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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


The Stanley Parable was a lot of fun. Did you get all 18 or whatever endings, Bernadette?


I think the writing in Witcher 3 is as good as the Mass Effect games, which I hold as the gold standard in game world-building, dialogue and, well, pathos. If anything the bleak world of W3 makes it even richer; some of the side missions are stunning, and heart-breaking.

I must admit I played it (and Blood & Wine, which is just as good) on easy. It’s still a wee bit of a challenge combat wise – you need level up – but otherwise you can focus on the story and the quests. After Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, I wasn’t hungry for more balls-hard swordplay, and I just rebelled in that world.


W3 falls down in the ways loads of other games have:

  • Crap swimming controls
  • An odd, unexpected difficulty spike
  • Not quite pulling off the big epic scenes they want to
  • Sometimes unclear triggers for cut-scenes / quest progression

But I don’t feel I can be that hard on it for these because, as far as I know, no game has successfully ever completely cracked this quartet and it succeeds on everything else.

Though, the whole time I was on my first play-through they were releasing updates so it’s likely New Game + will be a very different experience, for the better - that and I know how to play it now!


I’m still enjoying Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros, and have been pleasantly surprised that it’s not going to end quite as quick as it looked like it was going to.
However, the giant battles can sod right off. There’s no real strategy or choice to them, you’re pretty much always having to do what the game tells you, the touch screen controls for them aren’t responsive enough and they’re just a dull pain in the arse. And hand - you have to turn the 3DS sideways, which just isn’t comfortable, especially as my fingertips end up resting right over the gamecard slot, making me worry I’m going to accidentally eject it.


OK, this’ll give a lot of people a laugh. If you really want to see how the first play-through went, well this was how W3 and I started off:

It got better. Much better. The short version of the mega-thread I’ve linked to is:

  • p. 6-11: Me wanting to love the game, liking loads of it, while occasionally getting severely pissed off with it and having to be talked out of the ‘bugger this for a lark, this be crap’ conclusion.
  • p. 11 Onwards: Generally far more positive, with only the odd stumble here and there.


Isn’t that how it goes for you with most games? :slight_smile:


Kind of. Well, these days anyway. The big Q is if I manage to get past those initial stumbling blocks, though on most games I manage it.

There’s only been a handful of games where I went for the nuke option and flogged them: Tomb Raider, AC: Black Flag, Shadow of Mordor and Arkham Knight. For three of them the reason was pretty much the same, for the last there were reasons.


The Noonwraith wasn’t too tough for me, maybe either because I came at it with a few extra levels, or because I’d had my Yrden sign leveled, but I did find the Golem and first Wild Hunt boss pretty tough. Especially the later.

At that point I hadn’t worked out how mobile combat was meant to be, how much you’re meant to rely on potions, and what signs worked for what.


I still mourn for Just Cause 3. :cry:


The entire game takes place inside Stephen King’s head.

Also, I’m an idiot - I’ve only now got Tim’s checkers reference. I thought he was just being sarky.


That was death by infinite goons plus crap 3d perspective bollocks


Oh I was. I figured Johnny probably doesn’t read this thread so I turned it up to 11.


I’m slightly disappointed now. I thought you were making a clever PS4 reference - checkerboard rendering? Oh, never mind.


That’s pretty obscure - even for me.


Is it? Now I feel obscure.

Did you know that Nintendo designed the Switch to look like a puppy on purpose?


Has any (non-swimming/underwater) game ever aced swimming? I feel like it’s always a chore, always frustrating, no matter how good the game otherwise is.


It looks like a puppy?


Nope, no one’s cracked it yet, maybe some day. Well no game I know of.


Same with flying sections. Donkey Kong 64 in particular was a fairly decent (though not great) game completely killed by its flying sections (and that you have to play through arcade “classic” Jetman to unlock something).


Agreed. Even GTA5, so good in so many ways, is appalling when you have to fly.