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The final Nintendo Direct for Smash Bros Ultimate will be on 1st November at 2pm GMT (work out the other timezones yourself). Which exactly clashes with some theatre tickets, so I guess I’m going to have to catch up after and hope I don’t see all the big surprises before watching it.


I’m going to get my boys (IE me) a Nintendo Switch for Xmas along with one or 2 of the labo kits.

Would it be best to hold off for Black Friday? Would such a think be discounted by much?

What I’m looking for initially is
Switch console bundled with Mario Odyssey (currently £299)
Mario kart (currently £40)
Labo variety kit (currently £50)
Labo robot kit (currently £60)

But this is a bit steep so I’m probably going to need to settle for the Mario bundle and 1 labo kit at these prices.

Any ideas if there would be much of a discount if I held off ?


I might hold off on the kits but I don’t think it’s Nintendo’s style to discount a console for one sale. You might be able to expect better bundles though.

Don’t quote me on any of this, ha.



Playing Forza 4, I was amazed to find myself driving around Edinburgh (albeit sans suburbs and many iconic buildings).

Is this the same scenario worldwide? or have I been subjected to regional targeting a la Monopoly?


It is set in and around Scotland with Edinburgh being the main urban area in the game.


Hi Chris, yeah it seems to have Edinburgh as the main urban area. Here is an early video I just found, Edinburgh is in the second half of the vid.

oops forgot link



Well FF XV is finally dead:

Which sounds a shame because this content might well have had a positive impact and was only announced a few months back.


Tony HAWK reboot?



Kinda crazy how this past week both Blizzard and Bethesda (two giants of the industry) got pummeled to the ground… I wonder if it’ll have a lasting impact… one can wish… u_u


Gone from Steam store:

  • The Walking Dead Games
  • Tales of Monkey Island
  • Jurassic Park
  • Back to the Future


Hmm, I hadn’t considered the fact the games would be unavailable going forward. Think I might redownload the installers for the ones I don’t have on disc, just in case.


I have a couple in my library with Steam, it’s still allowing download even though they’ve been removed to buy. I suspect someone will buy the catalogue in a fire sale and they’ll be back up before too long.


Back to the Future is still up for sale on GOG (which is where I have a copy) but better safe than sorry.


Well a lot of licensed games disapear eventually from Steam and other retailers… happened to the Deadpool game for quite a while, but then they renewed the license around when the movie came out.

Anything you already own, you get to keep however (though some MP games may not offer online services anymore) and you can still install them and play them.

You can even find keys for long removed games, and they still work… but they tend to be super expensive 'cause they come form a black market of course.


You can nab a free copy of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion from the Humble Store for a couple of days, if anyone’s interested:



Unless Nintendo have invented a time machine, it’s pretty much their only option anyway.