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Between this and all the recently announced Final Fantasy ports, it’s like the games industry got wind of my recent interest in PS1 games and decided to save me from having to find a working PS2 controller.

£90 is about the upper limit for what I’d pay for one of these (maybe a tad too much, actually) and it’d really depend on the games.





EDIT: Never mind, got it to load.

I was reading today that other than the first walking dead game all of their games have been financial flops, with Batman being the worst.


Don’t Telltale make the LEGO games too? I thought they’d make a shitload of money off the back of those.


Lego is Take 2 isn’t it??


It is Traveller’s Tales a subsidiary of TT games which I had mistakenly thought was a rebranding of take 2.


Having no intention of purchasing Ass Creed Odyssey didn’t stop me from thinking that this trailer was a very weird watch.




Death Stranding had a new trailer drop the other day, though this is really a bite-sized morsel, it’s still adding up to be most fascinating game in development.

I saw this article that somebody wrote about the new trailer, comparing Kojima to Kubrick. Not sure that I entirely agree, but I figured it was an interesting read.



You know, fuck Assassin’s Creed, and Spider-Man and Doom2 and whatever else… they announced a new Samurai Shodown game and a new Streets of Rage!!!… next year I’ll be a very happy man :smile:



I didn’t buy Spider-Man, in anticipation of getting sucked into RDR 2. And it’s looking pretty great. The first person option is a cool addition.



That’s awesome. Kano looks like he’s having fun.


Considering how they made those first games, I can understand the stiffness and lame animations in the MK franchise… but the moment they went 3D, they had no excuse… :smile:




Without reading it, I assume they are going to conduct an extensive investigation into this that will take 100hrs per week for the people involved…