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That looks good.


It does. I’ll be keen to see a bit more gameplay nearer the time.


Yeah, as much as I love the games Rockstar produces and will be buying this no matter what, game trailers that are just cutscenes are borderline insulting — they tell you nothing about what it’s like to play


No actual gameplay but the reaction from people who have seen actual gameplay.


Teaser, gameplay tomorrow.

The interesting bit for me is that it is made by Avalanche, who had some nice ideas when developing the Mad Max game.



This is a great idea.

I’m surprised no-one has done it before.


There have been a few in the past, but they were all relatively niche products - this is the highest profile one for sure. Oddly one became a popular controller in some gamer circles because it was sturdy and comfortable for anyone to use.


Despite loving adventure games, I have never felt compelled to play a Leisure Suit Larry game, because, well, Sierra adventure games are frustrating to begin with, I don’t particularly want to play one that fails to even reach the heady heights of comedy of a Carry On film.

Other people like them though and they survived through the 90s, managed a couple of 3d games in the 00s and now some German studio is reviving the series with a new game, called Wet Dreams Don’t Dry. :roll_eyes:

And yet… These screenshots look quite good, art style wise.

If they actually get the tone right (sex positive, Larry as the punchline of jokes and sleazy in an amusing way), it might be worth a look. Maybe? Out this Autumn.


Not news but figured this is the best place for it (especially since Martin mentioned point and click Leisure Suit Larry). This YouTube channel - Ahoy - has done several retrospectives in the past and I though this one on Monkey Island was quite interesting.


The new Switch Pokemon game(s) has been announced and it lines up with the leaks from a couple of weeks back.

It’s essentially a bridge between Pokemon Go and proper Pokemon games, presumably to try and lure a chunk of Pokemon Go players to Switch in time for the next proper Pokemon game, on Switch next year.

I was a bit dubious about Let’s Go when I saw it, with it’s dumbed down capture mechanics etc, but if it’s a stop-gap before a proper entry on the Switch, rather than a replacement, then I can live with it.



I’m actually considering a switch now. If I showed my boys that pokemon trailer it would be a done deal.


Do it. Do it! It is a lovely console.





Yup, this thread’s going to be busy.


EA stream, conference starts in 30 minutes


The father of one of my son’s friends is at E3 this year as he was the project lead on a small game and it is launching next week.