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Couldn’t resist, not after Bruce’s post.


So, the reviews are out for Spider-Man on PS4, and they’re generally very good. (I won’t link them here, you can Google them easily enough.)

There’s a bit of criticism of the plotting and pacing, and of the combat being a bit derivative of the Arkham games, but largely it sounds like all the important stuff is in place - the web-slinging is fun and intuitive, there’s a lot of scope to play the game in the way you choose, and there’s a good mix of stuff to do.

It sounds like it will be to Spider-Man what the Arkham games were to Batman, which is everything I wanted. Looking forward to playing it on Friday.


I don’t feel “derivative of Arkham” is nearly as big a criticism as others do. I wish there were more Arkham games. I wish that series came out as often as Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty. Give me the same thing with Spidey, Daredevil, Blue Beetle, anyone.


Also, really, is there was ever a character tailor made to be derivative of Arkham it’s Spiderman. Last time I checked Batman didn’t have spider-sense after all.


Yeah, I loved Arkham City, especially. So if the criticism of Spider-Man is that it’s too similar to that then I’ll be happy. I should probably just give in and pre-order this already…


After typing my post I realized there is a brilliant Arkham style Daredevil game making use of his heightened senses just dying to be made.


I’m sure I saw a demo of a DD game like that once.

Anyway, yes, I’m with you - the Arkham games are great and I’m personally very happy to get a Spidey game in that mould. I just mentioned it as it’s a factor that is bringing the scores down very slightly (Metacritic has it in the high 80s at the moment, which is still very good).


Here’s some info on the cancelled DD game of the early 2000s.


I don’t give a flying shite about Fortnight but this made me laugh.



I would be tempted to do that as well, except I don’t know if my PC is gonna be able to handle it… it’s starting to struggle with newer stuff… so no point in rushing it… =(


It’s PlayStation exclusive, sadly.

I think it’s a shame when these exclusives shut out other formats, but given the Sony licence I guess it was inevitable.


Even so, when you start racking them up, Sony has one hell of a lot of exclusives on Ps4.


Yeah, and they’re good games, some of the best.

Exclusives work both ways though - one game I was really looking forward to in recent years was Cuphead, and short of buying an Xbox it seems like I’ll never get the chance to play it.


Xbox exclusives tend to end up the PC too though, as Cuphead did, which does tip the balance in the PS4’s favour.


It’ll come out on PC as well… even if it takes a year or two… console exclusives usually apply to other consoles, most “exclusives” end up on PC at some point.


It’s published by Sony. It won’t be on the PC.


We’ll see… other Spider-man games have made it to PC (even though they’re not sold anymore, but that’s 'cause of expired licensing).

Console exclusives are such a stupid thing… u_u


They were published by Activision, who lost the licence a few years back.