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(They’re also releasing it on the same day as Sonic Mania so it certainly isn’t going to get a look in from me.)


Well, yeah, but it’s built on the foundation that it was shite.


Oh man, I’m too excited for Sonic Mania!!! I actually went on to Amazon just now to preorder it and couldn’t find it. A bit of searching shows it’s going to be download only with a price tag of $19.99. Initially thought that was a bit pricey but if it was given a physical release it would cost at least double that.

My only concern is what to do with Fallout 4. There’s no way I’ll be finished it come mid-August (I’ve been playing for about a week and I’ve “only” racked up 30 hours on it). Reckon I’ll put it to one side for a quick playthrough of Mania and replay it later down the line.

Also, the Amazon search spat up a result for Sonic Forces, something I either hadn’t heard of or had forgotten about.

Looks like the Sonic Generation sequel. Up for more of that though it’ll be interesting to see how it compares to Mania.


This is the best way of doing F4, in pieces.


Yeah? Previous games (3, New Vegas and Skyrim) I just played til death until thee wasn’t anything else left to do. Have you finished Fallout 4? How many hours did you rack up?


Off the top of my head, don’t know, probably in the region of 100 as I took my time with it and did all the DLC.

I just found it worked better with breaks. One big thing that changed the game for me was modding armour / weapons which the game doesn’t do a good job of explaining.


Hmmmm… I’m 30 hours in and feel I’ve done very little exploring or actual story missions. Now I think about it I’ve wasted a stupid amount of time on settlement building which isn’t fun as such but it quite addicting.


Settlement building is love-or-loathe, I like it but there’s times when the interface is damn clunky.

It is very satisfying to build a nicely furnished pad in an atomic wasteland. Lights, bed, carpets, roof - the works.

Quite a few places I have started off as a bed just for easy health restore. One of the craziest structures I have is Hangman’s Alley - a multi-level settlement, but nothing beats the one I built on the top of and around the top of Kingsport Lighthouse. Physics? Fallout 4 says ‘fuck physics’.


Yeah, Sonic Forces looks like it could be interesting but Mania is the main event for me. I’d prefer a physical release, but a download for £15.99 is ok. I hope they consider making some of the old core games (Sonic 1,2,3&K,CD) available for PS4 too.

I have the first four on the DS at the moment (and have been giving them a playthrough recently in anticipation) but it would be nice to be able to play them on a big screen without having to dig out the PS3.

(First world problems, I know.)


Is the PS4 not backwards comparable? I got Sonics 1-3, & Knuckles and CD on 360 and was chuffed to bits when I set up my Xbox One and found them all ready and waiting to be transferred over (along with Doom and Doom 2!).


I don’t think so, sadly.


That’s a bit of a nusence.


I’m anticipating Sonic Mania enough that I’m even enjoying listening to the soundtrack for some of the zones that they’ve released in advance.

This one is a bit of an oddity though - they’ve slowed down the tempo slightly compared to the original so it sounds a bit too lounge-y (a bit like some of the stuff from Knuckles Chaotix). Change the settings on YouTube to play it at 1.25x speed and it sounds perfect.


Looks like Jigsaw is going to be leaving riddles all over Gotham in the next TellTale Batman game.


Was the first one any good? I kind of lost interest in telltale midway through Fables but I do like Batman games.


I didn’t play it but the reviews were pretty good. Apparently some people were upset by how much it deviated from the commonly accepted lore.


Was he still bitten by a radioactive bat?


As I understand it, Thomas Wayne was criminal partners with Falcone and that’s why the Waynes were murdered. The identity of the villain (Scarecrow?) upset people too I think.


What I saw played like a bad soap opera between Harvey, Selina and Bruce… ain’t even touching that thing with a ten feet pole.


Sonic Mania Special Stage and Bonus Stage, as well as the Time Attack mode:

It’s nostalgia-heavy but it still looks like a lot of fun. Blue Sphere was always a perfect combination of challenging and maddening.