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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


I think it’s probably the best in the series - perhaps Uncharted 2 takes that title because it’s probably better scripted, but 4 is an enjoyable romp, with little to fault in the way it’s mapped out and staged.

It’s paced quite weird though - it’s a bit of a game of two halves.

I’m very close to the end on The Witcher 3 - I just have the final questline to do, but before that I’m going to do the final Mastercraft Wolven gear bit.


Stealth is better and also close combat, I think.

The ability to ‘tag’ enemies once you spot them is a real benefit.

How far along are you now?


I just finished up the first pirate island and washed up on the second island.

Feels like its building to a conclusion soon.


Still a little way to go, but yep, that’s where things really start to build.

I remember finding that section that you’re currently on very atmospheric (and a little reminiscent of the start of Tomb Raider 2013).


Don’t underestimate how much you have left - the area you’ve just got to is pretty expansive.

In other news, I just finished the main story of Witcher 3

  • the following endings occurred:

[spoiler] *

Ciri survived after I assume ending the White Frost, although that’s kind of ambiguous

Radovid was assassinated and Nilfgaard conquered the North, but freed Temeria anyway.

Cerys ruled Skellige.

Ciri left Geralt to become Empress.

Geralt retired with Yennefer.

All in all, I feel like it’s a positive ending although I’m not entirely sure how some bits came to pass.

There were a few other bits that they worked in - like

Keira and Lambert falling in love and The Baron taking his wife to the Blue Mountains and Dudu taking over for Whoreson Jr .

I’ve still got a couple of unanswered questions though, which I assume will remain so because the DLC doesn’t look to tackle them, namely:

What happened with the other Crone that escaped?

What happened with Novigrad? I assume Nilfgaard takes it over and gets rid of the witch-hunters?

What happens with the Aen Elle and Avallac’h?

Triss? No ending for her?

Phillipa and the Lodge? I assume they take over as advisers for the Emperor/Ciri.

Anyway - they’re very minor things - and some of those points were probably dealt with in the other endings that occur if you make different choices, but it was still a bit niggly.


With respect to uncharted 4 I will be very surprised if Sam does not stab Nate in the back before this is over


It is interesting how the game plays with your expectations on that. :slight_smile:


I need to kill Radovid next time as I pissed off Djikstra too much to get that quest first time around, yep, he’s a mardy, sulky git.

My endings to date have been of ‘screw the nobility’ variety.

Have fun with HoS.


I’m going to give Hearts of Stone a run later on this evening, with a glass of wine I think.

I feel like I would have got more out of the Radovid plot if I’d played the other games. A lot is explained and summarised as you go through, but, I didn’t really understand much about Radovid and the politics that were going on. I gather there are three/four main “countries”: Temeria, Redania, Nilfgaard and Skellige; and that the king of Temeria (“Foltest”?) died/was assassinated at some point, which meant Nilfgaard could sweep the north, and at the start of the game Redania is barely holding on to their territories.

It’s a little like Game of Thrones in that the politics are complicated and aren’t really ever explained unless you do your research.


Too much news, even too much entertainment! Gonna go run a couple HoM&M3 missions. Got an itch to play the original Might & Magic, what, 3 thru 5? 4 and 5 tied together into World of Xeen? Damn, I paid a fortune for those games back in the day!


Had a quality session on Star Wars Battlefront last night. Partnered up with a friend and we played 6 games of Walker Assault over a 2 hour period. We won all 6 games and were in the thick of the action at all times. The only downside was one chump on the opposition who killed me multiple times in a row. I got my own back by poisoning him in a dioxis cloud which was satisfying. At this moment in time I might as well chuck all my other games in the bin as I don’t see me playing any other games than SWBF for the foreseeable future.


Tale of two lands on hard difficulty. go.


Started Xcom 2 last night. Holy shit is it difficult. I thought I’d have handle on it since I loved and played the first game a ton but I failed the first mission 3 times!


I downloaded Fire Emblem Heroes this afternoon, it’s the new Freemium mobile game. It’s interesting. Lots of free-to-play micro-transaction elements, though nothing too obnoxious so far. The combat is obviously dumbed down from the proper instalments (and it’s hard to remember that you have to drag your characters onto who you want them to attack, rather than to the square you want them to occupy and attack from) but it has a nice chibi art style that’s fun and it’s got the basic formula engrained into it.

