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Yes, it will be interesting to see how sparingly they’re deployed.


I hope they don’t spin them out too much, I don’t want to be dealing with a web of controls.


Yeah, QTE…


But a spider-sense doesn’t detect spiders, so Stan is just calling himself stinky.


Gamers aren’t buying the VR hype, and game makers are quietly hedging their bets - CNBC


Really? There were as many trailers for VR games coming out of E3 as there were trailers for regular games.


Well Playstation has sunk a lot of money into its development. I’m sure they are just trying to open the flood gates to see if it will motivate some more purchases of VR equipment, but it’s all just way too damn expensive for the average individual.

VR is extremely fun with motion controls that allow you to interact with the environment…but it takes a lot more work than standard gaming, and I’d much rather have a large, 4K display hooked to my PS or computer, than use VR goggles with a controller.

I hate to say it, but for gaming it is a gimmick. Gaming drove the invention of VR, but if application and ongoing development continue with VR 10 years from now, it won’t be for gaming purposes.

I honestly think that VR is just the stopgap for excellent AR technology, which has much more value and many more possibilities than VR.


if it was deleted how am I able to reply to it.


I undeleted it, just for fun and to add to the confusion.


Mario is a bodysnatcher in the new game?



Bodysnatcher or moustache giver?


That makes his bodysnatching even more horrifying.

Mario only gives mustache rides.


Atari is indeed working on a new console, says CEO


Jeez, why? The Atari that got rescued from bankruptcy a few years ago isn’t even the one that made consoles, it was just Infogrammes rebranded. Even the Atari before that wasn’t the one that made the 2600.


Aren’t consoles plateauing at the moment?

I’m not sure what Atari can bring to the table that other consoles have been doing for years. Brand recognition will only go so far, especially nowadays.


It depends, I think if they try to directly take on Sony or Microsoft they are doomed, they have nowhere near the resources needed. However if they are offering a retro style thing with a niche following it could well work, the wood paneling motif tends to suggest that.

(That limited mini NES release seemed to do very very well.)



Mini SNES officially announced:


I’m a bit torn on it. Only 21 games but two controllers. I’ve got most of the games on there either on cart or Virtual Console, but the ones I don’t include some which I’m after but are really expensive (FF 3, Mario RPG, Secret of Mana). Starfox 2 is a really cool inclusion, but I’ve played a leaked ROM of it before an it’s rather short.

Mind you, if it’s like the Mini NES, it’ll be so hard to get hold of that all that is moot.