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I mean I saw what Dave meant earlier, so now this thread is doubly confusing (except to me) and this is doubly apt:


Never played the original, but it might be a big deal for those who have.



This was a smart trailer:

But this one was genius:


Oh yeah!


It looks stunning, although I don’t recall them being so sweary. I hope they bring back my favourite character – the sergeant dude who kept referring to his army manual. He was hilarious.


Well, they weren’t - one of the comments on one games site was to that effect.

Damn, what’s the world fecking coming to with game developers coding shitty lingo all over the place? I don’t know where the feckers get it from.


I know.

And, even worser, they’ve given Jade the wrong fucking shade of lipstick. It was green, Toddammit!


Looks nice. I hope someone makes a game of it some time.


I have to say that the Sony conference was abig step-down from last year.
I think the only new game announced was the Shadow of Colossus remake.
Spider-Man does look cool though.


Spider-Man looked quite spectacular. I would really like to play that.

Beyond that, God of War is intriguing, along with Days Gone, and of course, Shadow of the Colossus.


Spider-Man: Arkham Arachnid is looking pretty good.


God of War looks stunning too. I really need to finish GoW3 before this comes out.


That looks really impressive. If it’s anything like Spider-Man 2 on the PS2, I’ll spend the majority of the game climbing to the top of the highest building and jumping off.


Glad I’m not the only one. :smiley:




I am all about the “climbing and jumping off of tall buildings in videogames” times.


Two new Metroid games! Two!! Awesome.


Only thing I’m not sold on in the Spidey footage are the QTEs.