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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


If you didn’t like the first one, I’m not sure the second one will be your cup of tea.

Doom is fine. Rather, it’s a blast for about 10 hours, then repetitive to the point of tedium thereafter.

I’m holding off until the new Mass Effect is released next month. In the meantime I’m playing the TellTale Walking Dead games that I’d never tried.



So GTA 5… What a pile o’ shite that was.

I don’t think any game will match it for the sheer shit that was its idea of an opening mission(s) and that pretty much set the tone from then on.

I’m supposed to believe that someone who planned a heist included as part of their plan a car that’s fucking miles away from the place being robbed? I died on that bit about 5 times before it became apparent as to where the fucking car actually was.

Then there’s a pile o’ shit drive section that shows the much talked of drive controls haven’t actually been improved, they’re as crap as ever. The map relative to screen shows the age of GTA, they couldn’t put an indicator on the actual game screen? No, course not.

Still, it would get better with Michael’s first mission, right? Oh yeah, if only - first it has this dumb arse follow your friend crap, then it’s escape from the super-cops, which have killed my interest in it. It sells itself as this daring, criminal game and then it sticks in cops that Judge Dredd would be in awe of. Did escape them, but fun? Nope, nothing of the kind.

So, once I was clear of the all the mandatory bullshit, I tried going for the play around option and it just… well, died. That every single car is this immovable obstacle really undermines the physics, I had a whacking great truck being stopped by a car a tenth its size.

So let’s recap:

  • Car controls? Crap.
  • Combat controls? Pretty crap and you die in two shots while the cops take about 10.
  • Graphics? Adequate but nowhere near what it was talked of.
  • Fun? Fuck no.

Might get 80% of my cash by selling the fucker.


I know we are all entitled to opinons but with this…? Nah, you’re flat out wrong here Ben.


Counterpoint: I tend to agree with Ben.

The GTA games have some pretty neat worlds but to me are the prototypical “jack of all trades, master of none” kinds of games that are pretty common nowadays.

Personally I don’t like the GTA games because too much of it is getting in the car and running errands around town…and I’ve got my own errands to run!


Not in terms of the game experience I had Bruce - it was unpleasant, frustrating, exasperating, the complete opposite of fun and this is at the start, at the point where it’s supposed to making a great first impression.

Now it made an impression sure, a really bad one. Might it recover from that? Well, it went and compounded it with another pair of crappy missions. Of the four opening missions I played, I very quickly came to hate every single one of them. In light of that, selling it is the logical option. It’s also the best one for my own well-being too - came to the conclusion some time ago that if I end up getting to a certain state then the game triggering it has to go.

(And yeah, damn right I’m entitled to my opinion after paying £25 for it.)


I like driving around listening to the radio in GTA. Plus car chases, and you can run things over when you’re in a bad mood. Not that I would ever do that. :wink:


I get where Robert is coming from with the “jack of all trades” comment - the driving and combat are both fairly solid. No sense carrying on if you’re not having fun but I really get the claim that everything about it is outright crap though.


I think if it didn’t this quite astonishing reputation I likely wouldn’t be so harsh towards it. That really amplifies the problems I had quite a bit.

Then again, I end up hating Red Dead too, so clearly Rockstar’s games ain’t for me.


Ok, I’m backing away from this thread. Probably best for everyone…!


Sorry Ben, you’re on your own with that one!


It’s not a cute, cuddly kitten in need of protection Bruce. It’s only a multi-million game liked by millions, it can easily survive having one less fan.

Similar problems too killed that one, so I do think it’s pretty much down to how I respond to Rockstar’s design of their games. Though, in the case of Red Dead it was only after completing the first major area.

EDIT: Let’s go back to being more positive via the game I returned to after that now covered other experience, Yakuza 0.

The knife heat move has always been a vicious piece of work, it really has been - if you get a knife, you have the option to really stab an enemy with, up to the hilt! Clearly, someone thought that insufficient, so now not only do you stab them in the move, you also twist it around a bit, up, left, down - after you’ve done this to an enemy they’re unlikely to be still standing. So yeah, easily a queasy inducing option to be sure.

But… Taking on Kuze again, I ended up with a knife and ripping his intestines to crap via that move was massively satisfying.


I never even finished GTA V. It is one of about 2 games that that is true of ever.
I agree with most of what Ben said, and I also found the charatcers and narrative pretty unengaging.
San andreas was gtas peak for me.

I’m playing dishonoured 2 as a place holder until mass effect.
It is ok, but I think after Deus ex and then BioShock infinite I am a bit burnt out on first person. It really is third persons slightly crappy half cousin for me, especially in stealth games.


You spelled Vice City wrong.


Now hopefully that’s something we can all agree on.


(Finally, the perfect moment to deploy this gif!)


I had a quick go at the beta of For Honour. I can already tell it isn’t going to be the game for me as it seems to revolve around blocking and counter-blocking etc. But I really like the idea of the persistent multiplayer world in which all multiplayer matches have a sway over.

To access the multiplayer you had to defeat a boss first. Instead of beating him using all the counters etc I used a grapple and throw move and threw the big bad off the map each round.


Have sold GTA 5, looking at an overall loss of £7-8 which I can live with.


It’s not really that surprising that you didn’t like GTA 5.

As a general rule, you seem to be more forgiving of RPGS where you can master all enemies if you just put the time in to level. Games like GTA which require mastery of certain physical skills that require quick reflexes like driving and shooting probably aren’t going to be to your liking.

With that said, I’ll never forget how critical you were of the opening hours of Mass Effect 3 only to turn around and proclaim it the best game ever a few weeks later.


Plus GTA has a dodgy control scheme which does add to the frustration, I think.