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You can pre-order one here for £69.99.


I clicked on that link, says ‘out of stock’ :joy:


That was quick then! It was in stock when I posted it. :slight_smile:


You pre-order one?


Not enough Square Enix on that thing.


No, even at RRP it’s too expensive for me for what it is. I could buy an original SNES and loads of good games for seventy quid if I wanted to.

(Not that I’d want to, really - I lived through that gaming generation the first time around, and aside from a quick flash of nostalgia, I’m not desperate to sit through many of those games all over again. The stuff I do want to revisit I have already.)


Sold out within 18 minutes (as did Amazon yesterday). I’m probably going to give it a miss anyway.


Kirby’s Dream Course over Chrono Trigger is baffling.


The free Necromancer DLC for Diablo III is out today apparently. I’ve been really looking forward to revising this class from Diablo II, so maybe I can convince my wife to let me dive into Diablo again tonight…


Wow. That was stunning.

The original Beyond Good & Evil is one of my favourite games ever and that looks incredible, albeit just a trailer no gameplay.


Ohhhh, thank you for the tip-off, was wondering when that was going to hit.


They’ll be fucking gameplay, all right? Those 15 years of development went on extra fuckin’ swearin’.



So is this going to go down as an off year for gaming? Looking at the rest of the year and nothing really catches my fancy. I’ll get NinoKuni 2, and I have mild interest in Assassin’s Creed and Star Wars: Battlefront, but nothing really feels “must own” to me.


I don’t know, we’ve had the vr resident evil, ghost recon, Zelda, horizon zero Dawn and for all its faults mass effect.

There are still a few big games to come - God of War, destiny 2, red dead redemption 2, kingdom hearts 3, warhammer DOW 3, tekken 7, shenume 3, likely a Mario and Mario kart for switch - as well as some potential dark horses like Vampyr and days gone.

Not all of them to my taste, and not all of them will make it on time, but some big names there with big followings. Lots of sequels though.
I don’t remember as big a list of big name titles last year.


If you’re still unsure, Argos have opened pre-orders.



A few of those are 2018. If Red Dead was this year all would be worthwhile.


Ah, yeah, I guess some got shifted out.


Tekken 7 is already out and it’s great. I really need to put some hours into it.