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I think anyone who was expecting it this year (and quite a few were) doesn’t really understand the subject enough. N64 emulation is tricky - there are PC emulators that have been around for years and still have relatively low compatibility rates. Even if you sort that, the innards would need to more complex than the Mini SNES and NES, driving the cost up.
Then you’ve got the more complicated (and expensive) controller, memory card and rumble pak emulation to consider, the smaller available games library (a big swathe of the N64’s best games are Rare ones, so unavailable). Plus you’d really need four controllers for it to be worthwhile, driving the cost higher or requiring distribution of them individually.

I think the retro mini fad will die off (partly due to the lukewarm Mini Playstation) before an n64 appears.


Is anyone planning on playing red dead 2 online? I’m playing the story mode, finding it cool and boring at the same time.


A few of us are playing, there’s a video games thread as well as the news one that is more for reviews and discussing games. I can’t remember how to link a thread but if you search for it with the wee search bar at the top of the page you should find it easy enough :blush:


Yep, it’s here.


In other video game news Queen goes pretty perfect over the new Smash Bros Ultimate ad.


So, having started on glassing the tenth base I have on No Man’s Sky, having got a near-complete collection of S-Class ships, freighter and a now pretty decent fleet, I had mistakenly thought I was getting to the end of it all.

Granted, there are the other Exocraft to fully upgrade and there’s those last two S-class ships to get, but this is small stuff.

Then they dropped this update news today:

A pile of free, new stuff that sounds quite, quite excellent.

So, looks like I’m going to be sticking with it a bit longer - did I mention I’ve an idea for an 11th base on an overgrown planet? Idea is to do a pyramid above treetops, with a single glass tube access from the ground.

At this point, with the amount of stuff they’ve added, particularly since July 2018 - because that’s where the game really, finally came together, it’s beyond what they infamously claimed way back before launch. At the same time, their journey from sinner to saint has been marked by the major game industry companies engaging in ever more dodgy cash raking antics.

I first noticed it in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, right there on the options menu there’s this not at all subtle ‘buy XP for cash’ option. Entirely voluntary you understand, right? Jump forward to Origins and there’s a full in-game shop, jump to Odyssey and the shop has been expanded and now includes an XP booster! And I can’t help but look at all this and consider that my purchasing either, even on the cheap, would be endorsing these dodgy antics.

At the same time the random mechanics that made NMS seem weird two years ago have since become mainstream, with loot boxes taking that to new depths of infamy.

In this environment, Hello Games now looks far, far better than they were.


Well they got an unfair deal, because in the end, it was sony that probably forced them to release too early (though they were already late, I think). Good for them for at least keeping the updates coming, I think it’ll buy them at least some cred back with people… but Murray should probably just not show his face in public anymore… :smile:


For those who are interested, Black Friday deals are up on Amazon now. In terms of US prices:

God of War: $17
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: $27
Lego Incredibles: $20
Lego DC Supervillains: $30
Shadow of the Tomb Raider: $30

A bunch of other stuff too—not sure what people are after

RDR2 and Spidey are not marked down.


For what it’s worth, Spider-Man is marked down on the Playstation Store. $40 for the regular edition and $60 for the deluxe edition (so $20 off each). Both Playstation and Xbox have lots of games on pretty big discount if you go through them.


I wonder if Assassins Creed Odyssey is any good. I love the idea of an open world game in ancient Greece but some of the complaints about busywork and level grinding doesn’t speak to me.


I have a friend who’s pretty into the Assassin’s Creed franchise and says it’s the best installment in a really long time. She really liked it. It does look cool, but level grinding does sounds really obnoxious.


Yeah the busywork stuff is hard to see as a flaw per se, as one person’s busywork is another’s fun side quest. But the level grinding kind of sucks. I’ve seen a few people make the same case as this article too:


Probably. Given how it all really clicked with Next, they needed a couple more years they were never going to get.

As it is now, NMS might well be the example of ‘games as live service’ done right.

Which is the problem - if you have an XP booster for sale what does that logically suggest about the XP structure? If I buy the game do I effectively endorse the practice which increases the odds of it recurring in future games?

It’s a real shame, as aesthetically both Origins and Odyssey look amazing.


I managed to dance around a few of these issues with recent gear upgrade. The pain continues.


Bought Odyssey and Origins this week. Never played any of the AC games before. I started Odyssey, even though it came out later than Origins. Fun game. I find myself wishing the combat wasn’t quite so complicated and flowed better, but that’s pretty much my only complaint.


I haven’t bought Fallout 76 - by all accounts it’s a bit of a trainwreck - but watching Bethesda’s spectacular PR disaster with it is incredibly entertaining in its own right.


It’s hilarious. Just about everything they can do wrong they have done wrong.

If you want a great indicator of the gaming industry 2015 vs gaming industry 2018, Fallout 4’s building aspect had you getting all the build parts for free, there were add ons of paid DLC, but you could live without them. Jump forward three years later and there is a massive e-shop, including… build parts! Yay. Which in turn includes a door for £5, worse - a selection of! Seriously.


And the game isn’t free to play… you’d think that for 60 bucks they’d give you all that shit for free… u_u

But yeah, that’s where we’re at. And some people were surprised at Diablo Immortal’s reaction.

Anyways, I’ll wait for it to be released on Steam… I’m thinking it got such a bad start, that they’ll eventually release it on Steam when they’ve fixed some of what’s wrong, as a 2nd life marketing push kind of thing…


But you’ve got a phone, right?


All joking aside, yes I do but it’s soooooooooooo bad that I can’t play anything on it, except solitaire… I swear, my old non-smart one was better… :smile: