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It should be around 5 bucks in about a couple of years tops… BundleStars usually has the best prices for WB games, even better than Steam, fyi, if you wanna check for prices later on.


Not news but an interesting talk / presentation from Mick Gordon on composing the music for Doom 2017. I don’t completely understand all the technical bits but his enthusiastic delivery makes it an enjoyable watch.




Dammit, the name “Blitzmensch” has already been taken? :angry:

throws out a page of character notes


Warner Bros Interactive just can’t seem to help themselves:

The problem remains that they’re flogging this DLC character for $4.99 and donating $3.50 of that to charity, so what happens to the $1.49 left?

At this point it’s going to be very interesting how the game actually does given the succession of PR crapstorms it has been the subject of.


I picked up a copy of LA Noire from a charity shop the other day. I rented the game when it originally came out (and quite enjoyed it) and have intended to pick up a copy - ideally the complete one with all the DLC included - for ages to replay it. Was only the standard edition, but just £2 from the BHF.

Oh, apropos of nothing, new news.



A great interview with Christian Whitehead on Sonic Mania:

(I wonder which Zone he’s talking about when he refers to the one that a lot of fans typically dislike?)


On second thoughts, it’s Oil Ocean Zone, isn’t it?



Star Wars Battlefront is going cheap on the PSN now - you can buy the Ultimate edition of the game (including the game and the season pass for all DLC) for just £3.99, or if you have the base game already the season pass for the DLC is free.


There’s a new Nintendo Direct at 11pm (BST) tonight. It’s mostly focusing on Mario Odyssey but also about “upcoming Switch and 3DS games” so I suspect it might contain a big news item or two (given it’s on at a time convenient for Americans to watch in the evening).
Also probably good odds on Odyssey’s release date changing, I suspect.


Highlights from the Nintendo Direct:

Mainstream third party support in the form of FIFA 18, NBA 2K18, WWE 2K18 and ports of LA Noire, Skyrim, DOOM and Wolfenstein 2. Plus Rocket League and various indie titles.

A new Mario Party game for the 3DS, which is a selection of the 100 best minigames from the series.

Mario Odyssey is still out in October and there’s a console bundle for it, with red joy-cons.

Square’s new RPG Octopath Traveler has a demo live from tonight.

They made a point of announcing Lyn as a playable character for Fire Emblem Warriors, which was odd, because it’s not like they’ve really gone into much detail about the roster before now and I’d assumed she was in there anyway.



I was hoping it was just going to be "I’m sick of waiting for The Last of Us 2 as well’


Also, this:

Bugger, I’m going end up having to get the Switch to play this, aren’t I?


New Japanese Sonic Forces story trailer (with unofficial English subtitles):

I’m still very unsure about this. And not just due to being spoiled by Mania. It looks like it still has the flaws of a lot of the other modern Sonic games, and I’m just not sure whether it’ll be fun to play.

Here are a few recently-released gameplay videos.


Not really news, but this works surprisingly well.



The PC port of FFIX has just hit PSN PS4, getting quite a bit of chatter around it but take a look at this trophy requirement: