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It seems very unlikely.


Do get a very strong sense of Ninty going: “Oh, you thought Zelda was too easy, huh? Fine, screw you guys - we’ll kick your arse with Master Mode”…




GAME in the UK have got the SNES mini classic open for pre-order again in case anyone is still looking for one:


I can’t read the full article without signing up there but Pokemon Go was really scuppered by its design and difficulty level. I was well into it with the kids but after a while leveling up takes months and it’s almost impossible to catch the rarer ones.

I think they could have sustained it with quicker updates so they added more to add but they took a long time to do it and enthusiasm had worn off. It’s a problem with a lot of viral games, you don’t have to be easy but you need consistent progress. I got into Farmville at one point as it was fun but two months in and I realised it was taking me 30 minutes to collect the crops and was becoming a full time job so ditched it.

I think that’s where the Candy Crush guys have done better in the casual games, you can keep going without hitting a point where it’s either impossible or becomes a chore.


The article focused more on the AR aspect and that there really haven’t been any new AR games that are hits. Companies are still developing them but the Pokémon brand is what really helped.


I still play Pokemon Go and by that I mean have it on as I walk to and from work & occasionally checking new places we visit for Pokémon.

I have never used the AR part of the catching Pokemon as I found it sucked too much battery from my phone.


Yeah I switched the AR off after about a day as it’s a nice gimmick but sucks battery and makes it harder to catch the Pokemon.



This sounds quite bizarre but fairly original.


The new Uncharted spinoff is sounding pretty good.

Sounds like it shares all the good points and bad points of Uncharted 4, which is ok by me - as is the short length (hugely long single-player campaigns are a bit overrated in my view).

It’s a budget-price release (currently £23 on Amazon) and also includes a copy of the remastered Jak & Daxter, so I’ll definitely be picking it up.


After seeing that price and the new video, I’m considering it too.

HZD was a new graphical standard for the PS4, but the sections with the Jeep in that video look set to surpass it - it’s becoming quite impressive how far the graphics are going on the current generation of consoles.



… Why?

It was bad enough the first time.


It does seem like they’ll re-release any old shite. It might be interesting to look at from a “historical” point of view and the behind the scenes stuff could be interesting but I’d not really be willing to pay top dollar for it.


Well, that was shit.



Yeah, of all the old games to revive they go for that one?


I guess it has a certain cache and reputation, and people too young to have played it the first time around might be curious to give it a go.

They’ll be disappointed.