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They’ll need consultants.


If only we knew an investigator.


Despite all the build-up, RDR2 has kind of crept up on me.

I don’t think I’ll be getting it on release day - I still have too much going on with Spider-Man and God Of War - but it will probably go on the Christmas list.


Red Dead Redemption 2 reviews are out, and are (predictably) largely very positive.

However, I’m slightly surprised by how glowing the reviews are given how many of them point out clumsy, ambiguous and intuitive controls, and delays between input and on-screen action (often due to overly cumbersome animations). They seem like elements that could really undermine a game.

Having said that, it looks beautiful and it sounds like an incredibly extensively-realised and detailed world. I’ll probably pick it up around Christmastime.


Yeah, I’m sure RDR2 will sell a zillion copies tomorrow, but there’s no way I’d buy a new game at full price like that just a few weeks before Black Friday.


I don’t know how it is in the US but ‘full price’ for these big games has crept up in the UK over the past few years - maybe around five years ago you could easily get a brand new major title for around £40, if not a bit less, but nowadays it’s more like £50.

I don’t ever like to pay more than £40 for a game, no matter how good (I already had to jump through some hoops with discount vouchers to get God of War and Spider-Man for a reasonable price this year so far) so I’m happy to wait for this to come down a bit.


No, it jumped to $60 in the US with the PS3 (I believe) and has stayed there ever since. My guess is this one will be around $40 on Black Friday.

Apparently the new Assassins Creed sucks unless you buy some thing for $10 that lets you level up quickly, so costs are creeping up in other ways.


Yeah, there’s a lot of creeping cost with DLC, season passes, online fees and stuff like that too I guess. I mostly try and avoid that.

I hadn’t heard about that Assassin’s Creed thing though. That sounds very cynical.

In fairness the old standard of £40 in the UK goes back a long time (new A-list games for the megadrive cost that in the early 90s), so when you take inflation into account it’s maybe not that bad a deal, especially given how much more complex games are now and how much value for money they provide.


I’ve seen games going for as much as $80 (well, $79.99) here in the states depending on the retailer.


That’s either a special edition or something with bells and whistles attached though.


Direct via Xbox live RDR2 is either £59.99 or £89.99. I want it, but I can’t justify either of those prices.


It’s £50 from most online game stores for a physical copy, but yeah, still too high.


I need to confirm there are no herding missions in RDR2 before I consider buying it. Those missions killed all my interest in the first one. So if I hear those are gone then I might pick it up at a cheaper price down the road. I’ve not doubt it will be a great looking game, though.


From what I’ve seen, these days it’s quite common to get the “base” game for 60 bucks, but you usually have a “deluxe” edition or something, that includes a season pass or more content, that raises the price closer to a 100 bucks… I’m seeing this a lot with fighting games, which is particularly bullshit, but eh…


And after all that I’ve just seen an offer for RDR2 at sub-£40… Tempted. :slight_smile:


Clearly not where I’ve been looking…

Sub-40 is tempting…


Here’s how tempting it was.

(The offer is a £10-off £50 spend on Amazon Prime Now.)


To be fair it’s probably worth the hefty prices, it’s some spectacle.



Probably no such luck getting it from Amazon US, no matter the price.


I guess it’s pretty popular.