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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Serious question:

How would you change it to make it better?


Make jump X instead of square.
Umm, I haven’t really played 5, but in the earlier ones it was a different button to use the knife than to melee, right? You should just equip the knife and then have it replace the punch button.
That’s all I can think of from the top of my head.
Oh, maybe just hold down a button to sprint instead of mashing it?

Disclaimer: I’ve probably only played two hours worth of 5 and about ten hours of 4, but I’ve always thought the controls were obtuse.

Look at how Kojima streamlined the controls from 4 to V, making everything more precise. I’m sure you could do that with GTA.


Okay, I hear you loud and clear!


(In all seriousness, you guys have made such a fuss over Doom I kind of want to savour it).

EDIT: One thing I can say is that the new engine is much appreciated. Dishonored 1 was such a dated looking game and there’s nothing worse than playing a dated looking FPS - Dishonored 2 is an improvement (it’s not amazing graphically, but it’s an improvement). Still looking forward to Doom which I promise to play next.

EDIT 2: It is quite cool, though, that the main antagonist is Delilah from the DLC, who I just assumed would disappear, but instead they’ve used Daud’s narrative as a natural lead-in to the sequel /


Ah but ME3 was a very weird exception - I started playing on Easy and really enjoyed it, that was the right level for me. Somehow, at some point,the difficulty setting went from Easy to Normal without my being aware of it, cue my being massively hacked off with it. Of course I had no idea that the difficulty setting had changed, somehow decided to look at it and that’s when I found the cause of my problems. I put it back on Easy, problem solved. Still bloody weird. Still don’t know how it happened either and it didn’t re-occur across the rest of the game.

(What’s funnier is I was far less critical of the notorious ending bit than others, but I also only played that with the Extended Cut added.)

I’d say your summary of GTA is pretty accurate in terms of why I didn’t respond well to it, as there is a high level of very little margin for error e.g. you can be killed in two shots. (It’s also weird that I can smash through steel lamp posts with ease but clip a concrete car and wham, you’re stopped. Plus, you probably get the Terminator Cops on yer arse too as vandalism is a capital crime, punished by instant death by lead.)

You defy the Hammer of Simonson? Masters, we will have words with thee.


Well. I didnt hate Dishonored but it felt like a dated game.

Dishonored 2 got pretty bood reviews so im happy to give it a solid go. Also the new game plus is meant to be a blast.

Like The Witcher, I want to savour Doom for the right moment - a time where I can really sink my teeth into it. This is largely because of all the acclaim its had here.


Here’s what I’ve been playing today:

Snipperclips: A wonderful co-op game, where you and your partner play sentient (very expressive) bits of paper that cut bits out of each other to make shapes and complete puzzles. An absolute joy to play with nicely involved puzzles. It is pretty much limited to local co-op though, so its worth ultimately comes down to how much of that you’re going to get to do.

1,2 Switch: Some fun minigames. The quick draw game is a lot of fun, but I can’t see it having much longevity, even as a party game. After three quick duels, I was pretty much fulfilled with it. The “how many balls are in the box” game is technically impressive, but even the staffer demonstrating it couldn’t muster up enthusiasm for it.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: It’s just Mario Kart 8, but with an extra item slot. Seriously, felt 98% identical to the Wii U version.

ARMS: Had a quick go on this. There’s a decent amount of depth to it - half a dozen characters, multiple weapon options for each, but ultimately it comes down to the motion controls again and… yeah, it just felt too similar to Wii Sports’ boxing for my liking. The motion controls are more nuanced than that (you can throw a curving punch with a hook for instance) but it ultimately felt like a lot of flailing, possibly because it was my first use of the JoyCons.

Splatoon 2: Again, pretty similar to the Wii U version, albeit with a twin blasters option now. I struggled to get on with this, as you have to aim with both the right analogue stick (lateral movement) and the tilt sensors in the controller (looking up and down) which is just confusing as hell. Didn’t appear to be a non-motion control option. Beyond that, it’s pretty much the same game as before.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Beautiful. So fluid and gorgeous. The controls felt a little odd, again partly due to unfamiliarity with the controllers, but the addition of a jump button is long overdue for Zelda. Switching weapons is a bit of a pain though, as you have to hold right on the D-Pad and then select with the right analogue stick, rather than a quick cycling option. The demo was the E3 demo from last year and, as I picked up from the previous attendee’s session, gave me an opportunity to wander around a bit, get some items and fight a group of Bokoblins, all of which was a lot of fun.

