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What’s so funny about that clip is the guys on stage can see it all going wrong, they can’t get it back on track but they’re stuck up there now, they’re committed so…

Pop quiz, hot shot, what do they do?


Shoot the hostage?


Sooo apparently Epic Games (of Fortnite fame) will be launching a store/platform thingie next year in order to compete with Steam. Since they also own the unreal engine, they’re kind of in a better position than most to actually compete with them (unlike EA or Ubisoft whose stores are just there).

Don’t know how to feel about that… on the one hand it’s good 'cause Steam needs a good kick once in a while, but on the other hand I really don’t care for this trend of service splintering across multiple platforms. Specially 'cause I’m not about to move somewhere else… I use Steam, that’s more than enough, I also have a Battlenet/Blizzard account 'cause of Starcraft which I almost never use, because I really don’t like having accounts in a hundred places and owning stuff in different services.

Also, it’s all but inevitable that the “exclusive” games will increase with this, which is a major pain in the ass.

So hopefully, what will happen is that Epic Games will not succeed, but it’ll push Steam to change some of their policies so that companies start flocking back to them. That’s the best case scenario from this consumer’s POV. But we’ll see, I suppose.

Not gonna be moving to their platform, at any rate, mostly 'cause it’s a bother, but also because of TenCent’s involvement with them. Not a fan of TenCent… u_u


Yup… and as predicted, the exclusives have started to come in… which blows 'cause there’s about 2 games I was looking for in those exclusives.

Oh well… I’m not planning to buy on other services. This bodes badly for the future though… all this splintering… u_u


Load of game trailers from the Video Game Awards, which is the stuff you’d expect - new Far Cry game, DMC5, Anthem, but it also had this:

Which looks like it could be awesome.

The other stand out is this one:


Fortunately the Outer Worlds is (still!) listed on steam as upcoming… That’s good news, 'cause Fallout New Vegas is commonly refered to as the best Fallout, and with reason… so this game has A LOT of potential.

Still pissed about 2 other games being made exclusive for that Epic thing… u_u


Over Thanksgiving, I was turned onto some new mods and started a shiny, fresh, play through of the Mass Effect trilogy.

I’m not trying to “do everything” but there are a lot of chained events whose outcomes, no matter how minor, carry through to Mass Effect 3. So, I did play with an agenda and a higher difficulty. However, I have’t ever been bored. I even shelled out for Overlord, a Mass Effect 2 DLC I didn’t have. Depending on your choices, it has some nice emotional resolution in ME3.

I’ve finally gotten to ME3 and even after all these years, leaving Earth after the opening still punches me in the gut. I love this series so much. It’s like reading a favorite book series over and over again.


Mass Effect is my favourite series of all time up there just above Red Dead and Uncharted.

I’m disappointed we won’t get any more but I think a couple of things took away from Andromeda, not necessarily the gameplay or look… it kind of failed as a sequel in the worst ways. Because of the ending of ME3 people really wanted something that gave a semblance of that world continuing in a positive way and Andromeda just didn’t give that. So they went to town on it for things that really shouldn’t have been such a big deal. It felt like those in charge were creating a fuck you note in many ways so it was insult to injury after the ME3’s ending.


I thought The Outer worlds looks like it has a lot of potential too.


I did not know this. That’s really lame.


Ain’t it? I mean, just look at it:


What a bunch of jerks.


Yep and guess what? 001 atom = $0.01 or £.

Well, I think it’s something like that.

Problem for us, as consumers, is our purchases will be deemed to endorse these dubious practices. On the other hand, you really want to play that latest Assassin’s Creed don’t you? Which is what the publishers are counting on.

On the flip side, the games that don’t engage in dubious crap - Witcher 3 for instance - should start reaping the benefits which in turn gives publishers incentive not to do it. Redout is the best future racer I’ve played in years, definitely check it out, it’ll be going cheap. For the same reason people responded well to both Monster Hunter World and God of War and Spiderman - they’re games that don’t take the piss and deserve purchase.


I bought Mass Effect 1 & 2 a loooooooooooooong time ago but have never played them… kinda got bummed when ME3 was released as an exclusive to EA’s shitty store (origins or something). I might try them later, but I don’t know if it’s worth it when I’ll probably never play 3.

Too bad I didn’t wait for a better sale on those… I would’ve probably not even bought them.


They are really still worth playing. Storywise and world building they are pretty incredible for a game series, I didn’t necessarily enjoy all of the story but the look and feel really puts you inside space travel in a way nothing else has managed yet (except, I’d imagine, no man’s sky).

The ending to the trilogy is probably something that you’ll never forget experiencing.


I admit, I got Origin just to access EA’s rpg’s, but since I already had steam, and Perfect World’s apps, I figured it was worth it to get more Mass Effect and Dragon Age. So far they haven’t done anything to make me regret it and I got a few older games “free” during promotions: Dead Space and Jade Empire: Special Edition.


Oh damn you just reminded me that I never got to play Dead Space 3 either :frowning:

Psh… yeah, no, screw EA and their “exclusives”, I’d rather not even support them… I really hate those practises.

I might play Mass Effect 1 & 2 at some point, since I bought them, but really bummed to not have the full thing… and yeah, I could get origin, but nahh… I already have a Steam and a Blizzard account, that’s one more than I’d like… too old for this kind of stuff… u_u


On DOOM’s 25th Anniversary, John Romero announces SIGIL, a new free megawad (basically Doom Episode 5 it seems)




I suppose I am his (Romero’s) bitch now.