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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


In that case I’d just close my eyes - then they couldn’t see me.


I ended up going back to the Witcher.

I am not yet ready to Resident Evil.


Are you being serious or sarcastic here?


No sarcasm.

It’s fucked.



Very few are those players who like escort missions, rather they tend to be universally despised and be a complete pain in the arse.

So, Yakuza 0 decided to do…An Escort Battle mission, where you have to escort a target, avoiding thugs, if you get caught you have to fight, while protecting her and after you’ve done the first segment, what does the game do? Inflict a second segment on you. It was complete balls.

(Although that wasn’t the most fucked-up thing the game, no that was an NPC called Walking Erection, that then changed to Mr Libido, who’s only wearing a pair of pants. It’s easily the most fucked up conversation in a game going.)

Game entered queasy territory earlier. I’ve generally avoided the whole hostess aspects the prior games, but here that takes centre stage in one of the plot developments and it’s a bloody weird concept. In short, it comes across as a more subtle strip club operation, whereby fools are parted from their money. In the chapter earlier Majima basically trading hostesses with a rival club - all fine, right? People can change jobs, yes? Yes, but the sense is the very clearly that the decision’s been made for them.



I finished Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros this evening. Overall, it’s very good and at 48 hours to get about 85% completion, well worth the current asking price of about £12. I still think the giant battles in it are utter garbage - proscriptive, linear, boring segments that rely on spotty touchscreen controls and give the player no real choice - but they’re not enough to outweigh the entertainment value of the main gameplay (although which relies too much on mediocre platforming elements at the) and the humour of the script, which is superb. I love this series’ take on Bowser and it’d be great if they used Wario (and Waluigi) at some point.


I just finished all the content in Sleeping Dogs. The extra DLC missions didn’t feel like essential playing but they were still a great hoot. Not sure what’s up next. Far Cry Primal perhaps…


Wasn’t there a DLC pack for Sleeping Dogs where you went off to an island to fight in a big martial arts tournament, Enter The Dragon style? That always sounded like fun but I never got around to it.


Yeah, it was fun. A seventies Kung fu movie style to it. Didn’t add to the story but a fun 30 minute distraction.


Did Emma Stone become your girlfriend?


I wish people would stop asking me that.


I had no idea what you were talking about until I googled “Emma Stone Sleeping Dogs”. Her voice over just passed me right by!!


I’ve been letting my son get acquainted with using a gamepad via the lego batman 3 demo.He is definitely able to control things well enough now, so I splurged on dimensions so we can play together.
He is a huge lego fan so I think we will have a lot of fun with it.


You definitely will!

There’s a huge Lego Batman add-on pack for Dimensions coming with the Lego Batman movie I think. It’s going to take a lot to resist that.


I just wanted to chime in with a few thoughts on Resident Evil 7 VR.

a) This is entirely why VR was designed. You view the world in a first person way but with all the trappings of the previous franchise entries - the way items are handled, for example, requires the type of space management from the previous games and you can examine items as you would in the previous games.

b) Although the graphics are beautiful, detail is much more noticeable and observable in VR. Things without much texture detail, like plants, tend to be much more noticeable in VR, whereas you’d just pass over this in normal play. This is more just a side-effect of VR as you’re naturally looking around at everything all the time. One of the weird advantages of this is that sometimes you’ll come across an object at a distance and not make out what it is, only to move closer and suddenly realise you’re staring at something gruesome.

c) Stuff that would be mildly scary in normal play is terrifying in VR. Things like birds suddenly flying off a corpse as you come nearer becomes quite a shock. Sounds, with a 3D headset (as is recommended in VR) are by far the scariest thing. In normal play you might hear a scary sound off to your left but it’s more just a nice cinematic. In VR you hear a scary sound to YOUR left and you can kind of place how near or far it is, and that’s quite a feat.

d) VR can be exhausting. You get far more of a physical reaction than you would just playing in front of a TV. My pulse definitely quickens in a way it normally wouldnt. Some people experience motion sickness but to counter this I play on a swivel chair (which mostly seems to do the trick) and and while there is an option to rotate your FOV with the right analog stick, it’s much less disorienting to just turn your head (and swivel on the chair).

e) Because it can be such an intense experience you will naturally find yourself playing in much shorter sessions than you might normally with a game. I can’t imagine myself playing for more than an hour or two - but this is mostly because one of my eyes is slightly weaker than the other, so it starts to ache if I play too long from the extra focus required to match up the two images. It is, nevertheless, always strange to take off the headset and find yourself facing in a complete different direction than you had thought.

A final note - this is really the first AAA VR game we have (I believe the next one is Farpoint, due out in June) and it’s a really good example of what the technology can do. It’s exactly like how you’d imagine, or how the movies portray it, as in you find yourself completely immersed in a world and all your responses are perfectly tracked. There is a predictable downgrade in resolution, because the graphics are essentially operating only an inch or two from your eyes, so it’s more like playing something at a lower set resolution, but the tradeoff that the entire world exists around you (instead of in front of you) is a worthy trade-off.


Decided to play another one of the free “games with gold” I’ve had sitting on my hard drive last night. I started Murdered: Soul Survivor fully expecting to play for 10-15 min, go “well, this is shit” and delete it never to play it again - i.e. the normal reaction to these free, unknown quantity downloads - but, to my surprise, it’s actually quite fun. Simple point and click clue gathering game with a bit of deduction thrown in. Not taxing but a nice wee distraction for a couple of hours. Theres a wee bit of stealth combat too which was easy enough in the single instance I came across it but I am worried it’ll get on my tits if it gets any trickier - it feels like it’s just been thrown in to bulk up the game.


Bit sweary, but fun.


I cracked open uncharted 4 over the weekend and I’m barreling through it.
It’s largely more of the same from the first 3 games, though they do seem to have fixed stealth so it actually works in most situations now. I’ve shared several areas without firing a shot.