Overall impressions of the Switch: There are so many controller and play options and they were all evident at the event. Splatoon was running 8 player local multiplayer on TVs and using joycon grips, Mario Kart was doing 8 player local multi using tablet mode, Snipperclips was in tabletop mode, Zelda was hooked up to TVs with a pro controller, but we were able to switch to the handheld mode, which really is as seemless as it looks. The controllers are all solidly built, but don’t have the immediacy of say the GameCube controller (which instantly felt right) but that might be as much to do with the environment. The individual JoyCons felt a little awkward for 1, 2, Switch and Arms (as much because of not knowing where all the buttons were) but were great for Snipperclips. The JoyCon Grip is good and the Pro Controller is also solid, though not as nice as the Wii U Pro Controller, imo.

I wouldn’t say going to this preview event changed any of my opinions about anything for the Switch. It’s a nice bit of kit and the games are generally good, but it’s still too expensive and doesn’t demand a pre-order, especially if you’ve got a Wii U.


I managed to give the For Honour beta a much better play last night and I still think this isn’t my kind of game.
Ultimately it looks like it should be a fun third person melee combat smash-em up and it certainly ticks those boxes in some of the game modes but for the majority of the gameplay it is a 1v1 chess match. Your attacks can come from one of three stances, left, right and central and they can be blocked by an opponent moving into a matching defensive stance (the game gives you a small warning arrow so you can quickly identify which blocking stance you need to be in). These attacks come quickly and can chained, which means if you miss a block early you can quickly find yourself at the receiving end of one of the brutal execution moves. However there is a disrupt/grapple which if applied at the right moment can change the flow of the combat, or be used to effectively throw an opponent off something high.
There are three main game modes, Duel: a one on one against a similarly ranked opponent. Deathmatch: a 4v4 battle which, in my experience, plays out as four isolated 1v1 battles with survivors roaming the map to find another duel. If you find yourself in against two your pretty much screwed. Domination: a 4v4 area control battlefield that is also populated with a constantly respawning foot soldiers alongside the player heroes. This game mode gives the most variety as you can charge in and engage (brutally massacre) the foot soldiers engage enemy heroes in a duel or sneak around taking control of undefended areas for your team. Most players let duels play out and then pounce on the survivor. Although you do sometimes get the odd 2 on 1 situation.
All of these game modes can be played against ai instead of real opponents too.
You are reward with upgrades, money and experience at the end of each fight which can be used to improve your character via the now standard customisation (dressing up) section.
I want to like it, the theme (Norse vs Knights vs Samurai) is great, the graphics look stunning, the violence is spot on and the way your individual victories help and contribute to a risk style changing world map is intriguing.
The voiceover at the start also said it was cross platform. I’m not sure if this is just the world map or the actual gameplay however.


This is available in the Wii U e-shop Martin?

EDIT: Or were you at a demo day instead?

In any case my Wii U has decided to sever itself from the internet - piece o’ shit.


It was a Switch preview event in Birmingham, so no downloadable Wii U demo.


Thanks, that helps a lot, internet’s still fucked with Wii U, but at least there’s nothing yelling ‘get me’ in the eshop.


I have fallen off the exact same spot on Rainbow Road about twenty times today.

I think it’s time to stop now.


Which Rainbow Road?


Mario Kart 8. I switched speed to 200cc for another couple goes just for extra punishment and I came first. :slight_smile: Might have been the better tires though.


That’s one of my favourite Rainbow Roads. When you manage to link up all the sections successfully, it’s incredibly rewarding.


From now on I’m only playing at 200cc. I recommend the triforce tyres.


Yakuza 0 continues to be a quite mad, mad but so fun game:

Chapter 11 has a deal struck with the Yakuza but it only applies if they escape alive, cue massive brawl across multiple locations in what the game terms a long battle, this is where you run through a place, duffing up everyone in various, very violent, ways.

