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I think there is stabile fanbase of 2000ad, who’ll make profit if those games turn to be good (like Dredd vs Death or Rogue Trooper). If Rebellion opens a new studio or two (like Ubisoft did all over the world), I don’t see why not creating full-fledged game.
Where employees won’t go into crunch time like supposedly Rockstar does.
That 2003 Dredd vs Death really made me feel like you are exactly in Mega City. So maybe it should start from there.
As for Strontium Dog, I’d love to see open-world, rpg, western shooter (in sf setting, ofcourse).


Did you ever play the PS2 Dredd game? It was quite smart for its time - and some of the stuff you could do still is now.

For instance, if you use excessive force too much the SJS is despatched to kill you. On the other hand, if you say use a high explosive round on one of a group of armed perps, the sheer force used terrifies the others into surrendering for arrest and sentence.

But you can also arrest anyone because everyone is guilty of something, even if it’s only keeping a goldfish without a licence! And yeah, that comes up in the game, as when you arrest, you see the sentence given for the crime.


As Gar says it’s very time consuming but I think the real issue he touched on is budget. Games of a high standard cost crazy money to make.


Heh, I remember when I found out that Rockstar spent 100 millions of dollars on GTA4, like someone kicked me in the face. Rebellion, sadly, is not of that high caliber company.

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Yep. Weather reactive, realistically modelled horse balls aren’t cheap to create.


I think if they were to start small, like GTA, they could be in the future considering the properties that have. Unfortunately people rarely want to play the long game now and wait 15 years for something that makes so much money. The long game works though.


Rebellion have also been fairly cautious all along with expansion. As the interview says their acquisitions have been organic and they aren’t necessarily out to expand rapidly. I think lessons can be learnt from studios that got too ambitious and went bust.

With their publishing side they’ve taken a lot of that approach, first they got 2000ad to be good again and then very gradually they’ve increased the trade side, added more specials, licensing deal with IDW. They are releasing more now than ever but still very contained.

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Unless they’ve revived Free Radical to do it, what’s the point of this?


I’m surprised the game is still around, and it’s still fun.