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This is just over a month old, but somehow I hadn’t seen it yet (I just found it after TLOU was mentioned in the other gaming thread):

The first game was brutal in places, but this looks like it could go even further. I hope it’s not too much.

Either way, those visuals look amazing.


I beat The Last of Us 6 times. I did it in both Grounded and Grounded + and I almost wanna go play it again. It’s easily one of my favorite games ever and I am still in awe of it. I don’t know how they can follow it up, and I have my doubts, but I really wanna play more.


New Death Stranding trailer. The fuck?!


I can even imagine how that game becomes a playable experience…but it looks damn cool.


That looks incredible!


I have no idea what’s going on in that game trailer, but it looked amazing!


I was surprised that nobody had posted this here yet. Aside from the Emma-Stone-is-in-the-game rumour not turning out, I couldn’t be happier with how this is looking.
It looks like a great slice of sci-fi.




Well, damn…

I mean XC2 and a couple of other games made it inevitable I’d get a Switch at some point but this? This just seals the deal:

At some point in the New Year, I’ll be getting a Switch.



Yeah, I’m definitely going to be buying that. Looks great, especially all the bonus features.


I find it really stupid they didn’t include the Ultra SF remix version in that package… I’ve been wanting for that to come out on PC forever =/

Also, I’d be more excited about it if I didn’t know about Capcom’s abusive price schemes… I’m expecting it to be over-expensive for me (in my region we usually get it even more expensive than the USD base price)…


Even with 12 different versions of the game included, I guess you can’t please everyone. :slight_smile:


Well no, there’s 6 different games in there (and 6 alt versions) but yeah, precisely… Ultra SFII is the only HD one… with new sprites and high res. The difference between some of those is marginal, tbh… so Ultra would’ve been a better offering that Hyper for exemple… if only for people who wanna play classic SFII on fullscreen and HD graphics… =/


It’s a fair point. There’s not much between a lot of those versions of SFII.


Well yeah, and obviously this is probably a collection for hardcore fans who don’t really mind playing in old-school screen resolutions with side bars and all that… the problem is those fans would probably like even more alt-versions in there… but also, my thinking is, maybe they could get a lot of newer younger players with a game that doesn’t actually look 20 years old (even though it’s basically the exact same game as Super Street Fighter II Turbo).

So yeah, honstly, it’s quite stupid they didn’t add Ultra in there, from a marketing stand point, but who knows… since it’s more recent, they probably want to milk it some more… u_u


Yeah, I imagine most of the people this is aimed at are looking for it to be as close to the original as possible. The new versions with the fancy sprites are nice and everything, but given the choice I’d always play the original.

My kids are still young but they quite like sprite-based games of that late-80s/early-90s era. I don’t know how long that will last though - it may be that they soon feel like all that stuff is old hat.


Yeah… the more awkward thing is that USFII actually has the classic game in it too, so you can play either version…

I just think having a more “recent” version in HD is just a good option in a bundle like this… but eh…

Oh and btw, interesting tidbit maybe you guys don’t know, the HD graphics were made by Udon :smile:



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