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It’s hard not to read this story and conclude EA are idiots:

While it appears far less complex as the Star Wars: X-Wing games that inspired it, there’s a lot to like about this unnamed game. We see the original-trilogy-era Millennium Falcon and an X-wing engage in dogfights from both third and first-person perspective, blasting away at TIE Fighters, TIE Interceptors, a Star Destroyer, and even Boba Fett’s Slave-1. The concept included the ability to freely switch between ships and hyperspace-jump between areas. You can see the shared DNA with Rebel Galaxy in the interface, including the menu, the shield and radar display in the lower left, and the throttle control in the upper right. There’s definitely some vertical movement, though it’s not clear how much.

Even though it didn’t get the go-ahead from EA, “It was still a cool demo to do,” Baldree said. But all the work put into this pitch didn’t go to waste: Double Damage is currently working on an unannounced space shooter, and the Star Wars demo laid the foundation for it. Based on all the aggressive teasing from the Rebel Galaxy Twitter account, this new game might have as much in common with Wing Commander as X-Wing. Check out the screens and art we’ve seen so far below.

The video is damn sweet too.


New Nintendo Direct “mini” (mini as in small, not mini console related).

For a mini presentation, there’s a lot of good info in there.



Um… well that’s kind of creepy. She’s like 18 or 19 at most and isn’t he in his 30s?


yeah 'cause that NEVER happens in real life… :joy:


It’s creepy in real life too.


Birthdate July 21, 1964

Birthdate March 15, 1981

So, now he’d be in his early fifties and she’d be in her late thirties.


Those dates have probably been moved up at least a couple times by now. She’s described as a recent high school graduate.


She got held back a lot for fighting.


This looks like fun.


Jeez, Nintendo, why don’t you come up with something original for once?


It is making me seriously consider a Switch for next Christmas.

For the kids, obviously.


Freaking Nintendo man. This looks amazing:


@RonnieM too in the Tech thread.


Ugh. The video game thread.

See my disclaimer. :wink:


I recommend watching this:


The more I see of Labo, the more impressive it looks. I mean, there’s pretty much a full on remake of Excitebike, with copious customisation options in there and that’s just one of the five games in the Variety pack.


This looks wonderfully silly.

Hmm, there’s a video, but because it’s from Twitter, I can’t directly embed that.


over expensive carton… right… :roll_eyes: