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Zelda: Links Awakening is getting a Switch remak.

Personally, for me, this is huge news. Link’s Awakening has a special place in my heart being in the only Zelda game I’ve played and it was the first video game that made me actually feel emotions beyond the basic beating a level endorphin rush.


Had a look at the trailer - it could easily sell a shitload of copies.


Like JR posted, one game won a Writer’[ Guild award:


God of War
Written by Matt Sophos, Richard Zangrande Gaubert, Cory Barlog; Story and Narrative Design Lead Matt Sophos; Story and Narrative Design Richard Zangrande Gaubert; Narrative Design Orion Walker, Adam Dolin; Sony Interactive Entertainment


Interesting for Pokemon fans: material from an earlier prototype of the original game(s) showing discarded Pokemon, from a middle evolutionary stage of Psyduck and Golduck to a different final form for Squirtle and Wartortle (with Blastoise off separately with a bubble-blowing first form).

On a similar note, a prototype of Gold and Silver was dug up last year which had its own discarded Pokemon.

It’s kind of fascinating to see the design process for Pokemon and to realise how much of what became the original 151 are a cut and shut job.





There’s a Pokemon Direct due tomorrow afternoon (UK time) with “7 minutes of new information”. It’s not specified what it’s about though. Could be just what the Game Staff freak have been up to in their holidays.


Scorbunny, I think.


The chimp one would probably be my choice.


This could be absolutely fantastic:

I’ve found so few racers that replicate what made Burnout and Wipeout great, namely the handling and the course / world design - RedOut did this for Wipeout, hopefully this can do the same for Burnout.

I tried The Crew but the handling felt off, I ploughed through obstacles like they weren’t there and the world was pretty but soulless.

It’s also a positive that they’re going for RRP £30.

Info on Amazon’s page is encouraging and also sounds quite similar to RedOut’s structure:

  • From the creative talent behind the genre-defining Burnout series, Dangerous Driving puts aggression back into the racing genre, recapturing the spirit of the past and taking it to a new place
  • Bump, shunt, slam, scratch and scrape your way around 30 different courses set across seven different locations
  • Takedown your opponent in the adrenaline-fueled Takedown Races, chain your way to perfection in Heatwave, or rule every road in Road Rage
  • Switch on your Sirens and apprehend Wanted Suspects in Pursuit Mode or be the last car standing in Eliminator
  • Players race against remorseless AI drivers in 8 different event types, unlocking new deadly cars and aggressive abilities as they progress
  • Coming in the first downloadable update Month 1 - take the action online against seven other players
  • The more dangerously you drive, the faster you can go!

For all that Criterion did an incredible job on the open worlds for Burnout Paradise and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, there’s something about a set course that works far better for racing games. With a course set up, you get to focus on driving, not map navigation.



Radio 3 and 6Music are doing a game music theme at the moment and this week’s Sound of Cinema, with the always insightful Matthew Sweet, has not only some great music, but a look at how scores are constructed for non-linear games.


And a history of video game music


That’s actually mot a bad idea. Man, I’m kinda disappointed that I never thought of him for the role before.


Game music on Radio 3? :scream:

Probably a good thing the BBC suspended the old Radio 3 forums a while back. We’d be able to hear the explosion all the way over hear in Millarworld. Middle England has barely recovered from when they dared play some film music at the Proms.


You’d expect this kind of modern heresy on Classic FM, but not on Radio 3, sir!



So video game voice actor gets caught doing cocaine, a lot of cocaine - game gets suspended in Japan and western release may be delayed or cancelled:


I don’t think that anyone could do enough coke to warrant a release getting suspended, especially if they’re only a voice actor, who are notoriously ignored by most people anyway.


Are you setting a challenge here?