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I still haven’t played the base game of Battletech (too much other stuff backlogged, waiting for a good sale, not sure my PC can even run it, actually) but it’s encouraging to see its getting expansions. With the Hatchetman!


I’ve been enjoying the hell out of BattleTech, I’ve only one story misison left so I’ve gone into the Deep periphery to try and salvage a couple more assault mechs and try and stock up on LosTech weapons, and also visit the planet that the Death From Above streamed tabletop game is set on.

But with the expansion announced, I’m thinking I might cut that short, go back and do the last mission, then patch the game to get the new options (you can now make it harder to keep pilots alive, increase the amount of mechs you need to kill to salvage a working one, and/or set it so when you salvage a mech it’s just the frame, no equipment), and get ready for Flashpoint.




That looks like it could be lots of fun. I like the art style, and what little we see of gameplay looks faithful to the originals.


As long as it’s got some rad eating roast chickens out of bins action, it should do fine.


I wantz.


Ohhh this is one of the best game news ever for me… I’m a mega fan of the series…

I really hope they can get the OG composer for this though… and I REALLY hope it’s good =(

(oh and that it comes out on PC quickly =P )


Needs to be the SoR 4 soundtrack, this is incredibly good:

This lot ain’t bad either:


Honestly, I’m mostly worried about the controls… newer beat 'em ups have these horrible control schemes with too many buttons to do everything, I’ve always thought SoR3 did it perfectly with only 3 buttons… so hopefully they’ll go with something like that and keep it that way…


Finally got around to watching Cyberpunk 2077’s staggering 48-minute demo - I think it is both the simplest and most sophisticated PR I’ve ever seen.

What it showed off was stunning and the entire thing still had ‘work in progress’ stamped all over it - a wise move in the wake of Spider-Man’s ‘Puddlegate’ online explosion.

What really made it work were a number of factors that all combine:

  • World design - lots of little details that add up
  • Fitting nudity and profanity - both are present but felt natural, felt fitting to the world being displayed
  • Action gameplay - FPS combined with RPG powers / abilities
  • Multiple routes / conversations - Expected, but hard to do well, this did it well.

The other aspect talk of the demo revolves around is the game, so far, is going contrary to the industry when it comes to crappy commercial moves. No season pass, no day one DLC, no microtransactions, no loot box. The proposition is: Slam down $60 / £50 and you get a damn big, damn good game.


I’m a little weary of it being FPS. First because I’m not a fan of them but also it makes it feel very similar to Deus Ex.

Oh and puddlegate?


re: “Puddlegate”

Look it up, it’ll be an easy Google but the whole thing comes across as utterly dumb to me.


Feels like I really don’t want to know.

(From context presumably it’s something to do with one of the early demos looking different to the final product, and some kind of perceived graphical downgrade.)



Game hasn’t been downgraded. Just a bunch of online whiny bitches being online whiny birches.


Baffling. It’s clearly been rejigged (moving the puddle, different lighting) but doesn’t look worse - presumably they thought the changes automatically meant a downgrade?

It must be exasperating to have to deal with this stuff from a PR perspective.

Looking forward to Spidey anyway. Tempted to book the afternoon off on Friday to get stuck in.


I hadn’t heard of this mini furore, but the lighting effects on Spider-Man do seem much better in the E3 one. But it’s hardly like bullshot is a new and unusual thing.


Yeah, it’s worrying that people are naive / stupid enough to think what is shown at games expos is actually what the final game will look like.


You’d think they would have learned by now.


The puddle really made that image, though.