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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Yep, but that sequence is indubitably Witcher 3.

Other games would have random incidents sure, but nowhere near that brutal!


I got my ps plus sorted a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to get online for some Star Wars battlefront action. I played a few games and basically got massacred every match I played. My stat line generally read - 3 kills 12 deaths. It made me realise why I stopped playing online multiplayer all those years ago. It’s no fun to constantly feel like you’re shit at a game when you consider yourself a good gamer. Instead I finished Doom and started playing Firewatch. The latter proved to be a great story driven romp although it’s a bit slow developing. I also purchased DAI, The Dying Light and the Journey complete collection.

Then a couple of days ago my buddy, who desperately wanted me to enjoy SWBF, told me to give it another go. He told me to try and play with more of a team based approach and said that once I’d ranked up a bit I would find the game more palatable. I persevered for two days and you know what? He was right. My stat line slowly started becoming more like 7 kills 9 deaths. I even had a few games where I got more kills than deaths.

Last night my buddy and I played together using our headsets (just a private party, not including all other game members) and it was some of the most fun I’ve had gaming in a long time. If you’re a Star Wars fan, being able to run around Hoth while giant AT-ATs stomp through the snow and rebel scum are surging through Echo Base is truly something you need to experience. We also played a game of Turning point on Endor and the scale of the battle was incredible. grenades and blaster fire filling the screen, smoke bombs masking enemy troop charges and the sudden appearance of Darth Vader make you feel like you’re involved in something monumental.

I’m playing again tonight and for the foreseeable future I have zero interest in playing any of those other games I mentioned above. My buddy bought a PS4 when SWBF launched and he hasn’t bought or played anyother game since.


I like Battlefront but I don’t really do online gaming, so I was pleased when they added the option to play solo versions of the online game modes. Not least because the AIs are more forgiving than real-life opponents would be!

There doesn’t seem to be that much depth to it but it’s a fun game to get on and have a blast with for half an hour, which I think there should still be room for in gaming today.

The little touches of polish that help make the game really feel like Star Wars are what make it, for me (especially the music, funnily enough).


So Yakuza 0, Chapter 1 complete…

Walk into a loan shark’s HQ, beat the crap out of his goons, terrify him into giving info then Kuze, one of the Dojima lieutenants turns up, cue plot twists.

Cue plot development, which ends with Kazzy deciding to walk into Dojima HQ and beat the crap out of everyone there. This includes a fight in the bogs where you can smash people’s into sinks and urinals, before finally getting rid of Kuze’s second, Yonada, who the game just wouldn’t let you kill and kept bringing back. There was also an irritating big with a chair who doesn’t react to pain and you’re not allowed to just kick him in the balls, but bar those two minor irritations, it was cool sequence culminating in beating the crap out of Kuze!

Other highlights include - random brawl in the street, grab guy, do heat move near car, open door, place guy’s head between it and car, slam door onto head, take a step back and kick door closed! Utterly brutal yes, but very, very fun.

I also suspect we’re going to hear this a lot as a criticism - “looks like a PS3 game”, it’s nowhere near the leaders of Witcher 3 or FFXV, but it is beyond the PS3 to render the city as detailed as the game does here and that’s before adding in all the alleys and cut-throughs it now has.

EDIT: Also, the sleaze factor in Kamurcho at night is far more noticeable. This time the area looks proper dodgy.


I just did the quest at Kaer Mohren where Geralt gets waisted with the boys.

Heh heh heh.

Witcher is funny.


I think I am developing an addiction

I’m currently awaiting an Amazon delivery with more characters and a few new playsets.


You drunk-dialled Yen didn’t you?

Also, what happened to Whoreson Junior?


Yeah we drunk-dialled Yen.

I killed Whoreson - I wasn’t going to let that scum live. I’m a moralist, but even I have limits.


We just got the Sonic The Hedgehog level pack for Lego Dimensions. Tremendous fun - the kids love building the models and playing the game, and I really enjoy all the little touches of detail that show that these things are made by people who know and love the properties.

Here we’ve already seen levels that reference the original Sonic, Sonic Adventure and the special stage from Sonic 2, and tons of other smaller nods throughout to elements from all the games (even specific character animations in places).

Like Chris’ collection of Disney Infinity figures, there’s a danger of splurging a lot on these sets! But I’m trying to keep things limited to just a few add-on packs for now.


Excellent, it was one of the most satisfying kills going for me - he was just such a bastard!


He deserved death.

As a general rule I show mercy when those times come, but there are exceptions.


Yeah, my Geralt tends to be quite fair - except he does kill every bandit that picks a fight.

What I loved about the sequence with Whoreson is the, ahem, execution of it, the way his face changes when you drop the bomb of what Ciri is to Geralt.


I think about that too - like there’ll be a weird fight with some guards or witch-hunters but later on you’ll spare a master assassin.


You can easily look up on YouTube what happens when you don’t kill him. It’s pretty interesting but not as satisfying.


I’ve just been ambushed by bandits and then, to recover from the ordeal, I went for a nice, refreshing swim in a pool. :blush:

Triss likes flowers. She also has a magic party trick.


Resident Evil 7 in VR is ridiculous.

It is literally the scariest thing ever in the history of ever.

No no no no no no no.



You need a blanket to hide under, no?


No but seriously - whoever thought jump scares would be a good idea in Virtual Reality is a crazy person.


I’m scared enough just at the thought of it.

Still, what else would you use VR for?


In VR there is NO blanket!