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I’d say it was more subtle about it. Or maybe it’s an expectation point - if I know I’m playing a game in a brutal post-apocalyptic setting, expectation adjusts.

For all that F3 is an irradiated hell - F4 even more so - I don’t recall either game burning someone alive in a long cutscene. Granted, I did that many times with a Heavy Incinerator but as they were all Talos or Enclave, it don’t count. :wink: Similarly, you can’t go a hundred yards in W3 without finding corpses hung from a tree - it just felt nastier, but maybe that’s just me.


Have you tried the recent Shadowrun games? They’re turn-based rather than real-time and 3/4 form above view. And, well cyberpunk.fantasy crossover, but still cyberpunk


No. I haven’t played them. I don’t have a PC, and am stuck to using my PS4 and 3DS, or my sister’s Switch for gaming.
Turn-based strategy games were something that I enjoyed when I was younger though. I feel like the right game could suck me back into the genre.



It’s alright. It’s not like I have a Mac.


Poor Joyce.



GOG added Escape From Monkey Island to their catalogue:


I thought we, as a society, had all quietly agreed to pretend that game doesn’t exist?


Oh, it is not that bad.

Go play Simon 3D and let’s compare :stuck_out_tongue:


I had successfully repressed all memories of Simon 3D and they’ve just come flooding back. I did at least get further into Escape than Simon 3.


While EMI had Monkey Kombat, Simon 3D had a lot of bad arcade games, the graphics are something to behold (almost minecraft like?), and the final puzzle will require you to emulate old hardware if you want to actually finish the game because… SPOILERS.

The german follow ups, Simon 4 & 5, were meh. I recently replayed them to see if my memory of them from when they were first released was accurate.


I don’t think I even got far enough to see most of that. I remember a maze, a butterfly hunter and a disappearing phone box. Oh god, I’m going to end up replaying it to remind myself how bad it was, at this rate.

I really liked the look of the revival - Between Worlds - that was heading for crowd-funding a few years ago, but it fell apart unfortunately.


Hm, Strontium Dog would be great, in open world steampunk western fps style.


We kind of knew this was coming. Last year the Rebellion chief said fans kept asking them to make 2000ad games but they didn’t have the bandwidth because their teams were all on franchises like Sniper Elite so they would open the licences out for other people to make them for them.

Strontium Dog could be great for a game, being set missions to claim bounties on crazy villains. A Slaine RPG as well please.


License the BattleTech engine from Harebrained Schemes, do Volgan War-set ABC warriors game.




I went to a video game market in Bristol yesterday. It was held in the same “shed” that used to host the dealer room for the Bristol Comic Expo. It’s the first time I’ve been there in about a decade, which was quite weird. It wasn’t anywhere close to filling the hall as much as the comic expo used to, but there was a decent amount of stalls (of course the one with the best games had the highest prices). Still, I picked up Mario vs DK on the GBA, Tetrisphere and 1080 Snowboarding on the N64 and Zombies Ate My Neighbours for the SNES.

Testing them all last night, it got me thinking: the characters from Zombies (who Wikipedia assures me are called Zeke and Julie) would be great additions to Smash Bros, either as a team or just alternates of each other. They’ve got great designs and the range of weapons in the game (water pistols, fire extinguishers, coke can bombs and more) would make for a great move-set.


We need to make this happen! Somehow.


I’ve been reading about the new Red Dead Redemption this morning and the horse stuff does not sound very fun to me.


It does seems like it’s on the boundary between immersion and joyless faux-simulation.