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I think this might be the year I finally get a PS4. Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima look great (and there’s Red Dead Redemption 2 to consider as well).


These were also highlights:

Stylish new game by Remedy.

And this long-awaited REmake.

Death Stranding was absolutely the best bit for me though. Each trailer just gives us some more questions, but the scenario seems so interesting. It already has a better cast than plenty of movies. I’d guessed that was Lea Seydoux from the opening lines of dialogue. This game is going to be so cool, assuming it ever comes out.


I just got round to watching this, but yes, it looks like a really thoroughly-conceived world and scenario, and all the trailers have been intriguing. Now that the standard of graphics in these games is so universally amazing*, I think a game needs something extra to stand out.

(*Although I will say that the trailer for TLoU 2 blows the rest of them away visually. It looks unbelievably polished - so much so that I’m half-worried it’s going to be held back for the PS5.)


You’re right about the levels of polish on display for The Last Of Us 2, but I watched that whole trailer last night and felt nothing. I’m not sure why, but it’s not appealing to me. Maybe because I never played the DLC episode? Or because I never loved that first game the way that you (and many others) did. All of the animations are very fluid though. It was a shame for Sony to open their conference with that and then roll out Ghost of Tsusushima, with its unconvincing walking animation and much lower level of polish in general. The colours look stunning in that one though, and the music sounds great.


That helps, definitely. It’s quite important to Ellie’s deeper character development.


This sounds interesting.


Ghost of Tsushima feels a lot like Witcher 3, though it looks like the combat will have high and low strikes. I hope they stay away from anything supernatural, it’s about time we got a straight samurai game.

I actually liked most of the designs in Spider man. The only one that didn’t do much for me was Scorpion. Electro definitely felt like they were aiming for Rocksteady’s design style though.

Control looks like it could be a lot of fun.


They did that back on the NES with the original Jaws game.


The Last of Us 2 looks amazing. Just wish we’d get a release date.

Death Stranding on the other hand, looks a bit pish. Nice graphics, but it looks like it might be disappearing up its own arse when it comes too the story.


I’m a little underwhelmed by Nintendo’s presentation. Smash Bros Ultimate looks good, but “all the old characters are back” and “lots of minor tweaks” isn’t a desperately exciting sales pitch. Fire Emblem looks good, but has been delayed til next year. Super Mario Party looks good. And then they wasted a load of previews and announcements (like Dragon Ball FighterZ getting a port) in a fast montage.
And no F-Zero. :frowning:


I watched the trailer, it looked nice but I had no clue what the hell was going on.

With Nioh 2 being announced, it’d be in their interest to do exactly this. It was one hell of a trailer - looked amazing.


Nintendo’s Treehouse did a live play of Super Mario Party and this seems like a strong back-to-basics return to form for the series after some questionable entries recently.

I think it might do well. The Switch feels like a natural party console and this is the perfect party game.


A little disappointed to hear this will be first person as I generally don’t like them.


If any company is going to surprise with this, it’ll be CDPR.


Aaw no. Really?
My interest has plummeted. We already have Deus Ex for first-person cyberpunk shenanigans.


I’m playing Witcher 3 now and I can’t say I’m hugely impressed by it. It’s beautiful and expansive but the story and voice acting aren’t particularly engaging. Maybe you have to had played the earlier games. I found the mass effect games far better.


Why make that kind of Force-powered leap from what has been a very limited first trailer?

I’m not seeing the issue here. If anything, I’d reckon that once a gameplay vid gets released - and as they’re doing a media blitz, it’ll happen - we’ll all be watching it and going: Oh. I get it now.

My favourite bit of the intro vid? Has to be this:

Nah, not in my case - I started with W3. What worked for me was that the gameworld was far more brutal than any other RPG I’d played, which made it stand out - there was a refreshing lack of the romanticism of the medieval era that tends to go with fantasy RPGs.


The game world is pretty much just as brutal as any other open world rpg I’ve played. The lack of romantism doesn’t really matter to me when I don’t care about any of the characters.


PC games then? Because when I run through the console RPGs I’d played before W3, nothing really comes close to its brutality. I suppse there are the Souls games, maybe some in the horror genre but when I think RPG, I’m thinking stuff like FF, Tales, Skyrim, Fallout where consoles are concerned.


Fallout 3 was just as brutal if not more so than Witcher 3.