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Don’t sweat it— I’ve been playing the latest Zelda for about 8 months now and I’m still just over halfway through. That’s getting older for you…


Don’t I know it! I’ve still barely scratched the surface of HZD and God of War.



Oh, will have to check these out on the PS4 YouTube.


Doom looks as great as ever. Some interesting new mechanics there, and cool to see some ‘new’ classic baddies back.


I love the total lack of stealth there. Shoot fat bastard, grab belly grenade from fat bastard, feed it to fat bastard and detonate.


That’s the way I like to play shooters, pile in all guns blazing! :smile:


I love that the new Doom kind of forces you to play like that, too. It’s the complete opposite approach of a lot of modern slower stealth-based games: if you don’t keep moving and stay on the offensive, you won’t last long.


Crazy if true.


The Onion has a lot to answer for.


This game is going to be gloriously insane: