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It sounds like it could be RDR2’s version of the Arkham Knight batmobile.


I actually stopped playing Red Dead Redemption because of a story mission where you had to heard sheep or cattle or whatever and one dumb animal would always run off right at the very end. I wanted to play a wild west video game, not be a virtual farm hand.


Yeah you would have played Farmville if you wanted to do that.





Ah, I knew that already but didn’t care.


Yep, nothing new there.

Edit: Now I actually look at it I see it’s an article from six months ago.




I’m excited about this game all over again now.


I downloaded the add on this morning and gave it a quick blast. The child is in nursery today so I’ll hopefully get a chance for a longer go.


I just checked a few minutes ago and couldn’t access it on the PSN store! Hopefully it’ll be up by the time I get home later.


It’s up there.

Sony have missed a trick - I’d have put this one on time-limited special offer, say 33% off, flog it for 11.99, link the Encore DLC and steal all the sales from Amazon who are still flogging it for £25.




Oh yeah, I downloaded it later on Tuesday afternoon. It’s lots of fun - I’m enjoying the new characters.


Starting to sound like next week will be the time to return once more to No Man’s Sky



This series posted its final instalment this week.

Here’s a compilation of the whole thing.


I suppose this is news, was watching PrettyGoodGaming’s news round-up and one item was that Guerilla are doing a major expansion so they can do games like Horizon Zero Dawn in 2-3 years.

How long did Horizon Zero Dawn take them? Six and a half years.

It shows, it really does - you can’t do that kind of game fast, but I’m wondering if consumers are willing to allow this kind of development time. God of War was apparently five years work.


Surely GoW’s success and popularity shows consumers are willing to give them that sort of time?