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With HD remakes / remasters popular it’s amazing they haven’t done that - like ME1, KOTOR was XBox exclusive, there’s an entire PS4 audience who won’t have played it, but likely want to.

EDIT: Changing tack, this is stunningly dumb by Ubisoft:

We have a new term… Het-conned.

Where has this arisen from?

Right, anyone playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and wants to remain unspoiled, don’t click the spoiler:

AC Odyssey apparently has romance options which, combined with the ability to choose a male or female lead, opens up gay romance paths, which the player can take.

So the problem is? The latest DLC has - wait for it - het-conned any gay romance path taken! Instead, whatever character you have goes with the son / daughter of Darius. UbiSoft didn’t factor in that changing the player character sexuality would matter much. Wrong.

I couldn’t make this up. See here:

It’s amazingly awful. And they are not going to change it either.


The big fighting game announcement of yesterday:


Man, Mortal Kombat has really changed.


Holy shit. I was going to buy Odyssey, specifically for those options. Well, that’s more money for me to spend on Conan: Exiles stuff.


Depending on how you look at it, it’s only DLC so the main game is untouched.

Equally, there could be some quite hefty damage limitation on the cards but how they can fix this I don’t know.


It’s an odd thing for me. I was meh about Conan Exiles and all fired up for Odyssey, but a friend who runs a monthly LAN party really wanted to try Exiles and since I was a hold out, he bought it for me for Christmas.

I am hooked on Exiles. I’m so hooked, I’m only logging into my regular games just for daily rewards. Hell, after backing up my Saved directory, I’m about to start a fresh sandbox so I can do it all over again, but better, more efficient, more hard core… LOL!


Just to go back to the EA Star Wars stuff for a second, this is a rumor floating around today:

If this is true, it’s a whole new reason for me to loathe EA. And it’s also mind boggling. I have no clue what EA is doing with the Star Wars license other than missing out on probably a boat load of money by refusing to make games people would buy.


Following their successful nuking of the internet last week via the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC, UbiSoft announced tonight that they are changing the DLC ep that was the conflagration.

It’s to be retooled to take account of player choices and not force any singular route on the player.

This is going to get them quite a bit of well deserved credit.



Quiet wallet, we’re still playing Conan Exiles


Cripes, this is a bit dramatic.

You have to wonder how bad the version they’re scrapping is, given Nintendo happily followed up the original Metroid Prime trilogy with Other M and put its name on Federation Force.


Great, Epic just bought another exclusive deal, this time for Metro Exodus… but this one is making a lot of people angry, including Steam themselves, which actually wrote a statement for this one.










Groundhog Day is supposed to repeat every 24 hours, not every 5 mins.




Why not? You’ll buy it and play it again and again.