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Just been catching up on the Anthem news.

It sounds potentially encouraging.

Play sounds similar to MHW - solo or multiplayer are both enabled.

Also, it looks like EA have learnt from their loot box fiascos of 2017.


I’m cautiously optimistic about Anthem. The game play looks solid so far and everything else they said hits the right notes. We’ll see how it pans out. Does make me kind of wish that I and the friends I used to game with a lot still had time to game a bit more than we do nowadays.



That looks like it could be interesting. Although I’m getting slight flashbacks to Watch_Dogs, and how that suffered due to the advance hype, so I think I’ll remain cautiously interested in this one.


That looks interesting but I’d want to see some gameplay.

Due to this being from CDPR, the hype may well end up being justified.

EDIT: Oho? A Tales of Vesperia remaster? Hopefully, it won’t be XB exclusive as the original game was.





Spotting an Arch-vile and Pain Elemental from Doom 2 in the background there.



Looks like Arachnotrons are in there too. They weren’t in Doom '16 were they?

Love that they seem to be doing a Doom II/Hell On Earth sort of idea.


Still haven’t played nuDoom… I think I might not be that interested after all :smile:

I hope this new one looks more enticing though… but it’s probably gonna be similar since it was a hit.


I missed that. Always forget they’re different from the Spiderdemon / Mastermind.


Crush 40!

This looks like it might be fun to play with the kids. Although the specific lack of a mention of any local multiplayer is a bit concerning.

They wouldn’t leave that out, would they?


From the mad bastards that brought you the Yakuza series:

And to top that, in WTF terms:

Also watched some Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey vids and it looked quite stunning. Game graphics keep getting that little bit better each time.


I am so psyched for the Sony conference. It has to be better than last year.


Lots of good stuff.

Man I hope this is as good as it looks:


Don’t love some of these character designs but the game looks pretty great so far.


The Last Of Us II looks absolutely stunning. I hope it’s going to be something special.


It looks like an Arkham game for Spider-man. Which is fine by me.


Yeah same here… Not a fan AT ALL of any of those suits (except Rhino I guess, he looks fine). Why do they do this? Why not use the classic costumes (with a bit of tweaks to modernize them)? =(

On the other hand, I can already see the DLCs to get the classic suit, the symbiote, etc… ¬¬

Anyways, yeah I guess I’m in for more Arkham Assylum… why not =P