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What’s worst with it?


The recurring themes in the reviews I looked at, which were the usual suspects - IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku, Polygon etc, were:

  • Small, uninteresting gameworld
  • Shallow characters
  • Lots of filler content
  • Cookie cutter levels that all look the same

It might be fine to buy when it hits the £15-20 range but for £40-45? Nah.


Starcraft Remastered dropped yesterday… It’s gloriously the exact same thing… :smile:

Except it’s soooooo much prettier now (and sounds better too). Perfect =)

Koreans will be able to show their tournamentes in 4k now… after 19 years of really old graphics. I’m sure they’re very happy, specially the tournament organisers :smile:


Aka typical subpar open world game problems.


Yeah, it’s also come out in a year that’s had both Zelda and HZD.

In terms of their open worlds, both are superb.


Now this is a trailer!


Yakuza 6: Song of Life and Kazama Kiryu’s final outing hits PS4 next year, 20 March.

Going to be a shame to see this end but having played Kiryu (and others) across 3, 4, 5, Zero and soon Kiwami, it’ll also be good to conclude his story. (Also the Tojo Clan can only screw itself over so many times with Kiryu stepping in to save it via the time-honoured method of beating up many, many people.)


Not exactly a surprise:

But still a shame to see a good series come to an end.


Yeah, the Mass Effect news is a real bummer. For all of Andromeda’s faults, I still enjoyed it and would have been interested in where they might take it. Hopefully if they return to the ME universe they learn some valuable lessons from the developmental mess of ME:A.


Looks like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is getting some pretty good reviews:

Looking forward to this one. Even if it is essentially more of the same, it will be fun to return to that world for a while.


That’s on steam, if it wasn’t for the graphics constraints of my current laptop I would be playing it.


Holy shit.


A pretty cool addition to the Injustice 2 DLC.


Wow, wasn’t expecting him at all.


OK, that’s a pretty cool introduction.


It’s a shame they spoiled the surprise by showing him in the video thumbnail / preview image.


The only thing that would have made that intro better is if the rocket had hit Raiden after he let go of it.

Not crazy about the voice though honestly.


The reveal made me consider getting the game on my way home from work but when I went in to Game to look for it I saw the digital code for the Ultimate Edition he’s included in costs nearly £90! Ended up deciding it can fuck right off. Hopefully there’ll be a game of the year edition eventually that I can get a renowned copy of a few years down the line.


Don’t they usually sell these DLC packs individually for a lower price?

That’s what the most recent Mortal Kombat did I think - you could pay a little bit (I think it was about a fiver) for each batch of characters.


There’ll almost certainly be a GOTY edition.

My brother picked up the game second hand recently and it’s quite fun. I like how Darkseid carries himself in it. Just stands with his hands behind his back almost all the time.