Chapter 12 has another long battle as its finale. This time the game threw something new in - maniacs wearing Kabuki masks combined with transvestite gender-bending geishas! Yes, really. I mean it:

Now on Chapter 13 of 17. It’s not perfect, there’s some real weaknesses in the game and it hasn’t learnt as much as I would have liked from Yakuza 5. It is highly enjoyable though and I expect to be looking forward to the remake of Yakuza 1 - Yakuza: Kiwami - in a few months.


Yakuza 0

Ah, what were they thinking? Assuming they did so at all.

First, it did, in a car chase sequence, what could, at best be described as a Virtua Cop / Time Crisis homage but there’s only one problem with this - those games have aged really badly in the last decade. It also mucks around with shots and the rate of fire on its ‘boss’ section for a guy with a bazooka was stupidly fast - you couldn’t shoot the missiles fast enough. Not really a success by any means

Second, it compounded that with a Escort Battle set-up but doesn’t tell the player that, you end up going in thinking it’s a standard fight and oh look, if you spot the health bar for Makoto, you’ll know it’s not. So, the game’s almost crappiest concept makes an entirely unwelcome return but it was short. They did miss an opportunity for a heat action with the boss guy, as turning his own buzzsaw on him would have been very deserved.

Went into Chapter 14, did a couple of practice fights and it decides to do this really irritating thing of including guys with guns, but who you don’t see in the fight starting frames! They’re basically hidden at the back, obscured by either other enemies or camera angle. It sounds a low-down and cheap move? Well yeah, it is.

So bit of an irritating time real overall, all of it avoidably so.


A far better few days on Yakuza 0, in part, due to one significant change - I remembered how to use guns! So, a gun guy turns up - he’ll have less health, so beat the crap out of him, take gun and then shoot the rest of them! However much guns hurt you, they hurt the enemies far more!

Meanwhile, on the story, plot twist follows plot twist in the way the series is renowned for, before requiring you to beat the crap out of a load of guys before getting the next plot piece - it does work, in part because the cutscenes are well done.

Currently on Chapter 15 and have gone around beating up guys with swords, taking their weapons from them and then slicing up their friends!


Dear Video Game Diary,

I finished Dishonored 2 and have to say it is leaps and bounds better than it’s predecessor. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why - maybe it’s just the graphical upgrade or maybe it’s just that the level design is so much more interesting. In any case I found myself much eager to immerse myself in the world this time around.

I played through with Emily and got a low chaos ending. On the story, they do a pretty decent job of making the story feel like a natural progression of past events (mostly the events oft the DLC) then most sequels. It’s still never able to shake the sense that this is a forced conceit in order for you to get into the gameplay, but, I was impressed by how the managed to work in certain characteres.

I’m going to do a High Chaos NG+ runthrough with Corvo, which I anticipate will be a lot quicker than the initial run (which took around 20 hours according to the in game clock). Adding Blink to Domino and Mezmerise is sure to be a blast.

I also played the first two levels of Doom - The UAC and Resource Ops. I see why it gets so much praise here, it really is a fast past, arcade style, old-school romp that totally embraces violence in every turn. The graphics are superb, which I always enjoy (especially in FPS games) and it’s intense, but not overly difficult. There seems to be two great tenants to combat: 1. Move; and 2. Keep moving.

Also, had a bit of a browse on the ps store and came across all the DLC for Fallout 4? Is any of it worth getting? The Season pass is really really expensive and a quick Google comes across a lot of disappointed reviews.

By for now VGD,
I love you with all my :heart:


[quote=“TMasters, post:2652, topic:50, full:true”]
I also played the first two levels of Doom - The UAC and Resource Ops. I see why it gets so much praise here, it really is a fast past, arcade style, old-school romp that totally embraces violence in every turn. The graphics are superb, which I always enjoy (especially in FPS games) and it’s intense, but not overly difficult. There seems to be two great tenants to combat: 1. Move; and 2. Keep moving.[/quote]
That’s it. It forces you to constantly keep moving and bringing the fight to the baddies. It’s something I really enjoyed after so many years in which stealth gameplay seems to have become so dominant in games with a shooter element (which is fine, but can get pretty boring for me).