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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I have to warn you also this Zelda game is very homoerotic, what with all these phallic towers rising from the ground and dripping stalactites giving you power and Link wearing low-rise trousers and me refusing to put a shirt on him.


But then again, there are all those treasure chests.

You could at least have let Link wear his Switch t-shirt, Robert.


He’s fine!


Why …


This is seriously the last time I’m posting in a thread about video-games. There’s always some kind of tangent into posting photos of shirtless cartoon boys.


Poor Link. You could at least lend him a cosy flannel shirt.

Drink a fairy, Link! You’ll feel much better.


Heh. For once I’m completely innocent.


Then @garjones would say he should be fat and playing a guitar!


Brian Fallon wears flannel shirts. Never did him any harm. He is pretty good with a guitar though.


Anyone who doubts my love for shirtless Link should know that this was arguably my favorite comic book as a kid (don’t judge):



Gay Elf Party ?


Have you made the jump Ben?

I’m seriously considering it. I’m torn between the VR and Resi 7 and the Switch. I wanted the VR in time for my Xmas break from work and couldn’t get one, so now I’m not sure when is get the chance to play it, the kids are the age now where they are just fucking relentless.

With the switch I can play while commuting and when the kids or wife are watching tv.

But there’s only 2 games I’m interested i at this point and that’s zelda and skyrim.

Does anyone know if there will be a back catalogue of old classics? What I’d give to play even the old tomb raiders or gta’s. But I realise if anything it would probably be their propriety stuff.


I should point out that the VR is quite an investment for what’s going to be a short experience.

Resi 7 isn’t a long game, it’s about 10 hours, so even playing it in short bursts you can finish it in a week or so (I haven’t yet but I’m probably halfway through and have played it for 3 days). You also need to consider that you don’t just need the VR kit, but the PS Camera too, and you need a decent pair of headphones to go with it, otherwise the experience won’t feel complete - the pair that’s meant to go with the PSVR is about 100 bucks or so.

So, all up, you really need to get the PSVR, the game, headphones and a camera to get everything you need - and, if you’re like me, you’ll probably want to get a charging stand for the headset so it actually has somewhere to sit, so it can be quite an investment - particularly when there’s so little really good stuff to play on it right now.

In related news, I just had a go of RE7 in non-VR mode and it’s a different experience - way more subdued and everything is crisper, but the sense of threat isn’t as ever-present. Pretty bizarre when you think it’s for intents and purposes the same experience, just on a tv screen instead of in front of your face.


Thanks Tim

I’ve got quality headphones, so it would be camera, VR unit, game - which will probably still be about £400 which is stil a big outlay.

I’m in 2 minds about the short duration as I’m pretty limited to time it could turn out to be a positive in a sense.


That may be a fair-point then.

Most VR games are fairly short (about 3 hours) and there’s very few very good ones. RE7 is the best, and you may want to think about Batman VR too.

The recommended headset does come with two-headphone plugs - one for the games sound and one for the controller sound (as the controller has a speaker) but very few games use that speaker and none of the VR games I’ve come across, so it’s probably a negligible point. It does “fit” with the visor though, so a bulkier pair of headphones might not be as comfortable, but again, I’m sure it’s a minor point.

There’s a few things to think about - you will very likely sweat, this is just because you wearing an enclosed helmet pretty much, which means that the goggles will initially fog up - it usually takes me about 5 minutes of cleaning the fogged up glasses before I can use it properly. This is partly because Australia is a hot climate, and partly because I have some fatty tissue on my face, but mostly it’s just an unfortunate side-effect of the apparatus.

There is a very real possibility of motion sickness - I am not really susceptible to it, but I’ve read stories of people with constant headaches and vomiting - if you think you might be a bit sensitive to this stuff it’s definitely worth trying before you buy, because the sacrifice probably won’t be worth it.