The main thing going for it is a tonne of fan service though, featuring characters from throughout the series’ history. Unfortunately, while they’ve given voices to all the older characters and managed to retain a lot of the recent voice actors, some have been replaced*, which stands out a fair bit and is a shame for characters that only a year old in some cases.

  • On the plus side, they’ve not kept Lyn’s voice actress from Smash Bros, who was terrible.


Uncharted 4 damn man, she came back for him. That girl is 1 in a million. I swear her and sully had best come out of this unscathed


On the one hand, some weaknesses have become apparent in Yakuza 0:

  • The tutorials are rubbish, as you have to do a move X times before being allowed to deck the enemy, but all their hits do you damage, while slinging a big screen blocking yellow box up, that stays there even when you get to deck the enemy, so of course it gets in the way.
  • The camera tends to be a bit too close in at times, so you take out an enemy and then have to flip the camera while trying to make sense of the map to find the enemy you can’t see.
  • That wouldn’t matter so much if the amount of cash/XP you get wasn’t dependent on speed of which you take out your enemies, with a big gain for not being hit.
  • Similarly, there’s times when you think you should be able to move in direction X, to do move Y but nope, the game won’t let you…

_But…_On the other hand, did a couple of new heat moves:

  • Grab guy, drive knee into the nuts of full force
  • Grab guy near railing, in a position that’s roughly vertical - and not horizontal, that sees you suplex him onto it - smash him into the metal railing, arse first.

Brutality really is the name of the game here and, in a way, it is very therapeutic.

EDIT: Played a lot more of the game today, beat the bejeezus out, well I lost count of how many Yakuza Kiryu went and duffed up. Have gone back to Majima and it feels like the game’s screwing around on the fight money payouts compared to what I was getting with Kiryu. Might be time to take a break from it after it.

On other stuff, decided to cancel the Horizon Zero Dawn preorder, it has nothing to do with the quality of the game - it looks to be a really great exclusive title for the PS4, I’m just not convinced to gamble £40 on it when I can wait and bag it later cheaper if it looks suitable for me. (Yes, I did get through KZ2 / KZ3 but that was also a decade ago!) That and the March pre-order bill has got far too bad, something has to go.


I started playing Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag recently. It was the last game from the last gen that I had lying around and hadn’t played. I really love the world in this game, and my initial reaction is that it’s the best AC game since the first one. However, I don’t think I will play it for long. For whatever reason, the AC franchise comes very close with their games but always seem to leave out something crucial that actually makes games fun. The control schemes are generally convoluted and unintuitive in these games, no matter how long you play, which is the crux of it (for me).


Had a better go on Yakuza 0 today, got some better upgrades due to it paying out more.

Unfortunately, there is another escort battle later on that I’ll have to deal with, but it looks far shorter than that first one, which is something.


Well I finished up Uncharted 4 this morning.
It was definitely a fitting capstone to the series.
Far better than Drake’s deception in almost every way.
Some of the fire fights toward the end were just great, a fabtastic balance of challenge and enjoyment. There were times I was just a handful of bullets and it was make some headshots or go home.

The end also left me happy that everyone got a good ending.

In other gaming, me and my son cracked open Lego dimensions over the weekend. Such fun. I challenge anyone not to enjoy a game in which gandalf, batman and Dr who converse. It’s genius.

Next up for solo gaming is dishonoured 2 I think. I’m reticent about first person stealth, I’m really more a third person gamer myself, but I need something I’ll be happy to put on hold come march 23rd if I need to, and dishonoured 2 is likely to fit that bill better than rise of the tomb raider.


I spotted that the port of Kerbal Space Program was reduced on Xbox live so grabbed it just after pay day.

Having only played KSP on a laptop that ran it sluggishly at lowest graphical settings it is nice to see it running more quickly and with more detail although it clear isn’t running at the same specs a top end of would give it.

Some of the controls are a little clunky and haven’t ported over brilliantly and this is most apparent in the vehicle construction aspect of the game. You loose a huge amount of the precision movement you get with a keyboard and mouse compared to two thumb sticks and some buttons.

That being said, I never successfully designed and flew a space plane on the pc version of the game. On this version I have made some wild designs and flown them (with varying degrees of success), even my son has been able to get a plane off the ground.

If you have never played KSP then I’d recommend picking it up but wait for a sale price, while the scope of the game is massive it doesn’t warrant the £30 price tag it normally carries. Great fun though.