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Yes. An expensive one.


That’s what kickstarter was made for, right?


That’s more of a indiegogo project. Kickstarter will take too large a percentage and want you to share the risks involved that might keep you from delivering.


You could have a patreon account if you film what happens.


Have you not seen Dead or Alive?


Apparently it’s pretty common in Japan to react this strongly to drug use. The same guy is getting his work removed from Kingdom Hearts 3 (where he’s the voice in Olaf in the Japanese version). His career is pretty much dead over there.


If that was the situation here Game Of Thrones would have had a complete change in cast and crew after Season 1


Teaser for System Shock 3

New Gameplay for System Shock Reboot


Google has announced a brand new online gaming platform called Stadia, which will - amazingly - allow punters to play triple-A games on any device without the need for a console, a disc or a hefty download.

Across any screen in your life, including phones and tablets, the online Stadia platform will allow you to load up a fully fledged game in 1080P (or even 4K in some cases) incredibly quickly. If you see a trailer for a game on YouTube, you will be able to click a ‘Play Now’ button and start gaming within as little as five seconds, without any drop in visual or gameplay quality. You can share a Stadia link anywhere, allowing your chums to click on their device and start playing themselves.

This is all possible thanks to the magic of the Google Data Centre, which will use Cloud-based internet wizardry to stream high-quality games to your devices without the need for a console.

Interesting - I know it’s been mooted before but not by anyone with the reach and resources of Google.


Well I mean it’s only a matter of time, but it’ll require a REALLY good connection to be viable. I don’t think it’s gonna be possible soon… A lot of games are really ressource intesive, you can’t even play them on not-so-new computers… so it’s kind of a fake promise as of now, specially for phones and tablets.

Who was the first one to try that? I’m pretty sure there was an announcement of something like this a couple of years ago…


We have really poor broadband here mainly as a result of the conservative government deliberately sabotaging the National Broadband Network as a favour to Rupert Murdoch, but I hear claims from expats that they have close to 1Gbps in places like Singapore so it’s not that far off for a lot of people. 100-500Mbps is available here through certain ISPs (500Mbps costs $500 a month though).


I’m sceptical that the internet infrastructure is in place to enable uniform, consistent gaming to the level of current gen consoles at 4K display, plus while handling thousands of online players.

I have no difficulty believing that it’s technically possible but it’ll only be for the likes of South Korea and others.


Well I heard a report and it seems to be quite impressive what they’re shooting for. If they manage to get it running (which, again, it’s inevitable, just a question of when) it’ll be quite impressive and quite a revolution in gaming.

That’s a big IF, fr the moment. And of course people will need good internet connection, otherwise it’ll fall flat on its face. There’s a BIG difference between streaming a movie and streaming a huge game.

But the potential is GIGANTIC.


I think that there is a short term market for gaming complexes. If you can afford enough high quality, fast internet, you can cater to large groups of people at a time, people who wouldn’t normally have access.


Well what they’re talking about is really big cause it could put consoles out of business… and the pc market for that matter… so yeah… we’ll se how it goes…


In this case not really, since your local device won’t be downloading the guts of the game at all - your local device will be used for interface only, with the actual processing done remotely. So the connection really only needs to be good and solid enough to allow for responsive controls, and clear image/sound.


Yeah, but there’s a lot more of info going through between the remote server and you… not only what you’re seeing, but also what you’re doing, what other people might be doing (in the case of MP games), etc…


I have a feeling Google are quite aware of all that.

If you see a trailer for a game on YouTube, you will be able to click a ‘Play Now’ button and start gaming within as little as five seconds, without any drop in visual or gameplay quality.

It’s set to launch this year so we shouldn’t have to wait too long to see it in action.


“To get 1080p, 60 frames per second, required approximately 25 megabits per second,” says Google Stadia’s Phil Harrison in an interview with Kotaku. "In fact, we use less than that, but that’s where we put our recommended limit at.”

For reference, 25 megabits per second is about what Netflix recommends for those who want to stream 4K content from their service. Harrison expanded on that number by stating that 4K game-streaming via Stadia will require a 30 megabits per second connection (or at least that’s what they recommend). However, he did not confirm how many frames per second you’ll get when streaming 4K games and whether or not achieving 60 FPS in 4K requires an even faster connection.

Here’s where things get even more interesting. Harrison also stated that Stadia will function similarly to services like Netflix in that it will dynamically adjust the output of the game based on the speed of your current connection.


The Labo VR kit sounds pretty good.


Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 coming in 2020