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I’d like to think so.

It seems to be an area where it depends where you look. Some are aware and can work out that creating a large, intricate game world, complete with story and quests takes time. Yet, at the same time, as gaming tech has progressed, so too have expectations gone up - see the response to Andromeda’s flaws upon release. Then there’s also the more dodgy corporate side that sees unfinished games, like Andromeda released because the big corporate company wanted it out at that point.

I think more backwards compatibility is going to be needed if games take longer or they abandon console generations and go for tech upgrading. I don’t think the net is up to full streaming of all games, all the time. In the future? Perhaps.




You know, if this plays as good as it looks, everyone is going to be going “stuff the main plot, I’m just going to web-swing all over the place”:


Kind of neat that they have some recognizable NYC landmarks in there too.


This is how most of the past Spidey games have ended up for me.


That’s pretty much how all open world games are for me. “Sod the story line, how much fannying about can I do?”


That’s basically how I played Arkham City. I would just Batman around the city dive bombing big groups of criminals and then maybe hit up a story mission when I happened to land in the area.




The more I see of this game the more I feel the need to buy a PlayStation.
I was watchinge the web swinging section thinking how great it would be if you had a more progressive rpg style Spider-Man game. Starting with him first getting his powers and things being awkward and clumsy and as you progress becoming more athletic and acrobatic as a wider range of skills get unlocked.


I was thinking of holding out until it gets a bit cheaper, but the more I see of it the more it feels like a day-one buy.


Yeah, I buy very few video games day 1. Haven’t bought many games in the last year+ really. But the more I see of Spider-Man the more I think I might have to shell out for it and maybe get in on whatever pre-order bonus is out there. It looks great.


Watched that latest Spidey vid earlier, my take from it was:

Someone needs to come up with a combat system that isn’t Batman: Arkham Knight inspired. Seems almost everyone goes for that rhythm combo structure.

It really showed up how much Spider-Man 2 got right all those years back - the wall-running, the car section.


These games will only ever come off as a slightly shitter Mario Kart.


Spider Man is going to be my only day one purchase of the year. I am already clearing the decks for it.


Nintendo just did a Direct about Smash Bros Ultimate. After all they revealed at E3 (in almost excruciating detail) it seemed slightly unnecessary, but wow - those announcements have me even more stoked for the game.

Over 100 stages! Over 800 bits of music! King K Rool! Simon Belmont (and Richter too)! Chrom! Dark Samus! Zero, Knuckles, Krystal, Shovel Knight and the Moon as Assist Trophies! Alolan Exeggutor in Pokeballs! Loads of interesting new gameplay options too. I really thought Smash for WiiU was the best the game could be in most regards, but Ultimate is looking to live up to its name.

There’s no way it’s not going to require a harddrive installation from download on top of the game card though. It’s just too big, surely.


The game looks beautiful but there does seem to be a fair amount of busywork in the gameplay.


It looks stunning, but at the same time there’s a voice at the back of my head telling me that there’s no way I’ve got enough time to give over to a game like that right now. Maybe next year.