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This is making the upcoming Street Fighter anniversary collection looking like a more appealing deal: you get a free digital copy of SFIV too.

The game is currently £22.99 for pre-order at Amazon at the moment. Not a bad deal for pretty much every SF game except SFV.

(The only bad news is it comes out on exactly the same day as the Sega Mega Drive collection, so it’s going to be a tough decision which one to play first.)


(As well as rereleases of decades-old games, I’m sure there are some actual new games in the works at the moment too.)


Aye, but does anyone really give a shite about those?!

Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I got excited by any big upcoming video game news.


Smash Bros on Switch!

Which may just be an enhanced port of the Wii U, admittedly.

Actually, I’m quite looking forward to the new Battletech game next month (though I probably won’t get it til later in the year).


I’m looking forward to the new God of War. That’s out soon isn’t it?

RDR2, Spidey and The Last Of Us 2 are on the horizon too, if a little further away.


I Kickstarted it, been looking forward to it for some time!


Kratos would have words with thee.

Seriously, it’s looking quite something:


I missed the Kickstarter by about a month, but have been hotly anticipating it since. MechCommander is one of my favourite games ever and this removes the need to constantly pause it by being turn-based, so it’ll be even better.

I just hope the mechwarriors are still based on the development team. I always found that endearing for some reason.


Pfff I just saw this is on pre-order for Steam, but like always, it’s actually even more expensive here than in the US (it’s 50 bucks here… =/), so fuck Capcom.


They’re planning to include notable MechWarriors, including the cast of the BattleTech game they stream on HyperRPG. The GM and a bunch of the PCs worked on the game, so there’s that.




New video series.


Guess I know what I’ll be playing in September.


The one big question mark over that game for me are the QTEs.

It’s recently been confirmed no QTEs in the new God of War, which instantly makes it more appealing to me.

Changing tack:

Following the corporate U-turn EA did on Star Wars: Battlefront II, after the most toxic reception for a game in years, Warner Bros have just joined in. All the loot box progression in Shadow of War is to go!

This is pretty remarkable stuff - major corporations actually changing course and backing down from some truly horrendously dubious practices in the wake of massive negative publicity.


God of War is actually one of the games that have made QTEs work ok for me. Putting Poseidon’s eyes out in GoW3 was a lot of fun.


The Yakuza series absolutely nail them for me.

In the end, I got far better on the Tomb Raider ones too, but in the main, I’m still wary of them on general principle.


Oh, definitely. You don’t forget Shenmue that easily.


Never actually played that, be interesting to see what Shenmue 3 is like, given how Yakuza is seen as a heavily influenced successor to it.


Joking aside, Shenmue was amazing in its day and well ahead of its time in many ways.

But it’s also widely credited with inventing QTEs (actually called Quick Timer Events in that game), and they were pretty ropey, with a lot of frustrating losses of lives as a result.