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It’s silly even to think that such mainstream game like new Spiderman would remain exclusive for PS.


Why would Sony allow a game they publish to be played on a competitors system? You don’t see Halo showing up on Playstation.


“Silly” or “a basic understanding of who published it”?

It’s the fastest selling game of the year despite being exclusive to one platform. This is going to be a goldmine for Sony on console sales it pushes alone, not least because they published the game. There’s no way they’re letting it go multi-format.


Yes, once God of War and Uncharted show up on PC then I might start changing my mind. :slight_smile:


Mentioned Halo is one thing. But this is Spiderman we talk about. And it’s a crime not to let it go on multiplatform. Especially when nearly all (dunno for the first SM games), are both in PC, Sony and Xbox.

Though, come to think about, it’s even sillier Activision lost the license, instead of keeping it. And didn’t all Marvel superheroes being published by Activision (except FF)?


What config is it?


If I had the money I would have a new PlayStation and a copy of Spider-Man.

Sony know full well they have a golden goose here. Why multi platform when people are willing to play between £265-£499 pounds just to play the game.


Activision had a blanket Marvel licence, which expired in 2014, likely because they’d released a string of dud games. And Marvel (or rather Disney) really doesn’t give two hoots about the video game market these days, so as long as Sony’s sticking to their terms, I don’t think they care which platforms the games are on.


Marvel have their big Square Enix deal, right? That Crystal Dynamics Avengers game is probably going to come out in four years time.


And Yakuza…

And Horizon Zero Dawn…

And the list goes on.


Yeah a friend of mine bought a PS4 just to play Spidey.




This is pretty amusing.

(Not only does he manage it, but he only presses Left three times too.)


It is on:

Is anyone really surprised that the big company that won’t back is down is EA? Me neither.


It was inevitably going to be them or Activision.


Anyone watch tonight’s Nintendo Direct? Some interesting announcements: New Super Mario Bros U for Switch; Animal Crossing for Switch, Luigi’s Mansion 3; “a dungeon crawler based on Munchkin”; Isabelle from AC for Smash; and loads of Final Fantasy ports, including 7, 9, 10, 10-2, 12 and a “pocket edition” of 15. Weird that 8 was passed over.



I’m not sure this helps EA’s claim that Ultimate Team packs/loot boxes aren’t gambling as much as they think it does.


I doubt it’s anywhere near enough.

Also, to argue loot boxes are pradtory on certain personality types doesn’t need to even invoke gambling, those are the closest authorities sure, but it’s a just a very crappy practice.