While I don’t get motion sickness I do get eyestrain and sometimes a dull headache or neckstrain if I play for a long time (I think the longest session I’ve had is probably about 2 hours at this point) - I think this is purely a symptom of the fact that you have what amounts to a television screen right in front of your face for a few hours. I’m sure it varies person to person, but, again something to consider.

The final thing to point out is the technology is good, but new - the playstation has a lot of options in order to adjust the set for your comfort (including an option to measure the distance between your pupils and reset the screen to match that) - with that said, there are some minor niggles that you will come across like resolution “snap in” where everything loads in low res and then readjusts, and sometimes you will be warned that you’re exiting the “play area” or that your head has moved “out of position” which means a large controller flashes in front of your eyes indicating a direction you need to move in to get back in line. As far as I can see, this is just a software problem with the sensors and will likely get fixed in a future system update, but it can be a minor annoyance.


You mean jump to Switch? Nah, don’t have the money and I’ve never been that interested in mobile gaming.

Now, in a years or so’s time, when Xenoblade Chronicles 2 comes out and is bundled with the Switch at a knockdown price and Ninty have decided to do a GCN VC, with Star Wars Rogue Leader on it, could see my being unable to resist that.

Oh definitely, everyone seems to have gotten far smarter on the marketing too. Games are taking longer but they’re not announcing then until a certain point, which is logical enough:

“We’ve started a new game!” .
“Show us then”
“Can’t, it’s only just started.”
“Fuck you retard, why bother telling us then?” (aka Standard Internet Response #9876)


It’s hard to talk about Zelda without feeling like you’re giving too much away, but some stray thoughts:

  • It’s gorgeous.
  • The world is huge.
  • It definitely feels like the developers have finally noticed Western RPGs like Skyrim, even down to the save system.
  • I just got a horse! I have no idea how to tame it or anything though, so I suspect I’ll lose him soon.
  • I could live with the items, especially the melee weapons being a little less fragile. The item-dropping Amiibo benefit feels much less like cheating than it did before actually playing the game.
  • The cooking music is so much fun.


So I started on the property minigame in Yakuza 0, but it hasn’t particularly well.

One problem is the game makes it hard to know what properties are for sale, they don’t show on a map, you just have to run around looking for a button icon to pop up but the same one does so restaurants and shops.

Another is some you only get by minigames / quests, which vary greatly.

The overall problem is none of this is anywhere near as much fun as the game maker’s seem to believe it is. Sure, it’s technically extra content, but it’s crap extra content that adds no real value.

Oh well, another game off the to-do list, back to Fallout 4: Far Harbour


Not play but video game related. Another one of these No Clip (the guy that did the big Doom 2016 doc I posted a few months ago) documentaries about mysteries in video games. Well worth watching if you’ve a spare 40 min.


Pretty close to the end in RE 7 now – I think one more session tomorrow should do it.

I’ll put up a brief-ish review of my thoughts on the game and VR.

For those curious - despite the change from third person to first person - this is still very much a Resident Evil game. It’s definitely a much moodier and slower installment than what the franchise has dished out in the last couple of installments but every trope you can think of from the series is in there in some form or another … except for zombies, I guess, but you don’t miss them much.

For anyone intending to play it, it’s a much better game to go into completely spoiler free - not because there are really massive plot-twists or anything, but because the story is largely independent to the rest of the games, it’s more interesting to experience the story completely uninformed by guides or what-not.


So, didn’t realise Rise of the Tomb Raider had a demo, gave it a whirl.

It is very well done, excellent graphics, sound - the only flaw with that is it was a bit too good at disguising the transition from cutscene to gameplay section at times.

Like the first game it’s also find of putting in instant death run sequences - the presentation is excellent but it can irk.

In terns of being a demo and giving an accurate representation of the game and trying to hook the player, it succeeds on both points. Why would I not go for it then? Come on, people know how I got on with the first game - loved pieces of it, hated other pieces of it and in the end it just pissed me off too much. This looks more than likely to replicate that pattern, so it may be brilliant and excellently presented, but not a good choice for me.

Damn good demo though.