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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Yeah, I won’t be doing new game plus straight away.

There’s apparently some changes to the aesthetic of the witcher gear, but apparently the DLCs throw the leveling off balance for new game plus.

Oh you missed out on the final boss - he’s easily the best confrontation in the entire game.

That’s the contract where you take on the Shaelmar, right? Yeah, I’ve done that one - I just didn’t mention anything about the farmhand in the conversations.


I decided I wanted Syanna dead and her death would punish her idiot sister too.

Same here - stuff Monsieur Arse



Yeah, I was mostly sympathetic to Detlaff, because Syanna played him so bad, but it’s pretty hard to forgive him for destroying the city, also, I had no problem with Anna Henrietta. I ended up with the ending where she forgives Syanna .

One of the things that felt really out of place, though, was the romance option at the end of Beyond Hill and Dale - It felt tacked on to put a sex scene in the DLC, and was just hella weird anyway.

You have missed out on the boss fight though. I suppose it’s the kind of thing you might be frustrated by but it really is a spectacular bit of action. There are 3 phases.


I thought it might have that potential to irritate yeah, but I also decided to put what happened on the Duchess rather than Detlaff. It does look to be a well put together boss fight, but that’s no surprise in some respects. Will likely re-do it to get a different ending, so may try it then.

Do have the save file at point of divergence - I really liked the Grimm-est ever take on fairy stories it did in Beyond Hill and Dale too. I was offered the shag option and decided against it as Syanna’s a toxic bitch


I think you get that option regardless - even if you treat her like shit.

There’s a couple more details that come out in the path I took that count towards Syanna.

I admit though, more justice stood to be done.


For me it ended up being about the bro-mance with Regis!


Yeah - we had a moment at the end too, although I suspect there are important differences between your end and mine :wink:


My path through B&W followed yours, and I agree that the final boss fight was great, and not Witcher but more Dark Souls.

The sex scene was weird; isn’t Geralt spoken for at this point with Yen? Why insert that at all?



Not necessarily. He’s either with Yen, Triss or no one, but it was weird to have that option in my playthrough considering he’s otherwise dedicated to Yen.


I finished Shardlight last night. Overall it’s a very good game. The puzzles are perhaps slightly on the simplistic side, but I’m happy to let that slide in the face of a good narrative, which it has. It offers multiple endings, although they all stem from one multiple choice moment right at the end, rather than an accumulation of actions (although I suppose which you pick is an accumulation of decisions and judgements). Mind you, Mass Effect went for that and completely ballsed it up, so at least Shardlight manages three distinct outcomes from that one choice.


I think you can cheat on either Yen or Triss, or even try and do both in the main game, but the consequences of either of these are not likely to be pleasant!


I had a bunch of freaky video game sex with Kiera, Shani, random Gwent player… But I passed on Triss and on a succubus… I still ended up with Yen.

She’s pretty chill for a hardass.

She just doesn’t want Geralt to pick Triss.


So, basically you were sofa king.


.** shrugs **


This is an interesting article.

I’m surprised it’s still doing so well, but I think the answer to the question might simply be that it’s a great game with almost infinite scope for replayability.



It’s good to be bad.


Yeah it’s just bloody brilliant. It’s basically a must-buy for anyone who gets a console. And it’s a mix of genres – a bit action/adventure, driving sim, open world, RPG and shooter – which means there’s something for everyone. A game like Witcher 3 is a masterpiece, too, but not everyone wants something so involved, for example. And I have friends who won’t play first-person games, and so on.


Ok, if it doesn’t live up to this I’m going to want £25 from you Sam. :wink:

(Had a look on Youtube, chances are it will.)


You won’t regret this. :slight_smile: