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Video games thread - "What are you playing?"


Finally got around to picking up Wolfenstein: The New Order. Live me some alternate history and I’ve played most of the prior games too. Action is pretty good though it’s taking a bit of getting used to with the “old school” elements like tilting to lean out from cover and health as a number rather than a vague, continually regenerating quantity. 4 discs on the 360 though so I’m expecting it to be a fairly hefty game in terms of size.

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still ploughing through Dragon Age Inquisition.
Did the big party section, and it was quite fun. I did cheat a bit by looking at numerous guides to find out what sort of shenanigans were in store. Ended up saving the princess lady person, but reuniting her with her lover. Not been back on it since, but Freddy in the desert totally wants me to hunt dat dragon for him. Considering I’ve pretty much gave up and ran, or just straight up died every time I’ve seen one of them so far, I’m not sure I’ll bother for a while yet,


I’ve been replaying the Mass Effect series. I finished my “semi-completionist” replay of ME2 and have entered the early days of ME3. My goal: Shep lives this time. Already have a scheme, just have to remember it by the end.


not too tricky if you’ve got the DLC and stuff, they’ve lowered the requirements a bunch. I remember a good week solid of playing multiplayer to get my rating up before daring to try that final mission.


Install the Extended Cut for ME3 and you can up to the Shep lives rank without multiplayer.


yea I tried it back when the game was first released. on subsequent playthroughs more recently it was far easier. Like I said, DLC helps a lot.


For something dubbed as an extended ending, Extended Cut changed quite a lot in the main ME3 game. Not that I realised it at the time because I played it with that built in!


I just got this last week for the PS4 too. Enjoyably old-school in terms of gameplay. And it looks amazing.

It really reminds me of the Resistance series on PS3, which I loved.


I’ve just started playing Alien: Isolation and I enjoy it but I feel like the controls are often non-intuitive and I often have difficulty figuring out what how to complete my objectives.

I’m also playing Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and it’s fun but it definitely just feels like more of the same. I think I might be done with the Assassin’s Creed series after this.


I need to get around to buying and playing Black Flag, I like the pirates.


I have my characters on level 31 in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and they can still be absolutely creamed by enemies that, technically, are much weaker, like 7-10 levels weaker! So yeah, enemies remain stupidly overpowered and that reflects poor design. I mean when you deck a dragon with ease but get your backside handed to you by a leech that’s about a fifth of the size, yeah, something’s off.

Yet, I do so like the world its predecessor set up and seeing the characters again is fun. It’s on track to be the weakest of the Tales series I own and it has some horrendous blunders, but I’ll likely see it through to the end - if only by the strategy of ensuring my gang is 10-15 levels stronger than their enemies at all times.


The big problem I hear about Black Flag is the main game has an awful lot of tailing missions. Those are a major off-putting factor for me. AC2? That’s a few years back, I want the series to have developed past those!


but Black Flag lets u be pirates and stuff!


I’m not far enough into it to be doing tailing mission yet but the combat is pretty much broken. I’ve just got my hands on a sword and already I’m massacring large groups of enemies. There’s no challenge to it at all.


massacring a bunch of dudes with a sword? sounds like you got your money’s worth


It gets old pretty quick though, especially considering I’m still at the beginning of the game.


Black Flag is all about the boats for me. I loved tearing around the ocean picking fights and boarding ships. The on land stuff was ok too. I tried to mix up stealth and diving headfirst in to fuck shit up and that kept it fresh for the 50(?) hours I played it for.


I’m playing through that on the PC at the moment. Finding it kind of irritating actually. It’s far too restrictive in terms of gameplay on a lot of levels, and the cut-scenes last way too long. I appreciate that they want to tell a story rather than just “kill everything that moves”, but I’d rather not spend 5 minutes at a time watching creepy-looking mannequins emote badly at one another… or worse, having sex!

Also, why must all the bad-guys be the same dreary grey-blue as most of the backgrounds?


I picked up a PS3 not too long ago and just finished up the Uncharted series. Now I’m playing The Last of Us. Great game with a lot of emotion and phenomenal graphics for a last generation game.


And the shanties. Never forget the shanties.

I’ve been playing a lot of Diablo III again (on the PS4).

The game is just fun, even if it is more or less a hamster wheel.