the Guerrilla Games DNA is in this. Mostly noticeable in boss fights.

Ben, at this stage it doesn’t feel like the game for you - BUT I’m playing on Normal and there is an Easy mode (select from the start though). I found Normal on KZ to be pretty challenging too.


I don’t think I’ve played any of their games. :confused:
Do they have characters and stories or are they more like ciphers?



KZ is pure fps.

HZD is an RPG though.


You don’t play Killzone 2 for the story, you play for the sheer sense of mind-numbing terror that if you move at the wrong moment the armoured bastard Helgast that’s out there will machine gun your arse into swiss cheese!

Now that makes it sound like steath, but it’s not, just really accurate on the firepower of advanced future weaponry - you do not survive going full guns blazing into an enemy onslaught. You do survive by knowing where you are, where they are, what weapons they have and deploying strategy in how you shoot them all dead.


I was tempted but I didn’t think there was enough difference to warrant getting the HD version of Twilight Princess. I think you get an extra dungeon for Wolf Link. You probably need the amiibo for it.

It’s a fantastic game. I know the second screen integration works the same way as with Wind Waker.


If you were to buy a Wii U now you could get Twilight and Skyward due to backwards compatibility, Wind Waker HD, and Breath. It’s a great deal. Those are all awesome.


I loved Skyward Sword and Wind Waker HD was gorgeous on the Wii U. I didn’t think Twilight looked all that different visually. Is it worthwhile if only for that?


No, I guess not. I’d like to replay that one. I liked it but I don’t recall it as favorably as others.

Skyward Sword is my second favorite after Link to the Past.


One of the tech details I only recently picked up on, where remasters are concerned, is the change in screen size.

So if you take a game designed to be ran at 540 and try playing it on 1080 resolution, without any modifying, it likely won’t look pretty. So, one of the remaster pieces of work is changing the graphics to work on 720/1080 screen without any noticeable adverse effects.

If it’s done well, a game might look much the same while being ran on a screen double the resolution of what it was originally designed for.


Why don’t I have cake :cry:



I’ve been watching my wife play it on the Wii U and was surprised when I realised that it wasn’t a feature.


Spent half the day with Cim playing Megaman 2.5D.

So many times today I’ve wanted to shoot my face off. Thank god his gamepad isn’t wireless, it would’ve been defenestrated just after lunch.

I love this game. But it’s a challenge.


So, I’m a decent bit into my playthrough of the Xbox One version of Arkham Asylum (just entered the sewers to hunt down Killer Croc) and though I’m enjoying it I’m not hugely wild about it. Combat is generally good but there’s not really enough of it when you’re wandering from place to place - I’d like more gangs of goons scattered about to beat up. Movement is a bit clunky at times too. Stuff like positioning yourself for Riddler’s hidden question mark puzzles can be a bit fiddly as can any tight turn and jump sections (there was one bit in the basement/sewers which involved climbing a crumbling tower had one awkward bit that sticks in memory). I am still enjoying it these little niggles aside. I am loving how wonderfully stereotypical the non-superpowered inmates. I know I shouldn’t like it but it is great fun being jumped by whooping lunatics only to know them to the ground with a short tap to the chin before giving them a swift kerb stomp to put them down for good.



… Great fun in general, or great fun in video-games?


There was a definite improvement between asylum and city in terms of control responsiveness and combat flow.


Tales of Zelda…

The Magnetism trial is quite smart, in that you have a laser shooting mini-octopus and you use a metal block to both block its shots and beat it up! The bomb trial was more straight-forward - blow shit up.

Talking of bombs, like in previous games, do not get caught in the blast! Dropped a bomb, thought I was out of range just about - wrong. Only time I’ve died on the Great Plateau and it’s due to a self-inflicted Darwin Award worthy exit.

Have duffed up a few camps, got loads of weapons and this morning, finally cracked cooking - yes, I used the Internet, the game doesn’t really give you much in the way of indications for this key component. Can now consider venturing onto icy slopes armed with cooked super-Chilli.

Have also been updating the map and that’s quite nifty too, with various pins you can stick in it so allowing for a customised map, with fast travel points.

There’s also something quite excellent about beating a walking dead skeleton with the severed arm of his mate who you just killed.


That’s what I thought was going to be the case. I think I will jump right into City after Asylum to get a decent picture of the changes / improvements.